There was a little debate on Twitter regarding Jeremy Corbyns views on a united Ireland and his views on Scotland came into the debate. One poster posted this,

This was in response to the Corbyn contradiction and I actually thought this was spot on. Scotland, Westminster and its politicians believe , can be controlled. We have no recent history of armed insurrection, not a bad thing and not advocating it, but if Westminster refuses another referendum then Scotland has to walk away.

The ghost in the room of udi, as I have mentioned before, has got to be seriously considered if all legal and civic avenues to our democratic rights are denied to us, we have to then just walk away.



  1. Helena Brown

    Bruce, sadly I have foreseen this, the mostly but not all English Establishment has never let anything go peacefully if it wanted to keep it. Scotland keeps them in money, adds landmass and if they could just get rid of those pesky indigenous people it would be perfect.
    Too many lies told to their English population, similar to those told about Europe.

    • Anonymous

      I am all for our civic nationalism and would not want to see anything like the troubles of Northern Ireland of the 70s to the 90s but the SNP are going to have a to grow a pair or they will find that the YES movement might run out of patience and form it’s own party. If our democratic rights are denied to us then the slow creep of the SNP will not wash for me any longer, to be fair I am impatient with it now. Being nice is all good a well, turning the other cheek is all good and well, but a point is coming where we have to say enough is enough. We have the mandate in both Holyrood and Westminster, we have tried everything peacefully and you still deny our democratic right, we now declare unilateral independence, bring it on. Then lets see what they will do, put English troops on the streets, no they will scream and threaten and then give in. If Europe and the rest of the world won’t recognise us, f them.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Stan Wilson

    If Indref2 is denied us, then we have no other option than to enlist the assistance of the UN and declare UDI . Waiting too long will lose us the slight advantage we have whilst still in the EU .
    Westminster needs time to slowly and secretly asset strip our country’s resources and will revert powers back to themselves thus negating any future referendum until we have nothing to offer, then, and only then, will we be set free, bankrupt and in turmoil, “now IS the time”.

    • Helena Brown

      Stan, that is my fear. It would not be.beyond them to actually start trouble. The.party here is doing it’s level best. We know that.the ahem, security service were.up to no good in Northern Ireland, we are an asset they want to keep and WRING out. You are quite right.

    • Anonymous


      I would hope the SNP will act before we get to the scenario of greater asset stripping but the slow approach is very frustrating as I just don’t think we have much time and if the SNP can’t deliver we might need a new party that will.

      Thanks for commenting.

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