She Definitely Will Not be Missed

So the international development secretary, Priti Patel MP, has resigned following secret meetings with the Prime Minister of Israel behind the back of Theresa Mayhem Prime Minister.

She won’t be missed, not by me, and I would imagine not by really anyone with half a brain. This MP I think has been a nasty piece of work in her time as an MP since day one, she was once quoted as saying in a book that she co wrote, Britannia Unchained (2012),” this work sets out lessons from business and economic practices of other countries, including commenting that: “once they enter the workplace, the British are among the worst idlers in the world”

She has always voted for benefit cuts, even cuts to disability and is allegedly an unashamed supporter of Israel and all that it does. At the time she said that “cutting some disabled people’s benefits by £30 a week is justified as it will help those with a “limited capability” to work find a job”. Doesn’t matter that they would be too sick and hungry to work. She is up there with that other blessing to humanity, and former Tory MP, Esther McVey.

Yeah her who used to sit and laugh in the debates about cuts to social security, the voters saw sense and got rid of that poisoned chalice lets hope they do the same with Patel. I could not care less about their gender, but their politics are horrific and with a bit of luck something else will come out and she will have to stand down as an MP, we would all be better off with her not in Westminster.


They make me want to not vote 

I wonder if the thickest bunch of non entities known to man, the politicians of Westminster, are really as thick as many of us suspect or they have a cunning plan. 

Expenses scandal, sex scandals, tax scandals, lies , first past the post, Scot bashing , broken promises, attacks on the poor and most vulnerable, defying parliament , lazy drunken arseholes, the Windsor’s, the Daily Mail. All of this puts me off voting full stop. 

Either they have a cunning plan or we are truly f. Have we ever ever been governed by a more useless bunch on non entities in the history of this shitty country. It really just makes me think I am in a nightmare  .

The Windsor’s are at it

So the Windsor’s, our so called powerless head of state family, have been caught hiding their money. 

The leaking of the so called Paradise Papers show that Elizabeth Windsor, who costs us millions every year, hides millions of her money in the Caymen Islands, it’s called investments though, and even holds shares in that charitable business for the poor Brighthouse. We even had William Windsor lecturing us on how there are too many people in the world, as his wife is taking time off from doing nothing as she is expecting their third child. Of course what he really meant was that there are too many poor people in the world. 

How much longer do we put up with this farce. 

Scottish Income Tax, it was always a TRAP!

I saw this tweet today, and followed a little of the income tax debate in Holyrood last week, and it just brought back all the bad memories of the Smith Commission.

Sorry to say it , but I told you so, as did many many smarter and more astute people than myself. I blogged about it The Smith Commission and I expressed my opinion about it, and I have moaned about it in numerous posts on this blog.

My view after the referendum was that that the SNP Government should never have accepted Smith because it was both bullshit and a huge trap to fall into. So forgive me if I have little sympathy for the tweet from Angus MacNeil, SNP MP, who would have thunk it. I accept that the Scottish Government are stuck between a rock and hard place, continued TORY cuts are starting to hit hard, portrayed by the lieing scumbags in Scottish Labour, Scottish Liberal Democrats, and Scottish Tories as SNP cuts and a compliant media singing the same tune but we are walking into the trap big time.

Using the tax trap is just another nail in the coffin of the fight for independence as many, too many, all too thick Scottish voters, will circle the wagons to blame the SNP and use this shit to convince themselves that independence would be worse. Back in November 2016 I blogged asking the SNP, don’t use the tax responsibility trap ,and even if it hurts in the long-term, I urge them today to not use the trap. Accepting the Smith Commission proposals was a huge mistake in my opinion, using the tax trap is another one. I know that people suffer as a result of the cuts, accepting Smith opened the door for all the blame to lay with the SNP, putting up taxes, no matter how much they protect some people, will just confirm the blame for too many voters.

I know that the SNP is damned if they do and damned if they don’t but let’s make no mistake about it the continued cuts to services, and the continued assault on our standard of living, lays fully with the three unionist parties. They have brought us to this point and by raising taxes, even to try to protect the most vulnerable, will just allow the yoons and the yoon media to hide behind the tax rises as an assault on independence and the SNP and people will fall for it. I still believe that if we hadn’t accepted Smith then while the yoons would shout and moan about not wanting more responsibilities the blame would lay fully at their door and anyone with any sense would see it for what it is.

“The Jedi Must End”, or is that the EU

The Jedi must end is the teaser quote for the next instalment of Star Wars coming out in December, but maybe given what we are continuing to see coming out of Spain maybe that should read “it’s time for the EU to end”.

If the EU can’t defend the principles of democracy and freedom of speech then we are all in trouble and are being transported back to the 1930s. The EU state:

The European Union’s fundamental values are respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law. These values unite all the member states – no country that does not recognise these values can belong to the Union. Values and Objectives of the EU.

If the EU can’t protect its citizens from arrest by a member state acting like a dictatorship using unjust laws, then the EU has no purpose.

The EU doesn’t extradite to countries that have the death penalty, making a huge statement on  a countries laws, but not to a member state showing that it will jail citizens for political views having been democratically elected.

Maybe it’s time for the EU to end!

Do enough of us care though? Maybe not.

How’s that Tory Vote working out for you now?

Saw this today on SNP Helensburgh courtesy of Referendum 2018 and sadly had a wee giggle to myself.

During the last General Election we faced an onslaught from the Unionists and their state funded media, as well as, their print media chums lambasting the SNP and urging farmers and those in especially the North East to vote Tory to protect their precious union and also their subsidies from the EU. How is that working out for you?

On top of the betrayal of the workers on the Clyde waiting on the orders for the Royal Navy only to see those orders go to Liverpool, and other orders being reduced, we now find out that £160,000,000 million pounds allocated to Scottish farmers by the EU via the CAP funding to the UK has in fact been given to farmers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Yet another betrayal in a long line of Tory betrayals and lies stretching back to the 70’s. It also got me wondering what it will take for some people in Scotland to wake up and see this shitty union for what it is. There is a magic money tree, it’s called Scotland and it has been producing since 1707. Bloody hell, will people wake the f up and see what is going on, we have got to get out of this union before they have stolen everything of any value from Scotland and vote for their own independence.

They won’t do Shit!

The sexual harassment scandal might start to pick up pace today, some papers, but by no means all, are starting to cover the story now. 

The Tories so far are the worse offenders if the alleged stories are true but it will effect all parties. The Speaker of the House of Commons has been asked by PM Theresa Mayhem to look into the standards of MPs. 

One Tory MP on Newsnight last night tried to imply that MPs are special because of their constitutional role. That the issue was difficult to deal with. No it’s f not. 

If I did some of the things reported in my job I would be sacked, no ifs, no buts, no doubts I would be sacked with immediate effect. 

It has been suggested that MPs could be recalled but anyone who has looked at that process know it’s bullshit. To recall an MP the following must be met

Section 1 sets out the processes by which the Speaker of the House of Commons would trigger the recall process, namely a custodial prison sentence, suspension from the House ordered by the Committee on Standards, or providing false or misleading expenses claims. Sections 7-11 outline the procedure whereby the petition is forwarded by the electoral returning officer for the constituency to the MP’s constituents for ratification, a 10% approval triggering the loss of the MP’s seat and a by-election, with Section 15 confirming the MPs seat becomes vacant if the petition is successful, notwithstanding the vacating on the seat by resignation or death.

MPs policing themselves is a joke as we know given they are still at it on expenses, finding ways to bend or get around the rules. No doubt some Minor Minister will be sacrificed, the media will say little other than blame the SNP and life will move on. 

It’s bullshit and we shouldn’t put up with it.