I Hate the Tories of all colours

I hate the Tories, yes I know millions do, but sadly too many will still stand side by side with them to defend their union.

The Tories are the scum of the earth. In my lifetime I have had to put up with Thatcher, Major, Blair, Cameron/Clegg and Cameron, all Tories.

How can anyone in their right mind vote for these people? How can anyone walk into a voting booth and put their X next to a Tory Candidates name, or any candidate of the red and yellow kind who believe what they believe, I just don’t get it.

What is it that other people don’t see. You have to know that when you vote for a Tory they are going to cut the NHS, they are going to demonize the poor, they are going to slash and burn services, they are going to lie and cheat. In Scotland they are going to cut the block grant to force the Scottish Government to slash and burn like they do in England, Wales and Northern Ireland forced to cut too. The Tories can always be counted on to look after their own; they can always be counted on to cut taxes for the rich while getting the poorest to pay for the cut. How can anyone fall for Hug a Huskie, Better Together? Protecting Jobs? How can anyone allow a political party to change the narrative to hate the poor, to blame the poor for being poor? How can food banks be so common place that they don’t shock anymore? How can it be ok to celebrate the disgusting wealth of the few and the Royals when over a million people rely on food banks every year?

How it is that 1,360,919 Scots still voted for Unionist Parties in last years General Election, 434,097 for the Tories. Have we really lost all sense of reality? Have we lost all sense of shame? I know you have to vote for what you believe in, I understand that, but is it really real that 1,360,919 voters in Scotland are willing to accept anything thrown at them. Virtually every promise made during the referendum has been broken, or about to be broken, from pensions, protecting the disabled, public sector jobs, shipbuilding, steel, defense jobs, shit even the so called most powerfully devolved parliament in the world (can one unionist name one out with the British Isles with less power than Holyrood) has never happened yet people are still voting for the Tories or for the poodles who did their dirty work in Better Together.

No doubt some people will read this post and just scoff, typical Nat (even though I’m not), typical UK hater, typical jealous Yesser, deluded, brainwashed. I have chats with people on social media, from a variety of parties, but they don’t see what I see. They refuse to see the facts right before their eyes or are so blinded by their hatred of the SNP and YES that they will use anything to justify their misplaced faith in a system that cares little for them or the people around them.

For too many of us things are falling apart at the seams, services that we rely on are going or are gone, pensions that we could get at 65 years old are now beyond many of us as who just won’t live long enough to see them. People are being sanctioned for not being in work and then are being sanctioned for being in work, fuck sake what is that about. The Tories and their Tory poodles just don’t care about the many, they don’t care about the hungry. Outside of London can be the sewer of the world but they don’t care because they refuse to see it and they fucking won’t ever experience it.

What will it take for the unionists to wake up and see what I see, see what many see. Is your hatred of the idea of a better Scotland, an independent Scotland, a fairer Scotland so great that you will accept anything thrown at you. I left the Liberal Democrats because the few at the top are facilitators of misery in Scotland, they are Tories through and through, and you know what! I am no longer willing to quiet my voice anymore.

I hate the Tories, I hate their poodles and I hate everything they stand for, they stand for division, they stand for poverty, they stand for privilege and if you stand with them then you are as big a part of the problem.



  1. East Neuker

    I agree with and support your views about the Tories and their assorted hangers-on and fellow travelers. As a lad in the 1950s I can recall my dad, a Glasgow shipyard worker then, quoting Nye Bevan saying that Tories were “lower than vermin”.
    Dad also described the phenomenon of some of the workmen in the yard who were unshakeable Tory voters, which went along with a tendency to visit Govan on a Saturday afternoon and be appreciative of flute bands. Polite debate and political give and take was not their forte. These people are still there. I don’t think we will ever convince them. I don’t try.
    Many of the comfortably off see the independence movement as boat rockers, who might upset their cosy world. There are quite a lot of them in my part of the world. They don’t see the wreckage, the misery, the downright evil unfairness being wrought by the Tory government, because they don’t want to; if you face them with it they deny and denigrate the victims of these policies. I keep trying with this group, but it is hard going.
    Then there is the most puzzling group of all for me – those who are suffering themselves, but reject independence and “those awful Nats” without any thought or basis, and get upset if challenged with fact. They are diminishing. The scales may be falling from their eyes. We do what we can to support and convince.
    Probably there are many others I have not described – international socialists, true liberals, fuckwits…….
    Keep the faith and keep trying Bruce; and watch your blood pressure – I have to!

    • Finnmacollie

      “Puzzling”? I find it incomprehensible that 55% of our electorate voted to give control of our country to another. (still open to black ops mind you – especially on the postal votes; and I still question why there was no exit poll). I can only assume that there are still a substantial number of people who rely solely on the MSM for their news and accept it unquestioningly as fact.
      The media are the manipulators but thankfully more and more people are slowly (too slowly perhaps for some of us older types) coming to realize that they can check facts for themselves online. It’s only a matter of time. We will get there.

      • grumpyscottishman


        It’s beyond me, I don’t know if there were any undue things during the ref vote, wouldn’t surprise right enough but we will never know. I think a lot of people bought the fear and the YES campaign were wrong on things like currency and head of state, what they campaigned for came across as federalism in many ways and didn’t feel like a lot of change to some, many of us did say so at the time. The media I have given up on now, I occasionally buy a National but to be honest I don’t think it’s that great and lot of the stories can be found on blogs free elsewhere, but at least it’s pro yes so better than nothing. I hope we will get there too, I think we can but there is a long way to go with the Yoons.

        Thanks for taking the time to read my moans and comment, one of things I am hoping to do is stimulate some kind of discussion and write in the way that I talk about politics with my friends etc, probably need less bad language though.


    • grumpyscottishman

      East Neuker

      I have despised them since the 80’s and saw what they did to my Dad through privatisation of the buses resulting in 7 years unemployment for a man in his 50’s, it was a disgrace how these men were treated, men like my dad who had fought in the War and promised a land fit for heroes, like the soldiers now. Only to be betrayed by that cow and the Labour Party. My Dad supported Labour until Kinnock and felt totally betrayed by them, he hated them in the end, even more than the Tories who he thought didn’t care about anyone, but the Labour Party rode on the backs of the poor to enrich themselves. Even now I hate Cameron, even more than I hate Thatcher, he really is a prick. Everything this Government are doing is to ensure the continued governance of the few and the posh over all of us while making us poorer and less able to fight back. I don’t understand how anyone can vote for these people, you must be some kind of uncaring nutter to vote that way, and the naysayers make me just as sick. This is not a decent country anymore and I sometimes feel like giving up too, that’s why I blog though to try a different way. I left the Lib Dems for a lot of reasons but one of them was to really blog the way I wanted to without embarrassing the few decent members in the party. The gloves are off for me now and I don’t care which unionists I offend, they have offended us with their vote for too long.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. lanark

    The Tories are the enemies of Scotland and its aspirations. People vote for them for a variety of reasons –
    Fear of change, bigotry and a loyalty to “Britain”. Scotland is almost unique in that we have been denigrated for centuries into believing that Scots as a race are “unfit” to govern ourselves, that we are emotionally and intellectually ill equipped to do so.

    Don’t feel guilt in hating them, they hate us even more because they fear us and our belief. Davidson epitomises their dogged and bitter loyalism.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I don’t know if they hate us but just don’t care, Cameron is alleged to have said that to Clegg about Scotland and I believe that, they got their NO vote. They have their last chance to asset strip, what’s the bet that ship building moves South or a hell of a lot of it. However, I do hate the Tories of all colors. I hate everything that they stand for and believe in, we are running out of time to save what little we have left. There is a part of me that also hopes that Labour don’t recover in England because that is all the excuse too many Yoons will have to justify their no vote and there can be no hiding place for them either, they are either for us or they are against us, pure and simple. It is a fight now between what’s right and wrong and NO voters are on the wrong side.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Director of Bald Airlines

    it doesn’t make sense that the Tories wanted Scotland to stay in the UK. At that time Labour had a lot of a vote up here and surely on tactics Cameron would have wanted rid of that. Indeed, if we are such a financial burden and crap hole why would they want to keep us? It MUST be because they are loving and caring about us.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Director of Bald Airlines

      I think there are a lot of reasons why the Conservatives fought for the union, part of was economics and not just oil but whiskey and the balance of payments. I think we are seeing a slow shift now and expect to see more Government things like shipbuilding to shift south, oil is no longer the financial carrot it was so loosens the ties. I also think that UK Plc is on the way down the world table now and thy know it, as the influence diminishes so will the drive to fight for a union that is both dysfunctional and dying will also fade away. The Tories will be forced to fight for England and the more they do that the more Scottish voters will make the decision to go it alone.

      Thanks for commenting.


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