More Bits and Pieces

Saw some more things on social media today that I thought I would share with you all tonight as a wee extra blog entry.

I am no fan of Johann Lamont Labour MSP. even though she does get under Nicola Sturgeons skin and was pretty decent during the Alex Salmond enquiry in actually trying to ask actual questions to try and get some truth, but her take down here of Lorna Slater Green MSP is pretty spot on. For Lorna Slater to just imply that self-id will be the law in Scotland before even a debate being held in Holyrood, let alone a vote to make it law shows a total disregard for Holyrood but also for our democracy, if this is what is to come from the SNP/Green Government then it is not on at all. I have no love for the unionists, the Greens or the SNP for that matter, but democracy is important in Scotland, well it is to me, and Johann Lamont is spot on while Slater is treating us all with contempt.

Alba members are often accused of stoking the flames of hate regarding the SNP, I haven’t come across that to be honest but maybe I am sheltered in who I follow on social media or what I see but Bethany takes the provocation to a new level with her tweet implying that Alba supporters would vote against indy because of their distrust of the SNP now, this is click bate and looking for examples of abuse I suspect is Bethany’s motive here. I saw the other tweet and thought that there is someone who was never serious about the Alba Party. Craig Murray is entitled to his view on self – id and Alba Party members need to be able to accept that people have different views, it’s very important that Alba members are tolerant of all views, we can agree to disagree through respectful debate. Alba Party policy is clear on self-id and that policy won’t change any time soon having been agreed, but we need to be able to respect other views or we become the SNP, and Scottish Labour before them, where alternative views are not allowed.

In a similar vein I thought the photo was very funny and very true, I would rather not vote at all than vote for a party I dislike to slight another party I dislike, what is the point of that. Priti Patel as Prime Minister, surely that would be like taking a time machine back to Austria in the late 30’s and the rise of the right under the guise of the left, the thought is like your worst horror movie. As well as being pretty useless Priti Patel has to be one of the most horrific MPs in the English Parliament and makes Tommy Robinson look like a lefty.

Well hud me back, Ian blah blah Blackford is going to hold Boris Johnson to account, no he is not lol, the National really is becoming the new MaDD Magazine that I loved in the 80’s. The SNP won’t hold anyone to account in Westminster let alone Teflon Johnson.

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Grumpy Scottish Man – Reaching Out

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4 Responses to More Bits and Pieces

  1. panda paws says:

    “I am no fan of Johann Lamont Labour MSP.”

    She stepped down at the last election. Listen if you’d told me in 2014 I’d be impressed by anything Johann Lamont said I’d have laughed in your face. However she was excellent in the six words amendment which allowed rape survivors to choose the sex not the gender of the person carrying out post rape examinations. She is good on women’s rights. And actually having seen her twitter recently, either she’s mellowed since political retirement or she has been hiding a good sense of humour for years.

  2. larawanda2004 says:

    Come back Johann all is forgiven. As for Fatford, the mans an utter embarrassment. “The National” Say no more. What a state Scotland is in. Used to be a saying “A worst state than China!!!” Little did we know. Saor Alba.

    • Lara

      I see the National have started to prepare the ground for campaign to be delayed before it has even started lol, that paper really has went downhill big time since it started with hope.

      Thanks for commenting.

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