Lock Down Day 3

Struggled today overall. Went to tesco at 6.30am to avoid any potential crowds, a few others had the same idea but people tried to give each other space, the staff were polite and professional and I was able to get most of what I feel I needed. Not panic buying, as a few clearly were, just getting enough to last us to the weekend.

However, I suffer from IBS at times and health anxiety which most of the time is under control but recently I’ve had a sore back which has lasted for the last 5 weeks. It’s a lot better than it has been but it bothered me today and that just set off the worrying and the pacing, even started to cough when I didn’t have to and this made me on edge most of the day. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I’ve also been asked to work next week each day to help staff a school which is being used a community hub. I’m assuming it’s to provide food and of course I will do it, people are afraid, I’m afraid, but some people are also hungry and if that needs myself to help staff a hub to reassure and provide food then I’ll do my bit no matter how tough personally and how much it might make me anxious. We all think we are invincible when we’re young, this f disease shows us all that none of us are invincible, none of us are immune. So not a good day today at all for me due to anxiety but hopefully I can get it back under control and find a way to relax.

A question though, is the constant coverage on the news, the death ticker, the constant interviews with Doctors, the live scores from around the world helping or making things worse. I think it’s making things worse even though I know most of us are watching the news constantly to keep up to date.

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7 Responses to Lock Down Day 3

  1. marconatrix says:

    The present circumstances, coupled with inconsistent information and instructions from a most untrustworthy UK government, are enough to make anyone anxious. So don’t judge yourself too harshly, we’re all feeling the stress, it’s only human.

    • Marconatrix
      It’s certainly an unusual time for all of us. I don’t think the Government have been great either Scotland or UK wide. The news which I thought was actually ok at the start has shifted to this morbid death counter that is maybe understandable but not great either. I also think mass testing should be happening to be honest but who am I. Today was not a good day, some might laugh as it’s only day 3 but for many this is their worst nightmare.

      Thanks for the support. Stay safe.

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      • Brian says:

        Hope you get through this Bruce. The media loves bad news / a crisis etc. It helps fill broadcast hours. They couldn’t give a monkey’s how their coverage affects people.
        Good luck to you.

        • Brian
          Yeah totally get that, this one is a strange one for sure. I’ve spoken to people who never really worry about much at all and they have said they are bricking this one, maybe people just know when something is really serious. I hope we all get through it.

          Stay safe.

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  2. Gordie says:

    All the best.

  3. George says:

    My son is on the front line in a supermarket and is pig sick of arseholes verbally abusing him about shortages. As it’s more than his job’s worth to give them back in kind, he just has to grin and bear it, damaging of course to his self-esteem and self-belief.

    The death ticker gets me as I’m on the rundown of a terminal lung disease, nice to continually be reminded that death is waiting.
    Sadly the virus will take the good as well as the bad but not those who deserve it most.

    • George

      Check out the blog later I show a little thanks to our other heroes like your son. Yeah the death ticker is a bit morbid now and I am trying to pay a lot less attention today as it does make me anxious to be honest. I’m sorry your son is experiencing what he is from selfish people in the main and maybe some who are just afraid, I really appreciate what the shop workers and shop keepers are doing I really do. I am going to work next week as have been called in to support teachers by the Scottish Government, yeah I’m afraid like all of us are but we will get through this and hopefully things will get better soon.

      Stay Safe Bruce.

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