David Cameron Queens Speech Debate

During the Queens Speech debate on Wednesday David Cameron made a joke at the expense of Stewart Hosie and Angus MacNeil of the SNP and the fact that they have both split from their wives following an affair with the same women.

To make a joke at such a time, a time when two families are falling apart, when both families include children, children who are having to go through this awful situation in the full glare of the public via the unionist media shows David Cameron to be the Bastard that many of us have always suspected.

David Cameron has been a disaster as Prime Minister, his government are a cancer on us all but he showed himself, with his so called joke, to be an unpleasant and despicable excuse for a human being. David Cameron happily supports the demonization of the poor and vulnerable, the disabled. Happily sits back and allows people to be sanctioned to pay for his disastrous management of the economy and the country. David Cameron who benefitted from the Tax Avoidance of his father, David Cameron who lies weekly in parliament, David Cameron who is more interested in saving his own image and so called legacy, David Cameron thinks it’s ok to crack jokes at what can only be described as a tragedy for all those involved, esp the children.

Whenever Tories try to defend this scum bag, when Ruth Davidson stands up in Holyrood at First Minster Questions to scream SNP bad, remember that this is the man she is defending. This is the man she would rather Scotland be answerable to, this is the kind of people Tories are.

David Cameron and his party are the enemy of Scotland and everything decent we have left in this country, David Cameron this week showed himself to be the bastard we always thought he was.



    • grumpyscottishman

      I was actually shocked when I heard it and it has been bothering me for days. This is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, married and with children of his own, making light of family breakdown, what is that about. It really ill serves the position and demeans the office. Words fail me with his comments in so many ways.

      Thanks for commenting.


  1. tris

    We must remember that Cameron gets his jollies with pigs heads.

    Which may put the position into perspective.

    It’s certainly less than prime ministerial to crack jokes that would be better suited to the students’ union bars at a time when the government has spent millions of pounds getting a 90 year old woman in a golden coach along to read out HIS speech. Maybe they should do reading classes at Eton. Then he could read the thing himself. He’d be a lot cheaper.

    You already know how I feel about Stewart and Angus (is it politically incorrect to mention that there WAS also a woman involved in this, and that if we weren’t all being so careful not to cause offence, we might want to say that she’s “no better than she should be”?), but essentially the matter is really for the families of the three of them.

    That Cameron, the leader of the bloody Tories, for heaven’s sake, should be crowing about some affair that involves adults, is ironic to put it mildly, given what we know about what some of their people get up to.

    • Anonymous


      The so called joke doesn’t fit the office he holds, it was crass and really showed him for what he actually is.

      I don’t know Stewart or Angus, I have never met them, but even I would not have made that comment in parliament. It really has no place there, I think on the politics or if someone is being found to be a hypocrite like on tax etc then it’s fair game but not on that. Cameron crossed the line on this one and all the sycophants laughing behind him really shows what the Tories are. I don’t mind when people cause offense, but again only about the politics as much as possible. I have made some choice comments about politicians, but it’s always about their politics and I would never bring their families into it unless it was about something they did that was tied into being hypocrites , generally that line you don’t cross in my opinion.

      But it did bother me, it bothered me that others found it funny and the media played it up. When this Government is bringing this country to it’s knees, have no plan whatsoever to try and save this country, other than make the poor pay for their mistakes, Cameron finds it ok and funny to attack two families going through hell. What is that about.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. bringiton

    The whole purpose of the British establishment currently,is to provide a platform for the glorification of wealthy Etonians’ reputations….their place in history (and the sooner the better).
    Why else would they bother with the “sordid” business of politics when they could be out enjoying themselves in the company of their equestrian and porcine friends and holidaying in various tax free tropical islands.
    People who have “relations” with non humans are in no position to criticise other people’s morals.
    Fortunately,Cameron is shortly going to be history,so to quote a former Labour MP “who cares?”.

    • Anonymous


      I really hope Cameron and this Government are gone soon as I really believe they are destroying this country. They keep claiming that unemployment is down, record investment, country booming yet the debt keeps going up, more and more people are sanctioned and ever more cuts. We just have to look around us to see that it is all bullshit and that this country is on it’s knees. If we had a decent media actually interested in finding and reporting the news this government would be gone by now, but we don’t. We have a media that is more interested in keeping us dumb and reporting on some new Windsor having a fart or something. However, Cameron was well out of order and I really hope that comment comes back to haunt him, he really is a scumbag.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Helena Brown

    Didn’t hear him but I doubt there is any level he wouldn’t stoop to to get e end with the S N P after all they are the enemy, they have finished Labour, well they were stupid, h as d to be to be ruined by the so called stupid Party. The two idiots, Angus as nd Stuart,well they could hardly b e called Westminster Virgins and should have known better. I am sorry for their respective families. Helena

    • Anonymous


      I just think there are no go areas sometimes and that was one of them. Cameron is a scum bag and you’re correct , he’ll do anything to stay on top and stoop as low as he needs , his kind always do. I have no idea what went on as avoiding reading about it, it’s all sad and effects children so it should have been left alone as a private matter, there was no political hypocrisy on show so no story just all hurt.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. lanark

    He not only demeans his office, but also his beloved United Kingdom. If this is the humour that a private school education gets you, then it’s a total waste of money.

    He’s nothing more than a smug bastard leading an immoral party leading an immoral country. I hate them and their country. We need out. More than ever.

    • Anonymous


      I totally agree, Cameron and the rest are scum bags. They are a cancer destroying this country and the longer we are stuck in it I want them gone. To make a joke at a tragedy to score political points just shows how much of a dick he is.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • lanark

        Oh and just to add, if he feels he’s so moral then why didn’t he take the piss out of Charles and Mrs Parker Bowles. I think they were at the state opening as well.

        I actually hope he does succeed in destroying the country. (UK that is).

        • Anonymous


          He is an opportunist and a shit PM. The problem with the prick destroying the uk is that he takes us all down with him. Good call on Charlie, totally forgot about that bag of joy.

          Thanks for replying.


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