Another Email from Scotland in Union

So here is the latest garbage I got from Scotland in Union today.

So lets see, they say they were promised a referendum is only once in a generation allegedly, unless its a result they don’t like and we were promised the vow.

Well since the Vow turned out to be the biggest lot of crap in an island of crap there will need to be another referendum, what did you think would happen, we are not all buttoned up the back, only Scotland in Union supporters.

What is it with Unionists and violent language when talking about independence, wonder what they are planning for the next campaign. Anyway if anyone weaponised anything it was their friends in the right wing media in the run up to the EU referendum.

Image result for daily mail immigrant headlines

They are telling me about trade, I suppose it’s their so called UK single market which again we know is bullshit because the UK is a unitary state with a internal market which might as well be the English market given that:

  • By its very nature, the UK is a deeply asymmetrical federation in which England is by far the dominant player;
  • That dominance is reflected in the fact that the central legislative power overwhelmingly comprises English MPs, and indeed, England as a territory has no legislative representation distinct from the Westminster Parliament itself;
  • The protections afforded to the devolved authorities are essentially process-based and political in nature rather than substantive or legal in character, especially after the Supreme Court in Miller found that the so-called Sewel Convention, on obtaining legislative consent from the devolved assemblies, was incapable of judicial enforcement;


The problem with trade in the UK is also that everything is geared towards London and the South East so Scotland then suffers. We also have the worst economic growth in the G20 according to the OECD

The UK economy will grow at a slower pace than any other major advanced or emerging nation this year, according to the OECD.

Ahead of the Spring Statement, the think-tank raised its UK growth forecast to 1.3% in 2018 amid a strengthening global recovery.

This is up from an earlier projection of 1.2%, but is the weakest in the G20.

We were told we would have the most powerful devolved parliament in the world, the unionists say the vow has been met, there is just a slight problem with this bullshit, every important power that would allow Scotland to grow and become that fairer Scotland still lay at Westminster, the place where the yoons are happy to lick the shoes of their betters.

Related image

Funding, now there is a good question because we know who funds the SNP and the YES movement, it’s members and supporters and virtually all through small donations, unlike Scotland in Union who are funded through very posh and wealthy people as reported in the National earlier this year Scotland in Union donors . The very people who will lie, cheat, steal, and round up their troops to keep Scotland chained and subservient to Westminster, the Westminster they control and always have and always will.

So Scotland in Union can again go do one.



  1. smac1314

    Hi Bruce,
    As England neither feed nor generate enough energy to meet their needs, somehow I think our trade with them will not be a problem post independence.

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