Some Questions for the Unionists – Some Questions for the Rest of US

I have never been as apathetic as I am right now about the future of Scotland and the lack of desire in the independence movement and Scots themselves – Robin McAlpine got me thinking yesterday, but when I read his excellent articles, he often does. Robin is talking about the fact that if WE don’t lead the constitutional debate, we lose the constitutional debate.

If the SNP leadership is incapable of turning Scottish independence into a solution to the multiple crises we face, we risk irrelevance. And they are undoubtedly failing. (Robin McAlpine)

The prime minister must reform the union or risk the UK becoming a “failed state”. (Gordon Brown)

The problem in so many ways is that no one has any real answers to the questions that are out there, not just the structural questions about independence, which are important and there are some answers out there as we know in the Wee Alba Blue Book, but some people still feel the answers aren’t there. Before we can even ask them though we need to look at what is available for people to vote for.

As Craig Murray said the scumbag “Tory Party are deeply split between three factions, bastards driven by a ruthless ideology, bastards driven by personal gain, and bastards driven by both”. Tories are scum that is for sure, it is a party full of hate in my opinion so why would Scots want to keep having them imposed on Scotland, absolutely bonkers.

The Tory light Party, the party of grand promises, grand statements, zero policies, zero ideas. Even when they come up with what they believe is an idea, when you look at the detail it is all bullshit and lies. Tories with just slightly less hate. The new unionist zealot party to appease the racists in England whom they want to vote for them.

They just don’t matter do they! A party that has nothing to offer, no policies that anyone can talk about and in Alex-Cole Hamilton in Scotland one of the most vacuous opportunists that have ever managed the Scottish branch.

(SNP) The British Royalist and Unionist National Party as far as I am concerned now. How a party has fallen as quickly as they have since 2014 as far as respect goes is beyond me, well maybe not, Sturgeon. They might win elections, but it really is in spite of Sturgeon and her gender warriors in most cases as many in the yes movement feel they have nowhere else to go, certainly not because of their record or their desire for independence.

Scottish Greens are reluctant supporters of independence but at least they, on occasion, stand up for what they believe in. Patrick Harvie at least showed some self-respect and dignity when Elizabeth Windsor passed, the rest of them could not bow low enough, I’m surprised Sturgeon didn’t need a back operation after the amount of bowing she has done recently, at least Harvie stood up.

I am a member of the party, so I do have a vested interest. The party are not radical enough for me to be honest, but they have some people whom I admire, and I don’t doubt will fight for Scottish independence until they pop off. In Alex Salmond they have a good political strategist, but he can’t win as the SNP and the State did a huge number on him in the eyes of the ignorant and intellectually blind out there.

To be honest I don’t know a huge amount about ISP but what I do know has been pretty decent. I like a lot of what they have to say, and they have a matter of fact approach I like as well. While I believe that Alba has the best chance to make a breakthrough, I also believe that ISP bring an honesty to the debate that keeps others honest.

Currently the above are the choices we have, some are just fucking awful, and I would rather burn in hell than ever vote for any of them, including the new SNP. Nationally Alba currently has my vote but that remains dependent on keeping moving forward.

The questions for the unionists that I have are 

What is it that unites this so-called union?

What is this so-called shared vision for the future?

How are we better able to tackle the challenges of an ever-changing world by remaining in this shit hole of a union?

How can this shit hole adapt to become a truly 21st-century institution and escape the Victorian era that is never ending?

For the British Royalist and Unionist National Party (SNP), and the wider yes movement,

What is the economic strategy? Is it sterling and the Growth Commission!

How are you going to actually bring about a referendum? If you can’t what comes after that? Your plebiscite plan is designed to lose and is all about more and more carrots, more and more mandates, more and more fine dining at the British Trough.

What does an independent Scotland look like? The Royalist nightmare that Sturgeon and Blahford talk about is no different from what we have now.

How will you include the wider yes movement in any campaign?

Just a few questions for both sides of the debate but the simple fact remains. Right now, I think we are governed by pretty much the most useless clowns that have ever been elected in 99% of the case. Truss, Starmer, Sturgeon are just Tories of various strengths but are all from Poundland, if not B&M at best. Harvie is a bit all over the place, Davie doesn’t matter. Salmond will never get fair treatment, or what passes for it, ever again due to the number the SNP and the State did on an innocent man, not a perfect man, but an innocent one. Collete Walker of ISP does talk a lot of sense but how ISP make the big breakthrough is a tough one.

I just have zero faith anymore overall in politicians and the only thing that keeps me going are people in new media, the bloggers, AUOB, Tommy Sheridan etc. I have little faith in the Scottish people to wake up from their colonisation and agree with Robin McAlpine that apathy rules now in Scotland, I am 90% there as well, so I know I am a part of the problem but overall, we are going nowhere, we are on Titanic UK, the lifeboats are not for us poor gadgies and we don’t have the sense to see that we have to work together to find the alternative to drowning.

So, this is a longer blog than usual, and I do hope you have gotten to the end of it and will express your own opinion.


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11 Responses to Some Questions for the Unionists – Some Questions for the Rest of US

  1. Obanite says:

    I join you in your apathy.
    I’ve given up. Given up on a political escape from the union. None of the iParties are radical enough for me. Some talk a good protest…but months go by and still they don’t deliver, surprisingly preferring to cling on to walking sedately within Westminster’s rules. Still preferring to be polite. Compliant. “You protest if you want to – but don’t say this, it’s not a good look. And maybe don’t do that…” Some are even starting to display the creeping insideous habits of previous parties in power. And that hurts.

    I’ve given up on any legal escape too. How can any court case have integrity when the COPFS is in the SNP’s and by extension, WM’s pockets? The Supreme Court is an enathema to the Treaty of Union and the Claim of Right King Chuck recently confirmed.

    I wait for us to let go. Let go of our fear of being arrested/jailed for protesting. For agitating. For plotting and participating in persistent civil disobedience. Let go of our fear of ‘what ifs’. We’re trapped in a WM made world of ‘what ifs’ now and look at us. Cringing hard for Scotland. I’m of the age where I don’t give a piss what folk think of me however, what must the rest of the world think of Scots now…

    This too shall pass.

    • Obanite

      Yeah, I know how you feel, it is all so depressing isn’t it. I don’t believe I will see independence in my lifetime, Sturgeon has killed that hope. The politicians are all compliant to the British state and you are spot on, don’t swear, don’t call a Tory a scumbag, don’t disrespect Sturgeon blah blah blah. I have often thought of just stopping but then I know the blog annoys people, I know I am on the not to read or share list the SNP have and that cheers me up. I also don’t care what people think either, I am nearly 54 and I really couldn’t give a shit. I suspect the rest of the world look at Scotland and see colonised cowards to be honest.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. boydjohnstonyahoocouk says:

    Sturgeon sabotaged the independence movement with ‘SNP 1 & 2’ at the last election. Salmond, for all his achievements and abilities, is tainted in many people’s eyes – most people have not looked beyond the headlines to understand the fit-up that took place. We need a new, charismatic leader to emerge to bring a new credibility to the independence movement.

    • Boyd

      I don’t see any leader out there and I agree Alex Salmond, wrongly, will never get to lead from the front again unless there is a real change in the minds of many, that just won’t happen. Sturgeon has destroyed the SNP pretty much and I could not care less about that but the damage to the independence cause is unforgiveable if you ask me. She has been the lead brick that has dragged us all down, people think she is very smart, I don’t see it. She can present but smart political operator nope, or she is a brilliant British plant. Either way she has been a disaster since she took over, I am so glad I left the SNP in 2015.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • benmadigan says:

      I always worry about any ” new charismatic/strong/ etc leader”.
      They are put on a pedestal and sooner or later are shown to be mere humans like the rest of us.
      The people either turn on them or turn away from the cause in defeat/despair/loss of hope.
      Much better to have a group of leaders
      Ireland had 7 signatories to the Irish proclamation in 1916
      The English executed 16 leaders of the Rising
      More then stepped forward during the War of Independence

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree wi most of what you have said. I would add that I have had a different insight into both Alba & ISP and feel it’s a hopeless quest continuing as they and others are too many cliques too class driven and false to a great extent – typical politics and that’s what got us here. A more radical solution is required. I am prepared to host upto 100 groups on a Constitutional debate. If you want to lead it with Robin & others?

    • Anon

      Happy to help where I can, wouldn’t say I am a good public speaker, but something has to give and soon or it will all be lost before we know it. People are getting sick of the SNP and the zero movement towards independence. I have argued for a while that we will only become independent if we take it back like the other colonies did, but I just don’t think Scots have the guts sadly.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. “Saorsa” is Scottish Gaelic for the folloeing: freedom, liberty and/or redemption… Universally true and especially in modern Scotlan.

    • Ewen

      I have never been as apathetic as I am right now, not going to give up just yet, but I suspect I won’t give it much more than a couple of years then I will move on and let others keep going, life is just too short. If Scots don’t want independence, then fair enough but something has to give soon.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Well, Bruce, it’s difficult not to be apathetic to some degree or other, and who can say how many of us can say otherwise? I honestly wish that our fellow ‘Yessers’ had some form of body that doesn’t need to be a political party, as such… after all, there are larger numbers of people who support Scotland becoming independent again… I ended my SNP membership and now favour

        We know that mainstream media is NOT a free press, and it is owned by the filthy rich on this archipelago (the so-called UK). Please don’t give up and I’m sure we’ve many friends who would say the same; after all, I’m a little jealous that YOU are officially known as ‘grumpyscottishman’… although I’d realised that I wasn’t th only one! Anyway, even if all Grumpy Scottish men got together, the Englanders always outnumber us!

        All the best and take care


        • Ewen

          Not giving up yet, I said to myself that I would give it to 2024 then I will be 55 years old and that will be enough for me I think if we are still in the same place. Hopefully I will be closer to retirement, and I can then think about reading the books I want to read and do some walking. I am a member of Alba for now, but I am not active, I decided to not get directly involved as it would have meant the blog needing to change, certainly the way I write so as to not embarrass the party. If someone is a scumbag, I want to call them a scumbag, childish and not politically correct in the Police State that is Sturgeon’s Scotland. I think that salvo etc do good work, I am not convinced the UN etc will recognise the work to be honest as they are as trapped in vested interest as the rest and an independent Scotland will not fit the agenda, especially the USA and the placement of nuclear weapons, energy security etc. Even though it is not their choice it’s ours we know what we are up against and right now that feels like the world.

          Thanks for commenting.

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