Ruth Davidson ‘When the Veneer slips ‘

I watched last nights latest BBC Scotland hate fest masquerading as a Leaders Debate and one of the things that stood out, other than the usual 80/20 audience bias, was Ruth Davidson.

Now Ruth is vying for second place with the vote Ruth Davidson for holding the Government to account or such like nonsense campaign. But last night, when put under pressure, the veneer slipped and what you saw was the nasty part of Ruth, oh she does well hiding it. With the help of the compliant media in Scotland if you didn’t know better you would be hard pushed to know she is a Tory, but last night the mask slipped.

Papers like the Herald have worked really hard to portray her as more nice than nasty, positive coverage, lengthy discourse about how wonderful she is, they even go as far as talking about her relationship (which matters not in todays politics to try to paint the picture of someone who is not a Tory). But she is.

Last night when pushed on the start date for work on the Clyde, her refusal to answer the question resulted in the mask well and truly slipping, she got redder, she got angrier, she got louder. She didn’t like it, that Nicola Sturgeon is doing the Medias job is bad enough, but last night if looks could kill we would be looking for a new First Minister today.

Ruth Davidson laughed about the cuts to disability payments on Radio Scotland. Ruth Davidson wants to bring in tuition fees for Scottish Students, Ruth Davidson wants to bring back Prescription Charges, a tax on the poor. Ruth Davidson supports the renewal of Trident, cuts to Tax Credits, the Bedroom Tax. Ruth Davidson will never allow another referendum even if the majority of people demand one.

Ruth Davidson worked briefly as a reporter after University, spent three years as a Territorial Army Soldier then returned to University before joining the Conservatives. She then worked for Annabel Goldie for a year before losing a bye election in 2009, coming third and then losing again in 2010 coming fourth to Willie Bain and that takes some doing. Ruth was then placed second on the list for Glasgow and only won because Malcolm Macaskill was de-selected due to his business dealings. Ruth Davidson is sadly what too many politicians are in Scotland, a product of the party system.

Ruth Davidson is hardly qualified to be an MSP let alone First Minster, I am not for having politicians with no real experience elected from any party, but Ruth really is more nasty than nice and we saw that last night in the non-debate. When the veneer slipped last night the real Conservative started to show. Ruth moved on the list from Glasgow to Edinburgh, because she lives in Edinburgh, not because she was at risk of not winning in Glasgow of course, but lets hope that what ever happens on Thursday that Ruth Davidson has no success and does not form a part of any opposition.

A Tory is still a Tory in all of their nasty, horrible view of the world and Ruth Davidson is up there with the best of them.



  1. lanark

    Well said. She showed herself in all her nasty, bigoted glory. Whatever happens on Thursday, she will be off down south to fight a safe seat for 2020. I hope she goes as a “leader” who has overseen more decline in her horrible party’s vote.

    On the subject of the other Tories- Kezia’s badly out of her depth and Willie Rennie’s an arse

    One thing struck me though, the three Tory parties and their supporters in the biased audience were, behind all their bluster, shitting themselves.

    • Anonymous


      They are worried, when they scream that the SNP potentially holding another referendum is undemocratic then in the same breath say they will not allow another referendum even if a clear majority want one is nuts, they really have no idea what they are on about anymore. Davidson has held it together during the campaign, even keeping the internal issues under wraps but she let it slip when NS was having a go at her, you saw the hatred on her face, in fact all of them, esp the arse Rennie as he started to shout in Davidsons defense. Why that plank doesn’t just join the Tories is beyond me, he is so symptomatic of so many within the Liberal Democrats. The BBC as usual just delivered their usual bias shit.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Iain Ferguson

    Couldn’t agree more. I am totally sick of the BBC and their blatantly staged and biased propaganda so called programs.

    The BBC is certainly now crossed the line and for that entire reason are not worthy of their license fee extortion scam.

    • Anonymous


      I agree, they crossed the line a while ago, add in the open hostility of the presenters with the fixed audience and you have a perfect BBC Scotland programme. I have certainly had enough and if I could would cancel the whole thing as it’s all a tax con for Government propaganda of the worst kind. I also hate that Call Kaye thing on the radio in the morning, supposed to be random calls yet seemingly according to bloggers it’s the same people all the time calling in. BBC can go do one as far as I am concerned. Thursday night will be interesting, any drop in the SNP vote will be seen as the end of he independence debate, you couldn’t write it.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. magnusjim

    I think one jibe that is thrown at the SNP should be looked at in detail, the one about the referendum split this country. When you see the bigoted hate festers of the orange order or the Labour councillors with there multiples homes being rented out you realise how hollow this we are all in it together really is. There always was a great divide here and only the SNP are willingly to address this and make Scotland a fairer and better country to live in for everyone.

    • Anonymous


      That’s a good point about there always being a divide in Scotland, I never really thought of it that way before, thanks for that. The referendum did split the country, it forced voters into a binary choice and created YES and NO and now most elections will be fought along those lines. I had a debate with a Lib Dem member regarding their refusal to back a federal question on the ballet as it would have won, they said that it had to be binary so they can then fight for federalism. How thick is that, if a federal question had clearly won it would have forced the rest of the UK to enter into a wider debate and probably would have resulted in a federal uk. The Liberals bottled it or were bought and sold. Labour have been as corrupt for as long as I can remember, they damn near killed Dundee with years of bad councils. I would be happy for them to just pass away, in fact I would be happy for the three tory parties to do that and new parties formed.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Joanna

    Well said I’ve always maintained that Ruth Davidson is a real nasty piece of work her patronizing demeanor is priceless along with her sneering laugh dreadful woman!!!!

    • Anonymous


      I’ve never been a fan of her but the mask slipped during the debate and the nasty Tory got out the bag, I hate the fact that people like her sit in the Scottish Parliament. The Tories are the scum of the earth as far as I am concerned.

      Thanks for commenting.


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