Times are desperate when you need Baillie, Hamilton, and Fraser

This is just a brief comment on the article posted by Wings Over Scotland tonight regarding the latest developments in the Alex Salmond Harassment Enquiry.

Something really does stink right now in Scottish Politics. The shambles which is this enquiry, and what looks increasingly like a cover up, the court proceedings against prominent independence bloggers, as well as, the zero action towards independence by the party of independence, something stinks . When I am sitting here hoping that Jackie Baillie Labour, Murdo Fraser Conservative, and Alex Cole Hamilton Liberal Democrat’s can get some answers for the public in this shameful period in our political history you know something stinks to high heaven and you are getting desperate. It is getting to the point that the more evidence that is supressed, the more statements changed, the more witnesses hidden, the requirements placed on Alex Salmond but not others to appear in front of the enquiry the more many of us will feel, irrespective of the final report, that there has been a cover up and a vendetta at the very heart of the Scottish Government and that leaves a really bad taste. We also owe a huge debt of thanks to Wings Over Scotland, Craig Murray, Mark Hirst, Gordon Dangerfield, Grouse Beater and some others for doing the job the mainstream media should be doing but are not.

I am so passionate for an independent Scotland but the more we learn and the more we are stuck in this union the more we see how much needs to change from top to bottom. From our Government, our Police, our Judiciary, our so called media, our rights, our services, attitudes that claim people on benefits don’t want to work, everything. But I also know that if the best we can achieve from our Government is the stink we are having to endure from this enquiry then we are even further away than I thought we were. When the so called Labour movement are reaching out to a millionaire posh boy to tell us poor people what we need and calling it socialism we need an honest, transparent, decent Government and we just don’t have one right now and that is heart breaking.

The more that we learn from the tenacious ones listed above, the more I can see that the only way we get our independence is if we take it ourselves because I am less and less convinced each day now that the leadership of the SNP will be able to achieve it. Many of us will walk up that hill in May with the SNP but I suspect that many won’t be walking down with them, myself included. I am starting to think that we will need a plan B, not a plan B to get independence, we are further away today in so many way than we were in 2014, no we may well need a plan B as in supporting another party after this years elections when the SNP let us down which I sadly feel right now they will. I so want to be wrong I really do, I so want the enquiry to prove there was no cover up, no conspiracy against Alex Salmond but does anyone out there believe that now, I don’t. I think today in reading the Wings article is the lowest I have felt during this whole mess, today is the day that I am now convinced there is a cover up beyond doubt at the very highest levels, that certain people at the very highest levels of the Scottish Government and the SNP have put their own MeToo agenda ahead of independence, their own power ahead of independence, and even now they are taking us all for fools in doing their damned best so that we never know the truth, that stinks and does anyone really believe that those type of people will lead us to independence, I don’t.

Had a wee after thought, if I were Alex Salmond I would not appear in front of this committee, as Mac (posted on Wings) so rightly says “This inquiry a joke. It is actually more of an extension of the cover-up itself than any real attempt to uncover it”. 

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4 Responses to Times are desperate when you need Baillie, Hamilton, and Fraser

  1. twathater says:

    I read all the comments on WOS and the frightening thing is there are people STILL unwilling to believe what has been going on for years , I recently emailed Keith Brown and Nicola Sturgeon STATING

    Dear Mr Brown
    I am writing to you today not as a constituent but in your capacity of Deputy Leader of the SNP SG , I am not a member of the SNP but my Family and I have voted for SNP candidates for the past 20 years in all local and national elections , it is my understanding that you are in charge of bringing the manifesto together to present to the leadership for consideration . Like others I am appalled at the forced removal of Scotland from the European Union despite numerous promises uttered loudly and regularly by the leader of WM SNP MP contingent and numerous declarations by Nicola Sturgeon

    Like others I am extremely concerned that Nicola Sturgeon’s insistence on the Sect 30 agreement route which has been denied on at least 3 occasions is allowing the WM govt to dictate that Scotland will be held in subservience for the foreseeable future permitting WM to plunder and pillage our resources

    It is with this in mind that alongside others unless the 2021 Holyrood election is declared a plebicite election my family and I will regretfully be unable in good conscience to vote for a SNP candidate

    I would encourage you to gauge independence supporters feelings on this matter and the responses to aligning our future dependent on a corrupt WM govt sect 30 agreement , I enclose a link to the Barrhead boy website

    And as usual NO response from either of them , truly their contempt of their voters and the wider electorate knows no bounds

    • Twathater

      If you are not his constituent and you don’t have all the correct details there is no way on this planet you will get a reply, and even then you would probably have to make a complaint that there had been no reply. I am getting sick of all of them now and the more revelations that come out the more sick of them I get and their corruption. They rarely even reply to members of the party most of the time and especially Brown who is well in there with the Murrells. It is getting to the point for me now that I might have to consider just voting ISP on the list and not bother with a constituency vote because how else can we get the SNP to sit up and take notice that the wider yes movement will not put up with this type of behaviour and it is not acceptable in any shape or form, they are doing everything they can to protect NS and the MeToo’s in their party and Government and truth matters and we are not getting much if any. They are corrupt to my mind now, there is not much doubt about that. If I were Alex Salmond I would refuse to appear now and clearly state the reasons why and if I were on the committee I would be resigning and clearly stating why.

      Thanks for commenting and please stay safe. Bruce


  2. 100%Yes says:

    We know who’s telling the truth, Sturgeon is a complete liar.

    • 100%YES

      It is starting to look like someone at the very top is, the whole enquiry has been a shambles from the start and the SNP MSPs come out of this looking really bad, as does the civil service and crown office, something is very broken in Scotland and rather than fix it they try to hide it , for what, to protect someone who many of us have given up on now when it comes to independence.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


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