This should be a wake up call for the sheeple



This should be a wake up call for the sheeple –  When Alex Massie, the arch Tory writer, backs your parties policy, and the editor of Holyrood Magazine start to big up a non-entity like Scottish Labour Unionist branch manager Anus Sarwar you have got to realise you are in trouble and need to wake up pretty soon.

So it was a surprise — even, perhaps, a shock — to hear Kate Forbes declare war on the public sector. The finance secretary would not put it like that, of course, but the spending review she announced last week was the most bracing and perhaps the most courageous document of its type published since Nicola Sturgeon became first minister. (Alex Massie)

There we have it folks, a Tory writer celebrating the delayed arrival of real austerity to Scotland, he doesn’t even hide his Tory colours when he claims “thanks to the Barnett formula, which is indefensible except on purely political grounds, Scotland enjoys a privileged position within the UK: it is a comparatively wealthy part of Britain that also, unusually, enjoys significantly higher than average public spending”. Tell that to the people who will lose their jobs, lose the services they depend on, those who use foodbanks weekly.

Even so, there was something refreshing about hearing an SNP finance secretary suggest that the answer to the question “What do you call gutting the public sector?” is actually this: “A good start”. (Alex Massie)

Now you all know, well those of you who read GSM that I stopped being supportive of Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government a long time ago, I get enough abuse about my views from SNP members off and on but don’t listen to just my assessment of the SNP listen to Mandy Rhodes of the Holyrood Magazine.

The SNP has been in power now for 15 years and as Sturgeon reached her own milestone, assessments were inevitably being made about her legacy. And, despite effusive reports of her obvious political craftsmanship, likeability, and communication skills, on policy delivery – the real purpose of government – none of them was particularly complimentary. (Mandy Rhodes)

Mandy goes on to talk about the same things I have raised on this blog repeatedly and been abused for when she says “However, with a current and growing list of costly transport failures – the ferries’ scandal, the chaos emerging around the newly nationalised railways and the costs relating to the ill-fated and non-sensical purchase of Prestwick airport – there are question marks about the SNP failings in education, justice, the economy, and in health”.

Also, on whether Sturgeon has fulfilled a promise of making Scotland the best place for a child to grow up in, ameliorated the risible life consequences for children taken into the state’s care, reduced drug deaths, or lifted Scots out of poverty, or on investment decisions, or on improving life expectancy, the picture is one of decline, stagnation, and mistakes.

And let’s face it, for a party that wants Scotland to stand on its own two feet, you can’t even count on the SNP to organise a census. Thank goodness our breweries remain in private hands.

And on independence itself, not only has she failed to secure a date for a second referendum, while still asserting that it will happen next year, the support for ‘yes’ is consistently falling backward with a steady trickle from ‘yes’ to ‘no’. (Mandy Rhodes)

A damning indictment indeed of the record of Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister, one that I have blogged about myself and one that I completely agree with in every way. On Sarwar Mandy goes on to say, and while I don’t agree to be honest, many voters might start to think about it

He is a less arrogant man, a more attentive, focused, and collegiate politician who is more concerned about the ambition for his country than his own career. Sarwar has consistently said Labour can’t simply wait for the SNP or the Tories to deserve to lose; his party must deserve to win, and with him looking increasingly more credible as a future first minister, now polling as the most popular leader in Scotland, that is where the real threat to Nicola Sturgeon’s tenure lies. (Mandy Rhodes)

That threat, more importantly, is to independence. The incompetence of Nicola Sturgeon and her Government are doing more damage to the cause than the Tories and Sarwar ever can, we expect failure, nastiness, and bile from the Tories. We expect lies, unionism, on top of more failure from Labour, we should expect a hell of a lot better from Sturgeon and the SNP.

Right now the greatest threat to independence is Nicola Sturgeon, don’t believe me, just have a read and a think about the words of Alex Massie and Mandy Rhodes, if we don’t move soon then unionism will become the winner as apathy drives yes supporters out of the voting booth and into the daily grind of just fighting to survive to live let along fight for a cause that the party supposed to deliver it have failed like no other before them.

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13 Responses to This should be a wake up call for the sheeple

  1. Black Rab says:

    All of them political frauds. The politicians we elect do not enact or legislate the policies we vote for. We are powerless in this scenario and cannot influence political events. This doesn’t remotely resemble anything like democracy. It appears that waiting for change is all that there is to do, and hope that the cards fall in our favour. Other political forms are needed. Sturgeon needs to be dragged and handcuffed to await political fraud charges in the morning, and that goes for Massie, Forbes and Sarwar. All of them liars, fraudsters and traitors. All working to create a corporate hell.

    • Black Rob

      Politicians don’t run the country big business and vested interests do , most of the politicians are just the puppets of the establishment in the main. We are the very bottom of the pile, if the USA don’t want Scotland to be independent it won’t be, if a policy impinges in the profits of big companies or halts the privatisation agenda then it doesn’t happen and the SNP are now just part of the game, AS wasn’t so they brought him down, Sturgeon is one of them so they big her up while people like Massie support SNP policy that impoverishes people while Rhodes bigs up a unionist as a potential First Minister, we are mugs for putting up with this shit and more fool us we bring it on ourselves.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Black Rab says:

        I believe we have brought it on ourselves for not detaching from England when we had the chance. The sheeple were scared, they thought that independence was some form of geographical and political isolation. Not an act of decolonising and saving ourselves at the same time from corporate plunder. Thatcher, Blair and Johnson didn’t mend them, the sham of the covid management didn’t mend them. Food banks, rising inflation and out of control energy costs hasn’t mended them either. We’re creating a perfect corporate hell for ourselves. I think you said that until our children are cold and starving will they wake up. The winter to come will tell the tale.

        • Rab

          There have been enough warnings, there were warning from WOS, new media has tried it’s best with limited resources, people like yourself have made informed comments on different blogs, we have tired social media, all to educate people to the state of the UK and the SNP and sadly what it will take for some is going to be the winter and if it is a really cold one hell mend us all. I just don’t get the stupidly of too many of my fellow Scots, are they so indoctrinated and blind not to see what is right in front of them, it beggars belief it really does. I know all we can do is keep hammering away but this is self-harm that historians will write about for years to come.

          Thanks for commenting.

  2. 100%Yes says:

    I can’t wait to see the back of the SNP its leader and its brainwashed members. Here’s hoping Scotland does get the chance to be Independent before it happens, doubful.

    • 100%YES

      I just don’t see a referendum any time soon or at all to be honest. The English Government will refuse one and I suspect that is what Sturgeon is banking on, she doesn’t have the guts to have a different strategy. All we can hope for is that the members of the SNP, or the decent ones, wake up before it is too late but we are running out of time. However, a bad winter of not being able to heat and feed your family might focus the minds of some. New media will keep banging away as best it can with what limited resources it has, Alba will keep banging away and taking abuse from all sides but I have some hope for Alba if it can get through the next 12 months. It took the SNP years to get it’s first elected rep, I don’t think it will take Alba that long but if it can keep going it’s time will come, not as Government, but as a party that will force a governments hand, saying that it would not surprise me to see Sturgeon want to lose an election at some point just to get her off the hook.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Dave says:

    I’ll never forgive Sturgeon or any of the gutless, careerist bstrds in her cult who can see clearly what’s going on but think that their place at the trough is more important than freeing their country.

    • Dave

      I totally understand and agree with that sentiment, I can’t forgive the level of bad governance either, the key to independence for myself has been getting the small things right like emptying the bins, making Scotland look clean and tidy, local services, small improvements in health and education, proper funding of local services. Good governance that people see daily is the key for me and Sturgeon and the SNP have failed at every turn.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Stuart MacKay says:

    Business for Scotland had recent article on Foreign Direct Investment,

    Included in the list was “18 utility supply projects, 14 business and professional services projects” which is easily translated into foreign owned renewable energy projects and increased activity by the big consultancy firms. The Scottish Government is firmly on the neo-liberal, globalised track where everything in Scotland is for sale. Austerity, oops, I mean fiscal responsibility, is part and parcel of that agenda. You just know that partnerships with the health service are coming. The country is being asset stripped and the politicians are actively enabling this in the belief that this is how democracy works.

    • Stuart

      This started under Thatcher when the narrative was changed to fool the ignorant that selling everything off is good and public sector / state ownership bad with the support of the media and the politicians in the pocket of big business. We have seen the banking crisis that nearly broke the world, nothing much has changed, bankers were bailed out, no one went to jail, trillions of our money used and the narrative was we need austerity because it’s the people at the bottom who cause the problems and not the robber barons at the top and the politicians in their pockets, the SNP under Sturgeon are now a part of that, you just can’t make up how thick people are in this country and how much we take and take from these bastards.

      Thanks for commenting, I’ll check out the link.

  5. George Dale says:

    I founde this in John Crace’s comments BTL:

    Hannah Arendt was right on the money with this quote:
    “Totalitarianism in power invariably replaces all first-rate talents, regardless of their sympathies, with those crackpots and fools whose lack of intelligence and creativity is still the best guarantee of their loyalty.”

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