Nothing Will Happen, it Never Does!

I have been following a little of the Conservative Party’s alleged General Election expenses issue, or what I can of it given how little it appears to be getting reported. I know that some other blogs have covered this but this is my take on it for what it’s worth.

Basically, it has been claimed that the conservative Party deliberately mis allocated money during the General Election Campaign by claiming it was part of the national campaign and not the local campaign, therefore this exspense was not included on individual candidates expenses, which would then mean they could stay below the allowed campaign limit.

This affects around 14 seats so far and is being investigated by both the Police and the Electoral Commission. This is a very serious allegation as it is an offence to not declare spending during an election campaign. The penalty could be very heavy fines and a year in prison, plus the Tories would lose their majority in Westminster and have to fight by elections for any MP forced to stand down.

You could be forgiven for thinking this is a non story as I noted earlier with neither the Labour Party nor the Liberal Democrats saying much about it either. However, it also turns out that both of those parties might have problems too with both Ed Miliband of the ‘ Ed Stone Monument ’ and the Liberal Battle Bus being in a similar vein.

So I have been asking myself, what will happen to the parties involved? My guess is nothing will happen to the parties involved. Our political system is morally corrupt and totally balanced in favour of the party elites. Craig Murray has done a small blog on the issue and some personal experience of a similar issue he had during a campaign he fought.

We have also recently had the Alistair Carmichael memo gate Court case where he was found to have lied, the judge’s ruling stated that his evidence was, “unreliable and lacked candor” … “at best disingenuous at worst evasive and self-serving”. Yet Carmichael kept his seat.

During the referendum campaign Ruth Davidson, of the Ruth Davidson I’m not really a Tory Party, breached electoral secrecy by counting postal vote’s weeks before the actual vote, a report was passed to the Crown Office and lo and behold, no charges to be taken forward.

During the expenses scandal of 2008-10 389 MPs were ordered to pay money back they wrongly claimed, of which 78 have never actually paid a penny back. Amazingly this fraud of millions of pounds only resulted in very few criminal charges being brought forward with 3 MPs going to prison for 3 or 4 months only, yet a student who stole a case of water during the London riots in 2011, costing £3.50, served a 6 month jail term.

This is just another example of being Better Together, and All in it Together with one law for one and a completely different interpretation for others. In my brief time of being interested in politics I have learned that we live in one of the most morally corrupt political and class systems anywhere in the world. Cameron might cast aspersions on Nigeria and Afghanistan but here in the good old United Kingdom anything goes for those in power and those at the top but don’t you dare swipe a bottle of water. Become a politician instead, lie and claim for money that’s not yours, and you will be fine because Nothing Will Happen, It Never Does.



  1. lanark

    Sadly, you will be proven right. Nothing will come of it, our press are now only interested in two SNP politicians behaving like Sid James in a Carry On film. (Sad about Hosie who has always been a strong proponent of Independence. I also have grave suspicions about a journalist being involved).

    I remember watching Ruth Davidson with that daft grin revealing postal voting results and thinking “You’ve overstepped the mark this time, you’ll have your collar felt” and of course sod all happened.

    Carmichael, well what can anyone say……..

    It would be fantastic if Cameron’s majority was wiped out but the machinery of the state will never be mobilised against the establishment, only those who threaten it (however democratically).

    • grumpyscottishman


      They will get away with it like they always do, the establishment will look after its own and the press will continue to report on who is having sex with whom and lie about them claiming on expenses when they didn’t. Doesn’t matter that there are two families falling apart here, children having to go through this. So sad.

      And today we had the unelected head of state telling us that we have to tighten the belts as she sits covered in millions of pounds in jewels, riding in a cartridge that cost million pounds back to a palace worth a billion pounds that we pay for.

      Can this country get anymore disgusting.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • lanark

        I actually tried to watch a bit of the state opening. I lasted about five minutes, it really gave me tbe boak!
        We could have been out of this.

        On the so called sex scandal, I agre with Stuart Campbell on Wings. It is of no interest to any of us if it involves consenting adults. It is a matter for the families and people involved only. And that goes for politicians of any party. The newspapers in this country have done more to sexualise society than anyone. Who are they (or we) to judge?

        • grumpyscottishman


          I never saw much of of it other than a little on Scotland Tonight but they went with the sex story. STV are really becoming as shit as the BBC and gutter press.

          I’m really sick of all of them and those who live in denial. I even got into a discussion with a Scottish voter who was saying that supporting the state opening was patriotism, the Queen, the butchers apron but waving a Saltire was nasty horrible nationalism filled with hatred. I gave up, some people are not worth trying to educate and they just don’t care while accusing yes voters of being filled with hate for wanting democracy, are they mad.

          Jockholme syndrome is alive and kicking in far too many people. You also have to wonder what goes through the minds of voters down south, or some of them, the Tories are the scum of the earth and their policies are killing people yet some keep voting for these arseholes and Cameron yesterday making his so called SNP joke just showed how much of a total prick he is. There are kids watching their families fall apart and Cameron thinks it’s funny, tells you all you need to know.

          Thanks for commenting, I enjoy our wee chats a lot. If you have Twitter I’m grumpy Scottish man, say hi and I’ll follow.


  2. tris

    The minute that women appears with her hat that cannot be valued, full of stones stolen from various other countries, sitting on a gold throne, surrounded by gold and priceless paintings … and children dressed up in 17th century costumes (who when they faint are left to lie on the floor and no one turns a head to see what’s wrong) I turn off.

    This is not part of the world I inhabit. That world has dirty streets and pot holes, hungry kids and cold pensioners, late buses and people dressed out of Primark or Oxfam… and not a trace of a diamond to be seen. That world and the world of the Queen’s Speech and David Cameron are pretty much on different planets.

    Of course they will get away with it. They get away with almost everything they ever do, and only the ones that no one likes are thrown to the bears… and only thenfor a short time. “Lord” Hanningfielfd apparently spent 9 days in prison for stealing and then was released to start it all over again. A lad 5 minutes late for an appointment with the DWP can be sanctioned and left to starve. Bet that old recidivist Hanningfield has never been hungry in his life.

    They get away with whatever they do be it theft, drugs or child molestation. The establishment waits until they are dead before they admit that they were at it.

    When Iceland’s prime minister bit the dust for being immoral and salting his wife’s money away where he wouldn’t have to pay any tax, Cameron got off. The Tory press and the BBC simply didn’t cover the demonstrations, and the populace got fed up and went back to the pub or Coronation Street, whichever was to their taste.

    Of course we won’t hear anything about invoices being sent to private addresses so that no tie could be made with the Tories. They are a corrupt party in a corrupt country. And they do it while castigating everyone else for being corrupt. Jeeez.

    We never hear anything because they have the BBC and the Tory press in their pockets. We’ll make you a lord, a knight, let you dine with the queen, go shoot something with wee Willie; come to Chequers for the weekend, get you a royal commission to chair, you can keep it going for 6 years and make a fortune….

    It’s a dreadful corrupt country. I trust the president of Nigeria had a good wash down after the conference in London. He must have felt dirty being in the same room with the British government.

    As for Stewart and Angus. I like them both. I’ve climbed stairs and knocked on doors, stood on polling stations soaking wet and freezing cold, leafleted, knocked up and done all sorts to help make sure that Stewart got his job in London. There are others who have done the same thing for Angus.

    And both of them have done damned good jobs there.

    Of course it is their business what they do with their dicks. There were no children involved and contrary to what the Tory Press is saying, they took a middle aged woman to accommodation which was theirs as of normal rights. No one paid out for them shagging. It is not our business. Not any more than someone on rent allowance or council tax relief should be stopped from having sex becasue the taxpayer has to pay for some their accommodation. (If it did, we’d never have a next in line to the throne becasue Willie and Charlie and the Queen all have free houses to have their affairs in… and god they made good use of them, eh Camilla!).

    What I wish is that both of them might have remembered that a lot of the people did a lot of work for them, to help them get a nicely paid job, and did it for nothing. Some of them are people who live on the minimum wage. I wish they had thought of us before they let themselves be led on by a journalist. How incredibly stupid.

    And selfish.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I totally agree with you, this country is as corrupt as they come and anyone taking the high moral ground about Britain should really have a think about that. This is a country governed by lying and cheating politicians in the main two parties and stupidity in the Liberals. They all make me sick, I was chatting to someone who said the Tourists love the Royals and wish they had them too, I pointed out that if they lived here, saw the poverty across the generations, the disgusting attacks from the state against the poor, the lack of democracy and liberty, the sycophants in the media and politics and how they are linked together they would be outraged and never want to come this awful country. The press as we know are hypocrits and are happy to speed along the destruction of two families as it lets them paint their narrative about the SNP, doesn’t matter what their tory friends do themselves. I was really disappointed that Scotland Tonight went with the same smears, even why the reporter they had on was pretty much rubbishing they whole story that Rona Dougall woman kept at it. Its getting to the stage now where we have no news station to watch or current affairs programme, is there another subjugated country in the world such as hours.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. John

    Totally correct , that is why we need blogs like yours to tell people what they are up against . Of course most of us know , we just do not have a proper platform to tell everyone about it , MSM , BBC , etc. are not about to give us a voice anytime soon ! Gone are the days when we thought the UK was the good guy , our politicians hands are as dirty if not dirtier than the rest . As for Hosie , words fail me , expected much more from him , he carries the SNP torch in London , what was he thinking ! .As for McNeil , he has form , could have been expected of him . Truth is we can do without the chants and laughter from the Tories that came our way at Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday , now that was a good platform , unfortunately it was not ours .

    • Anonymous


      I think this Tory Government is a cancer on us all and Cameron is a spiteful nasty piece of work, he makes Thatcher look tame. The media are a part of the problem, Cameron went to school with most and the rest are the scum of the earth.

      I don’t know what went on with Stewart Hosie and I must admit I don’t want to. It’s a horrible situation for all involved but for Cameron to make light of it just shows him to be the bastard he is. I hate the UK and everything it stands for, my politics now are all YES and little else. I will challenge where I can but the end game is the most important thing now.

      Thank you for commenting.


    • tris

      It makes you laugh that the Tories, of all people, would be hooting about anyone else’s martial improprieties.

      I guess it shows just how utterly un-self aware they are.

  4. lanark

    Hi Bruce,
    I’m glad you like my rambling replies! Sorry I’m not on twitter, but I will keep reading and enjoying you posts.

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