It’s still about Democracy or the lack of.

So today I have tried to avoid the news as its wall to wall Windsor and the Queen’s 90th year of undemocratic rule and privilege. To punish myself for anything bad I did in another life I decided to watch some of it.

Every channel was gushing, fawning, and dribbling with the usual plethora of reporters, hangers-on, politicians and the general public (mainly in England) talking about how wonderful, beautiful, caring, charitable Elizabeth Windsor has been to us all. They drooled at length about how our (not) democracy could not have survived without the Queen to guide us through our darkest moments, must admit I have never seen any Windsor guiding anyone to their local food bank so they don’t starve, but where would we be without the non-political, non-interfering Queen to save us from ourselves.

Now as anyone who knows me knows I am not in favour of a hereditary monarch as head of state. This is the most common style of monarchy in the countries that still have them and is the form that is used by almost all of the world’s existing monarchies. Under a hereditary monarchy, all the monarchs come from the same family, and the crown is passed down from one member to another member of the family irrespective of what the poor people and voters think.

The fact that we have this Disney Movie of a system reinforces the whole House of Lords and honours bullshit that we live with everyday. Now there are those who believe that the monarchy is more democratic than a meritocracy (system based on individual ability and achievement). They are wrong, simple as that, well they are in my opinion. I mean poor Charles has been on the longest apprenticeship in history and is probably still not qualified to do the job even now.

The media have spent the day telling us about how in tune the monarchy and the Queen are with modern Britain, and while many people in England when asked loaded questions will answer as desired and positively the simple fact is that the media are out of touch with reality and how many feel in this country about this system. There are an estimated 3.5 million children living in poverty in the UK but when a wee Windsor is born the media go into overdrive, as they did today when talking about how wonderful a Grandmother and Great Grandmother the Queen is to our future Kings.

The simple fact remains that the hereditary principle goes against everything that I believe in and goes against every democratic principle that I have and that this country is supposed to hold. Now many in Westminster, and in the media will tell you that the Queen has no power, they are lying. The Queen has power to sign international treaties and deploy British troops abroad, now while parliament decides on many things the power to deploy troops does not lay with parliament but with the Prime Minster.

The Queen and Prince Charles also have the power to veto bills that affect their private interests and have used these powers extensively over the years; records show that 39 bills have been blocked by the Windsors. One important Bill stopped was when Queen completely vetoed the Military Actions Against Iraq Bill in 1999, a private member’s bill that sought to transfer the power to authorise military strikes against Iraq from the monarch to parliament.

They also have power over their private income in that they can use the monies raised from publicly maintained things like Duchy of Lancaster to fund their private homes in Balmoral and Sandringham. This unelected system does a disservice to all of us, well those of us who actually believe in democracy.

So when the yoons in the unionist camps keep telling us that the SNP are a cult and that we don’t live in a democracy in Scotland they are partly correct, as long as we have an unelected Head of State in the UK we do not live in a democracy, we are subjects, and we are less than they are because we were born into the wrong family according to their system.



    • grumpyscottishman

      East Neuker

      It’s a joke and a nightmare at the same time. The 45 mins or so that I watched actually made me ashamed of this country. When you look at the state of it, the things that many are going through, the tv gives this awful family wall to wall free publicity and expect us to bow down and be thankful. An independent republican Scotland can’t come soon enough.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • grumpyscottishman


      It really was awful, I was working most of the day but had to go home for workmen coming, who didn’t bloody turn up, so watched some of that crap. But you really couldn’t avoid it as it was everywhere all the time. Even bloody Sky Sports covered it, what a joke of a country. When I was watching it I was also reading the latest report from the Trussell Trust, what are future generations going to think of us. They are going to think that this country was as mad as a hatter and that we were cowards not to stand up to it. I was really ashamed yesterday.

      Thanks for commenting.


  1. tris

    Totally agree.

    I utterly loathe the crawling, sycophantic manner in which these people are treated.

    If we have to have a monarchy, why can’t we (as with so many other things) emulate the Scandinavians.

    I never liked them, or rather, what they represented, but my dislike became intense when she interfered with the referendum. There are a lot of older people who still like her, and they were the ones that were most likely to resist change. We know that this was done on purpose as a scheme between Downing Street and the Palace. And there was a precedented, when she agreed to poke her nose into the affairs of Québec and was caught doing so on Canadian Radio. It was despicable.

    As for the ridiculous fuss about her birthday… I come from a family that doesn’t really do much about birthdays for adults.

    Every year you get older. Up to about 16 you welcome it…and celebrate it… more autonomy, more power. After that it is something that happens, whether you like it or not.

    I thought about blogging on her birthday, but I couldn’t fire up any enthusiasm for it, and now I’m glad I didn’t becasue you did it better.

    • Anonymous


      I found the whole thing to be shameful and disgusting. This family and everything they stand for goes against everything I believe in and is everything I hate about this country. However, the media and hangers on, so called celebrities fawning over this woman should tell everyone what they need to know. When you look at everything falling apart, people starving, killing themselves and getting told it’s their fault you just wonder where is the decency anymore. It really did shame me.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. lanark

    An excellent post. I didn’t watch any of it, I just couldn’t bear it. In Ireland they have Fianna Fail titled the Republican Party. I’m not going to pretend I know all the ins and outs of Irish politics but I would like an independent Scotland to have a peaceful Republican Party which would lead us to a Scottish Republic.

    Let the Windsors find another theme park where the locals perform for their amusement. After her interference in our referendum, Lizzie forfeited any right she may have had to be Scotland’s head of state.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I wasn’t going to watch any but then thought I hadn’t watched any of that crap for years so I would. I found it all to be disgusting to be honest, the fawning sicophants made me sick, a lot of them politicians. I actually thought Obama’s comment that she was his inspiration unreal. Yeah sure she was. I do agree with you though, a peaceful independent republican Scotland would do me fine. I did however over the weekend have some debates with unionists and wound them up something awful, I was just in the mood and I was getting so sick of their naysaying but did come to the conclusion that many of them would still vote no as they were stepping over the dead in the street.

      Thanks for commenting as always.


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