Another nail in the Coffin of the shitty UK

So our equal partners in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland just voted to ensure that the devolved administrations have no say over Brexit.

It will be interesting to see if any Scottish Tories voted for the motion but I doubt it. This just goes to highlight even more to any soft pro European no voters out there that their voice does not matter. What England wants England gets, we are not partners, we are a region and a cash cow but longer term all of these little things will add up and we will win.

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6 Responses to Another nail in the Coffin of the shitty UK

  1. Alan says:

    A tory voting against the tory government? Ha!

    The appalling thing is that only one Labour MP voted against the government on that amendment and three with. The rest abstained. Making matters worse, Albert Owen is Welsh Labour – so none of Scottish Labour’s MPs voted.

  2. Alan

    I haven’t looked at the break down but Labour abstaining is nothing new, digusting party and more Tory than the scumbag Tories in so many ways. I hope people in Scotland and Wales are taking note, Corbyn is full yoon and will not bring in socialism, the man is as socialist as I am Tory. I despise that party as much as the Tories, all the yoon parties are a disgrace and not even democrats, scumbags all.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. East Neuker says:

    Bruce, the disaster capitalists are focused on destroying devolution as well as Brexit. The resulting chaos will allow them to buy up infrastructure and industry cheaply, leaving most of us deeply impoverished. Brexit is an important part of this plan.
    You have allowed yourself to become self justified over your Brexit vote by the Catalan situation, which is a different and complex argument. We can have that again, perhaps.
    Right now, our battle is to escape a proto fascist UK, which I always told you would emerge from the Brexiteers winning the leave referendum. You know that’s what I said would happen, and it is.
    If we seek to go it alone on independence the UK state is going to crush us like a snail below a boot. We must engage with whatever international partners we can, even if they are only engaging to get back at the UK…
    I currently favour Scottish independence with EFTA membership, but would be quite happy with EU rather than UK.
    Labour is a load of Jackie Baillie, and the Tories are worse. Its independence or bust now. Can we persuade the Scottish people to agree?

    • Anonymous says:

      East Neuker

      I think they are trying to weaken Holyrood but I also think that can only backfire in the long run surely as I don’t think Nicola Sturgeon will give an inch as she knows that every action the unionists take against Holyrood is another nail in the coffin of the UK, a UK which is dying before our very eyes. They will study it in years to come, the slow and lingering death of an empire. I am going to blog about it if I can find the time. I am not self justified over Catalonia, I felt the same about Greece, about Portugal and the refugee crisis and blogged about them at the time. I totally appreciate that there are many arguments on all sides, I have taken a moral judgement based on my democratic beliefs and will always stick by that, it might seem illogical to some but anything less would be a denial of my beliefs and that I won’t do. I totally agree that the battle is for independence and I do believe we are moving a step closer, as the nightmare that is the UK unravels I believe that enough people might move over to YES and that there will also be less resistance from the unionists as time goes on due to the shambles that is England and it’s fascist shift as you mention. Once we get to that stage as far as the EU goes a referendum on our relationship with 3 options would be my choice, join as full members, join EFTA or not join at all. I would favour EFTA as it stands right now but that could change as the EU changes, especially if it moves towards a super state that seems to be the choice of some in the EU. Interesting times indeed.

      Thanks for commenting as always.


  4. Sir,

    I, on this far side of the world, am watching Brexit saga unfolding with incredulity and abject horror. Never have I seen sheer incompetence and believe me, I have seen incompetence perpetrated by my government. It is already a calamity and the UK is not even out of the EU yet. I shudder to think what will happen when the UK is actually out.

    I hope Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP and Scottish Government can comprehend, and more importantly, engineer a second indyref before or on March 2019. There is simply no time left and Scotland must get out of the UK before it suffers a catastrophic economic damage that will be inflicted by Brexit.

    I take comfort that the second indyref will happen suddenly because I believe that the UK will implode spectacularly in the immediate future. For me it is akin to Berlin Wall coming down. Things will be too chaotic for the UK government to prevent it. At that point, they can only consider self preservation of what’s left of the UK/England. For all we know, Scotland need only to walk out of the Union.

    Lastly don’t get depressed sir. This is already the end game. We need to strengthen our resolve, start campaigning now bit by bit and wait. The unionists, this time, are the ones that have to the heavy lift in trying to convince us to be in the Union.


    • Anonymous says:

      I am not overly upset with the decision to leave as the EU refuses to change and it needs to change or die. The EU’s actions with Greece, Portugal, Catalonia and the refugee crisis really opened my eyes to it’s own vested interests and how deep down it is no different in so many ways from the rest of the rubbish countries in the G8.

      I think the Tories are the worst government in living memory and the wrong ones to either negotiate or take this country forward. They are a hate filled loathsome bunch in every shape or form, truly an awful right wing nightmare and that is the path that England is going down now as Labour have no chance of being the next Government. Your analogy of the Berlin Wall is brilliant and I agree I think we are seeing the slow but sure end of the UK and once the jobs start to go in England then they will have problems like they haven’t had for a 100 years, and then Scotland should go for the next referendum, I would hope by then that many Scots will have had enough and know that the only way to save themselves is to vote for it.

      Thanks for commenting.


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