Different Rules for Us and Different Rules for Them

A story appeared in the Mirror last Friday 18th November but was somewhat over shadowed by the SNP witch hunt over expenses but is about expenses all the same.


Aidan Burley and David Ruffley, ex Conservative MPs, it turns out have failed to pay back wrongly claimed expenses to the tune of hundreds of pounds. Aiden Burley claimed for getting his house cleaned for £270 which was against the rules and David Ruffley double claimed for house removals, neither have commented and neither have paid back any monies.

Now while this is not a huge sum of money compared to the millions stolen from us in 2010 it is still a joke and it is still going on today. MPs who own homes in London still claim for travel and accommodation but that’s fine as only the SNP MP’s are ripping off the public purse even though they attend more, vote more, and have in fact reduced the expenses bill from the heady days of Scottish Labour milking the trough.

What I found more interesting was the comment from IPSA (The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority) who said that “We will always seek to recover any money owed to the taxpayer,” “But where it is not financially worthwhile to continue to pursue repayment, we write it off.”

I don’t know about you but there does appear to be a wee bit of one set of rules for some of us and another for some of them. Anyone owing Council Tax, or an overpayment of Social Security, are hounded to the ends of the earth to pay it back and it is rarely if ever written off. I am so sick of Westminster, it is corrupt to the core and I really hope that every one of these stories is another nail in the coffin of the UK, we have got to get out of this union, what don’t the yoons get.

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7 Responses to Different Rules for Us and Different Rules for Them

  1. trispw says:

    Would that be Aiden SS Burnley?

  2. Anonymous says:

    if you are in debt you should be hounded end of

    • Anonymous says:




      • Anonymous says:

        should not matter if you are poor rich whatever, if you are in debt then you should pay it. If you are up to your eyeballs in it there is legislation in place (IE declaring yourself a bankrupt) to deal with it.

        • Anonymous says:


          People get into financial difficulties for a lot of reasons, sudden unemployment, bereavement, natural disaster , the list is long. So while people should practice as good financial management as they can the situation can at times be outwith their control but I would agree that people need to seek help as quickly as possible.

          Thanks for commenting.


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