A Ruthie Mandate. 

A good article in the Indy2 Blog about Ruth’ The Tank ‘ Davidison, Leader of the Scottish Bluekip and Unionist Scumbag Party, regarding what would be a mandate for another independence referendum. 

Basically for there to be another referendum the SNP would have to win 650 seats in a contest of 59 in Scotland for a General Election. 650 being the total number of seats at Westminster.  

💯 % of the public would have to support a referendum, and vote for a referendum on 💯 % turn out. 

All Nationalists would have to denounce nationalism, Christianity, the old firm apart from Rangers and Rangers Reserves. 

All Nationalists would have to swear allegiance to BlueKip, Murdo Fraser, the BBC , and non organic clothes made in China. 

Nicola Sturgeon would have to cure cancer, dementia, the common cold, hunger , thirst, Dundee FC winning the Scottish Cup and hemoroids. 

Assuming the SNP meet those conditions they would then have to win every seat at Holyrood, and in council elections across Scotland. They would have to demonstrate members on all community councils, health boards and dog fouling committees. 

If the SNP meet those criteria then Ruth will still say no, democracy Davidson style. 

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8 Responses to A Ruthie Mandate. 

  1. billy says:

    at the end of the day it will not matter what the scottish parliament says or does westminster rules over us and can say no to scottish referendum and if it thinks it can get away with it it will

    • Billy
      I think it will happen through knashing of teeth, they know that a refusal boosts a yes, they know abolishing Holyrood is a def yes. Indy 2 will happen after brexit, they will agree to it after a lot of screaming but they know that at the end of the day any refusal risks things like UDI which would have a lot of sympathy from other countries esp if the SNP have done everything legally.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • trispw says:

        You might be forgetting that this particular government seems to be full of terminally thick and out of touch people.

        You are quite correct, of course, that it will do all these things. I just think you overestimate the sensitivity of the current English government.

        • Anonymous says:

          It will be interesting and esp if they have a thin majority in Westminster. They will balls up brexit and we are seriously looking at no deal which you would think helps yes. 47% yes in the latest poll is good as it shows everything to play for but when push comes to shove indy2 will happen I think.

          Thanks for commenting.

    • TheStrach says:

      What the Scottish Parliament says is paramount. If we didn’t have a pro-indy majority at Holyrood we wouldn’t be talking about a referendum. As it is the unionists can’t talk about anything else.

      That shows we’ve really gotten to them. They’re terrified that they will lose the next indy ref.

      We have a right to self-determination and we’ll exercise that right in due course.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think the branch managers are worried and their bosses not worried a lot yet, but they will be. I think they will make it very hard to hold indy2, they will threaten, scream, scratch and bite but it will happen I think. They can’t risk denying it and Scotland just walking away no matter how messy that would be. They are sowing the seeds of their own destruction, esp with the language they use, total screw balls but it’s coming. I’m taking advice from people like yourself and reining in my impatience as best I can.

        Thanks for commenting.

  2. billy says:

    i just read somewhere that the people behind the tory party do not want to leave the eu and are setting the up the tories to lose th ge and get a labour snp coalion so they can keep scotland could this be true?

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing would surprise me with that party of scumbags but I would still rather suffer Labour than suffer the Tories. If it’s a hung parliament then it will be a minority of one or the other as I just can’t see the SNP wanting to be associated with either the Tories or Labour and the disaster that will be Brexit.

      Thanks for commenting.


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