A Couple of Things

Is it only the media that are desperate for Labour to somehow make a comeback in England, or even Scotland?

LABOUR are more focused on winning back English Brexiteers rather than pro-EU Scots and could already be conceding defeat in Scotland, according to Professor John Curtice. (The Sturgeon Fanzine, The National).

Seemingly Labour have a deal with the Liberals to deny Tories seats in England and form a coalition if they can win enough seats between them, according to Curtice this will spell problems for any future independence referendum, what a lot of shit. For a start Labour and the Liberals would vote with the Tories every single time to ensure that Scotland remains a colony and Scots denied democracy. Curtice also notes that the Liberals will demand constitutional change and that PR would hurt the SNP. Now PR may well hurt the SNP in a Scottish election, I don’t know the figures, and I am all for PR as it means every vote counts and what a novelty that would be in the UK but the simple reality is Labour are a joke and they will not win in England anyway.

Anyone surprised? Tory scumbags would steal your last penny.

AS the elements from storm Dudley battered the streets of Glasgow, scores of people queued in the wet and cold in anticipation of a hot meal. Douglas Ross defends harsh Tory policy during out of touch Glasgow soup kitchen visit. When the Glasgow Times asks Ross why he thinks there is a large queue outside, he is tone-deaf.  “It’s a range of issues – harrowing cases from people of all different backgrounds”, he says.

He goes as far to defend the benefit cuts, arguing that the £20 weekly uplift was only in place to alleviate financial stresses brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The MP said: “That uplift was always temporary but it was due to be only for six months and at the end of the six months, I challenged the chancellor and the Prime Minister to keep the uplift for another six months.  “We got it for a year and it made a big difference to people but it would have been £6 billion to continue that indefinitely.

Once we get dragged into a war with Russia how much will that cost, what about the £16 billion lost to fraud that the Tories won’t chase up. The Tory Party are a stain on every one of us, elitist scum that anyone voting for them should be ashamed.


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5 Responses to A Couple of Things

  1. paulineso21@yahoo.co.uk says:

    Was watching a documentary last night about a town called Hoxton in London . How its being gentrified , poorer folk and older being forced out their communities. These folk blamed the foreigners and voted for Brexit accordingly . What some failed to look at was the policies implemented by the Governments they’ve voted for consistenly . No wonder Politics in Britain is a shambles when folk don’t even know what they are voting for . Some regretted their Brexit votes and admitted they didn’t know what it was all about . They listened to the media and right wing nut jobs . What chance does Scotland have in the union when we are consistently outvoted for by the English . Its a sham , sickens me and all these Tory lite parties are only interested in the money , bugger all else . They don’t care about people and communities.

    • Pauline

      Political literacy in Scotland and the UK is an embarrassment to be honest. Even yessers I have spoken to just don’t understand the system at all and don’t get it. The UK is a basket case and Scotland just as bad, Sturgeon has left it too late and now leads a government that looks like it’s on its last legs with little talent and poor policy, perfect conditions to keep Scotland a colony for years to come. I’m ashamed some days to be Scottish I really am.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. George Dale says:

    There will be no war with Russia.

    • George

      I think you’re right and I really hope so. We have had enough of that crap and blood lust of politicians and Johnson is at today again implying Russia will attack at any moment, these people should not be running a country.

      Thanks for commenting.

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