If true, then the politicians, the voters, and elite are to blame, but it’s mostly us!

There was an article in the Daily Rancid, and a similar one in the New Statesman US, about the rise of fascism today not seen since the 1930s.

John Niven in the Daily Record and Michael Sandel in the New Stateman are basically arguing that we are returning to a similar situation as Germany found in the 1930 and which spread to places like Italy, Brazil, Spain etc. John Niven goes as far as saying of Donald Trump, US President,

Now and then a sentence would leap out at you. Like the following: “Early on, the improved economic situation caused much of the population to overlook some of the Nazis more troubling views.” Well, we all know how that panned out. There isn’t a week goes by now where Trump doesn’t stand up at one of his crazed rallies and tell the audience how well the economy is doing, how they’d be fools to vote for the Democrats and destroy all this. But it isn’t just Trump, of course. Just as it wasn’t just Hitler back in the 30s.

John goes on to say:

By the end of the 1920s, people were looking to the most unlikely figures to bring them security and prosperity: Mussolini in Italy, Franco in Spain, Hitler in Germany and Stalin in Russia. Strong men with singular visions. Men who, between them, put the lights out all across Europe for over a decade.

Michael Sandel writes:

These are dangerous times for democracy. Russia, Turkey, Hungary, Poland and other countries that once offered democratic hope are now, in varying degrees, falling into authoritarianism. Democracy is also in trouble in sturdier places.

In the United States, Donald Trump poses the greatest threat to the American constitutional order since Richard Nixon. And yet, despite the floundering first year and a half of Trump’s presidency, the opposition has yet to find its voice.

I have been guilty of proclaiming the rise of the right in the UK but the more I think about it the more I believe they have never really went away, especially not in the United Kingdom. For most of my life the Conservatives have been the Government in Westminster and when Labour were in power they had to become Conservative slightly light to get there and to stay there. Many blame Brexit for the rise of the right wing voice in England, the Tommy Robinson’s of the world, Brexit didn’t cause them, they were always there. The established order with the various mechanisms that make up the UK are of the right. The system of deference to the Windsor’s, the unelected House of Lords, the lack of a decent voting system other than one that maintains the elite, draconian trades union policies, an Illiberal society and a benefit system designed to keep you afraid and poor are all of the right and they have always been part of the make up of England and Britain, Brexit and Trump didn’t cause that.

The reasons why the right are still here are many I suppose. In the UK a right wing media that refuses to even get close to the truth on any issue, a voting system that allows minority government, governments that are infected by business and greed,being told you’ll always be less than a Windsor,  fear of losing what little you have or how much you have, ignorance and apathy, a failure to vote and pretty much zero decency in any of our politicians today barring a few. The sad reality is it is not going to change any time soon. Jeremy Corbyn in the unlikely event that he actually won an election won’t change it, the Tories don’t want it to change, the Liberals can’t get their arse in gear and have a coherent policy on anything to matter, an SNP too afraid to be on the front foot, preferring a slow creep approach because of the fear they have on the perceived influence of things like the media and their fear of public opinion while reacting to the yoons who cry anti-Semitic or sexist at every turn at any of their members.

In the UK I often think that people will wake up and rise up, take to the streets to fight back against the exploitation of under-employment and low pay, against the attacks on the most vulnerable and needy, against the slow but sure dismantling of public services, but they won’t. Many are too afraid, many don’t care, and the Tories make sure that people are not getting tipped over the edge in large enough numbers to cause problems and their media, including the BBC, tell everyone that things could be much worse, you could have Corbyn or Scotland could vote for independence, that without the Tories the world would be a worse place, it’s all rubbish of course but millions fall for it everyday.

I don’t blame Trump for the uncertainty in the world, or Putin for aggression in the world, or even Theresa May for being the most useless PM in my lifetime. I blame myself, and I blame those that don’t vote, those that are unthinking, those that are led by the nose. As long as we continue to allow people like Trump, Putin, and Mayhem play us for fools then things can’t and won’t get better. We have to take responsibility for our vote or lack of vote, where we spend our money, and our fear. I am as guilty as most, I still pay the shocking licence tax for the BBC, I still use Amazon, I really don’t want to pay more tax because I don’t have much left to spare but we still allow parties like the Tories to get into power knowing they will look after the wealthy and big business at any price, and demand you thank them for it or you might lose your zero hour contracted under paid job. Until we wake up then nothing changes, and the right, they have always been there and too many like it, too many don’t care, too many are ignorant, and that is down to us if we can’t be bothered to learn, to vote. The likes of Mayhem and Trump, they couldn’t give a shit.





  1. twathater

    I am a avid supporter of mandatory voting , with a fine being imposed for voting failure , we ALL have a responsibility to ensure that politicians and parties are elected by the majority of citizens , this would maybe force more people to become more engaged in what they are voting for , the current situation of voter apathy and ignorance suits the 3 main unionist parties , they don’t want the electorate to be educated and call them out on their lies and lack of good governance .

    It is unbelievable that this rich ancient union of countries finds itself unable to function properly for the benefit of it’s citizens , the blame for this rests squarely on the constant stream of previous and current incompetent politicos and political parties .
    The very FACT that the 2 main unionist parties have NO coherent policies or answers to the brexshit conundrum only re-enforces their stupidity and incompetence , both parties answers are that they want to exit the EU but they still want ALL the benefits but not the restraints . This to me indicates the shallowness and lack of intelligence prevalent in politics today .
    I find it incredible that people complain or moan about ( oh no not another election or referendum ) FFS it’s your future and your children’s future your responsible for , if I had my way we would all be voting continuously on ANYTHING that affects or impacts the majority of citizens , how are we supposed to trust these imbecilic self serving narcissists to work for the benefit of all

    • grumpyscottishman

      I have sympathy for that view about mandatory voting I must admit. I have always thought that the politicians would shit themselves if everyone started voting as that is the last thing they want. They will fight tooth and nail to keep the status quo. I would like to see PR as I don’t go with the argument that it would end the link between MP and consistency, rubbish, how many MPs are placed in a constituency now, too many. The unionist parties are the worst I can remember in my lifetime, they are all useless, the SNP are decent and I have some time for the greens. I just wish the SNP would have bigger balls and stop caring what the unionists and their media pals think and the greens don’t always give the impression that they believe what they say. When they voted against Nicola Sturgeon being FM, what was the point other than a stupid political posturing one and to vote against when you haven’t put someone up is just plain stupid, but at the end of the day we are to blame for the state of affairs due to the things you highlight, mainly apathy by far too many people.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. twathater

    Bruce I agree with you wholeheartedly on the SNP asserting themselves , they are far to complacent at pushing and exposing the britnat lies , as for the greens they’re living in a parallel universe , we would all love the green things but Patrick Harvie just appears to be opposing for the sake of it , and to side with the brit nats against sensible policies just turns people off them

    • Bruce Hosie

      The SNP should just go for it, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. The Greens need to make up their minds, they seem to opppse at times to just look different. I have seen some Labour members already in SNP bad mode here in Dundee about the Michelin factory closing, they have no shame at all.

      Thanks for commenting.

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