Scottish Parliament Election Thursday May 5th 2016

Well the lackluster, pretty low-key, and somewhat boring Scottish Parliament Election happens tomorrow between 7am and 10pm. Postal votes are in (has Ruth Davidson seen them already) and hopefully voters will make the effort to get out and vote. It really is important to use your vote, no matter who you decide to vote for or even if you spoil your ballot paper, your opinion matters.

There really have been few highlights that stand out for me, the EU Referendum has grabbed the headlines in many cases and BBC Scotland (with support from the unionist print media) have done their best to try to split the SNP vote. Their agenda being very clear for all to see.

Manifesto names have been historically very poor come election time and this year is no different really:

The Scottish Liberal Democrats Manifesto ‘ Be the best again ‘, what a shit name.
The Scottish Conservative and Unionists Party Manifesto ‘ A strong opposition – A stronger Scotland ‘ conceding defeat before the vote.
Scottish National Party Manifesto ‘ Moving Scotland Forward ‘ uninspiring to be honest, Re-Elect is actually better but who am I to say.
British Labour in Scotland Manifesto ‘ Invest in Scotland’s Future ‘ should have with your taxes in brackets.
The Scottish Greens Manifesto ‘ An Economy for the people, a society for all ‘ not sure what to make of this one really, pretty positive overall.
RISE Manifesto ‘ Another Scotland is possible ‘ pretty good really.

On Manifesto names I would go for Rise in 1st place, Greens 2nd, British Labour 3rd, SNP 4th, Tories 5th and the worst by far the Scottish Lib Dems, shit name for a manifesto although the Tories ran them close.

What will the result be, I suppose it is pretty much how big the SNP win will be or will the onslaught from the media have done enough to split the vote and not give the SNP a majority. They would love that and it could come to pass that the SNP end up one or two seats short of a majority. I still think British Labour in Scotland will sneak second place, just. The Tories will finish third, they may increase their vote slightly but it will not be a revival but will be portrayed as one and the death of independence by the media. I think fourth is too close to call between the Greens and Liberals, the Greens might do it and relegate the Liberals to fifth place but the Liberals might gain a seat or lose a seat, either way they will make little headway and Rennie will continue as leader and the party will continue to be pretty much dead in Scotland like Labour and the Tories. RISE, like Solidarity, will not gain a seat in my opinion and Dugdale and Davidson will limp on to fight another day sadly.

How will I vote? I have decided on one of my votes but one is still up for grabs at this late stage, it might even go down to the voting booth tomorrow morning for myself for that second vote. I’m not saying how I will vote, I never do, but I will vote. I’ll also watch the results or some of them coming in.

Once the dust settles I will again get pissed off that our elected MSPs will have to swear an oath to the unelected Queen or an affirmation, these are:

The oath states: “I (Member’s Name), do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Her Heirs and Successors, according to Law. So help me God.”

The affirmation states: “I (Member’s Name), do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Her Heirs and Successors, according to Law.”

Both are a disgrace in a democracy and any oath or affirmation should be to the Scottish people or those who live, work and vote in Scotland. I find the oath/affirmation offensive and it has to be changed at the first possible opportunity, probably have to be when we are independent given the amount of sycophants in the Unionist Parties. More concerned with kissing Royal arses than caring for the poor and vulnerable. But either way it will all be over tomorrow night at 10pm and I’ll be glad as it’s been pretty shite so far.



  1. tris

    I agree it’s been a dull campaign.

    I’m not sure why.

    Dull people? I don’t think so.

    Ruth isn’t dull, nor is Nicola. Patrick is interesting too.

    Kez is a bit nothing, and Rennie? Well, who cares?

    Coburn, whist a bit of a fool, is far from dull. Funnier than most standup actually!

    Maybe becasue the grown up media is so full of the Brit’s referendum. And leaders from abroad telling them what to do. Boris being an ass, and of course, a manufactured row over Livingstone, which is a ply to get rid of Corbyn.

    Much more interesting than the SNP bad campaign that they have all been running.

    In fairness it is difficult to pick a slogan that doesn’t sound ridiculous.

    ‘Another Scotland is possible’ is a great one for any opposition party.

    But the SNP might find it hard to use. Although it might be taken to mean that an “independent” Scotland is possible, the BBC would turn on them for hypocrisy. Another Scotland…after 9 years?

    I’m not sure that they will get a majority. They will win though. But it might have to be another minority government.

    After the BBC and the unionists pull their tongues back in, that might work out well. Nicola is astute enough to make it work, as was Alex. But does she have another seriously intelligent and capable opposition leader as Alex did in Ms Goldie?

    I doubt if Kez is up to that, run from London as she is. Is Ruth? probably not. She’s largely Dodgy Dave’s cypher in Scotland.

    Or would the Greens be coalition partners. They weren’t last time.

    Well we’ll know in the next few days.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I have found it really dull. I agree NS is at least engaging, cannot stand Davidson. I think deep down she is a nasty piece of work, it’s all show but she does well holding it all together. Kezia would be a good school teacher , Coburn is nuts and who would vote for him is beyond me to be honest. Rennie I think is another man holding it together by the skin of his teeth, I think there is a public Rennie and there is another side to him, I don’t trust him at all in any way.

      It is difficult to pick a slogan but I always look at them lol and have a wee giggle, our politics is too media driven. We have got to get passed that or it will just get worse and worse, too many candidates are drones and afraid to say anything. Even if I wanted to stand in an election I would never get selected given my honest opinions on social media. I don’t think the SNP will get a majority, they will need to work with someone I suspect, possibly the Greens. The media will hammer the result but we have got to get passed it, the system wasn’t designed for a majority anyway and that the end game is still independence.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. lanark

    Glad to hear it’s not just me that’s happy the campaign’s over. Dull isn’t the word, maybe that is the establishment tactic : turn off the most politically engaged electorate by boring the tits off them!

    As I said on Munguin’s blog, I think Kezia is a decent sort who will probablt be glad to leave them to it. I agree that Davidson is a nasty piece of work though, she is a Tory after all!

    I would like to see the Greens overtake he Illiberal Undemocrats and please, please lets not see UKIP crawling in.

    I think Labour will hold on to second, I can’t really see where all the extra Tory votes are coming from. If Kez goes, then Sarwar will probanly get the job and if we think it’s boring now……….

    • Anonymous


      6.00am nearly and I am still awake watching the result come in . Not a lot of surprises so far other than I suppose the Tories have done well compared to their usual, Labour are in meltdown and Liberals are just about standing still. The SNP will be happy so far I think and will do well on the list and have a majority by the looks of it.

      The lists are now about to come in and that is where the shape of the parliament will let us know where we are for the next five years. The list annoys me as people like Kelly, Lamont, Dugdale and Sarwar (him who said Holyrood was an undemocratic place) will all have been rejected by the voters but get in on the list. I’ll try and do a proper blog on the results later on in the day after work but the campaign overall has been pretty poor and uninspiring and I am glad it’s over. Of course we still have the EU vote next month and Council elections next year and while some of us quiet enjoy it I think most people are sick of it all now.

      I do think looking at things overall the country has divided along YES and No as many of us said it would. I think the Tories are benefitting from the right in the Labour Party who Labour attracted under Tony Blair now returning to the Tories.

      Thanks for commenting.


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