I have been blogging for a few years now and I must admit I still enjoy it. I have learned and tried to inform  in my own small way. This blog has always been about expressing an opinion on a variety of subjects, but mainly politics. 

That so many people have read this blog is very flattering that I’m not sure I can even begin to really explain how flattering that feels, readers who comment have not only informed me but have also encouraged me to learn more and in many ways to improve my writing, although while grammatically not the best, I have tried to make this blog accessible to anyone. 

However, I do sometimes think what is the point. I watch parliament, I try to keep informed, to learn , to grow and to share. I look at politicians in all parties and despair at a system that seems to turn people with ideals into drones, and it depresses me. I see unionists with a different view to my own, which is fine lol, but their views validate unionist politicians hurting people less able than themselves, and that’s not ok, but too many accept it. 

I hear that we have to be nice, polite, stick to the rules for fear of upsetting the soft no voter, when what I see around me are people at the bottom losing ground everyday. 

The powerless live in fear in so many ways, and those with the power refuse to share it, an established opposition in Westminster, and a Government in Holyrood, as much a part of that establishment that I despise, and whom have in many ways created the problem of powerlessness that I and so many live with.

From all parties they talk about representing the views of the voters when the reality is they talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, and it pisses me off. The powerlessness I feel has often resulted in my wanting to stop blogging, or has led me down a path of ridiculing unionists and the very cynicism that I profess to hate.

Politicians stand up in Holyrood to talk about the horrible division that another referendum will cause but that is a smokescreen to the misery that our system of government facilitates everyday, and the SNP playing the game are complicit in that process. 

You might be asking what does that have to do with this blog, where is the Why? 

The Why is that I blog because I need to express my opinion, an opinion, because the reality is that no party, and the current system of political discourse doesn’t really care about what I have to say, they only really care about my vote once every few years. They will care a little more in May of course but the reality is they don’t. 

This blog does at least allow me to express that opinion so I will continue to blog as a way to express myself and would encourage as many of you to blog also, to comment if you want to, but the next referendum will demand more than blogging and I am happy to do more. 

What I won’t do is placate Unionists and be nice if it means compromising my honesty, I won’t toe the politically correct line if it means compromising my beliefs. 

Being nice and towing the line has got us nowhere, it has gotten us Tories of all colours and it has seen the many gains we have made being eroded before our eyes. 

This is why I blog, this is why I express an opinion because to not express an opinion is to give in, to give up.

I appreciate this blog today has been a bit of a ramble but I am trying to explain why I do it in the hope that more people will blog also, will express their opinion, become critical thinkers and become informed. I do feel powerless today, listening to the awful standard of debate in Holyrood hasn’t helped to be honest , but I suppose to do nothing is worse.  

Working Four Jobs, Times are Tough! Oh and Greed.

George Osborne is the new editor of the London Evening Standard. Now I know this happened last week so is in some ways old news, but is it right? The question is being debated in parliament today at Business Questions with a lot of views on all sides, well from those MPs who bothered to turn up.

Now you have to ask given George Osborne is a full-time MP earning £74,962, earned £628,000 going around the world making speeches to people stupid enough to pay him, earns £162,500 from Blackrock Investment Institute per quarter, on top of a personal fortune of £4 million and 15% of the family business. The Osborne’s also raked in £10,000 per month in rent when living at Number 11 Downing Street, how much money does he need and where does he find the time to be a full time MP?

But this is not just about wealth or MP greed, it’s about MPs having additional jobs outside of their duties at parliament and how they enrich themselves while penalizing the poorest. George Osborne did more to attack the most vulnerable than even Thatcher did, his policies made people in work even worse off than they had ever been.

Now by taking on this role he might have a conflict of interest but what about the people he represents, now I would not wish him on anybody, but surely they deserve better. 312 MPs registered having outside income, this includes members from all parties. 178,453 people have signed a 38degrees petition regarding George Osborne taking on this job, his justification is that votes only happen in parliament in the afternoon, what about the morning? Wonder if I can tell my employer that I am only going to work mornings but they can pay me the same money every month, what do you think the answer would be.

Now some people argue (mainly MPs) that full-time MPs with no outside interests creates a political class, well we have that now don’t we, don’t we have the Oxbridge entitled to rule mob in Government now, they are called Tories, or Red Tories. Some will argue (mainly MPs) that they can make more money on the speaking circuit, or on a board, than being a poor MP only getting the shockingly poor poverty wage of £74,000 a year and a pension 99% of us can’t even dream about, while conveniently forgetting that they wouldn’t be on the speaking circuit or in the board room without first being an MP so their role as an MP becomes their second job and that is wrong.

This post isn’t about the politics of envy, it’s about what’s right, it isn’t about inherited wealth, or MPs coming into parliament with outside interests, such as owning a business, but there has to be a limit on the amount of jobs an MP can have, and what is the right amount for them to do. We don’t want drones in parliament but neither do we want money grabbing bastards, and it looks like we have a few of them right now. Most of those MPs with second jobs would not have them if they hadn’t been an MP so the rules need to be very tight indeed, I would argue that an MP wishing to take on a second job should have to receive parliamentary permission from an independent body before they could take up that post.

There is still a far too much jobs for the boys culture at Westminster, none of us will ever forget or forgive the MPs expenses scandal, and the practice of employing family that continues today as it is plain wrong, but Osborne becoming an editor, on top of a speaker, on top of being an investment advisor, on top of being a partner in the family business is greed pure and simple and I am sure those who have seen their social security cut, being sanctioned for not being able to find a job, being told they are not working hard enough while their housing benefit is being slashed will be delighted that George Osborne is ok, has the time to milk his position even more than any of the rest of can.

This is yet another Westminster practice that stinks, it’s two fingers up to the rest of us who have to struggle every day while post Brexit we continue to become poorer and work harder, it’s jobs for the boys and girls at the top and screw what the plebs think. The more I learn the more I despise our system of Government, it has got to stop and we have got to make it stop. As I said all the parties have MPs at it, it is not right in any shape or form.

Something Different: Marvel Movies

I enjoy the Marvel Universe Movies a great deal, as millions do, so here is a wee blog about Marvel.

The first movie I watched was Iron Man with Robert Downey Junior and it was/is a very good action movie. Now if you haven’t watched the Marvel Universe there is actually an order you need to watch them in for it all to make sense as it is one huge story arc.

I am still to watch Doctor Strange all the way through, I started but only got half way through so need to pick it up again. I wasn’t really getting in to it but a lot of times I enjoy the movie the second time more than the first for some reason. Agents of Shield is a tv series and while it does link into the story arc to a degree it also stands alone, but is well worth a watch and is now on season four. My order of preference for the movies would be,

Iron Man
Captain America
Avengers 2
Captain America The Winter Soldier
Iron Man 2
Iron Man 3
Ant Man
Thor 2
Guardians of the Galaxy
The Incredible Hulk
Doctor Strange

The Incredible Hulk starred Edward Norton but the character is now played by Mark Ruffalo who to be fair is a far better choice. Edward Norton had the misfortune to be in one of the weakest Marvel movies but he also did not pull off the character at all well, he just didn’t fit. The special effects in the movies are some of the best you will ever see, sometimes there is maybe a little too much but they are amazing. The Avengers movies have tended to cram all of the characters in them, or most of them, and that gets it all a little cluttered, they also introduce new characters to the arc at the same time. If I have a gripe about the Marvel Universe is they need to tie in Agents of Shield better, it doesn’t make sense that there is not a larger cross over other than the main character Coulson. I would like to see some of the other characters get featured in the movies a bit more as it would make the arc more rounded.

Either way the Marvel Movies are ace and a lot of fun, if you haven’t bothered to watch them I would make the time, they are worth it.

” Now is NOT the Time ” Back in Yir box NOW

So Prime Minister Theresa May says “now is not the time” Mrs May also said: “I do not agree with the SNP that now is the time to be talking about a second independence referendum. “To do so now, while all our energies should be directed towards the negotiations with Europe, would make it more difficult to get the right deal for Scotland and the right deal for the UK as a whole.

Scottish Governor General David Mundell confirmed the UK Government would “not be entering into discussions or negotiations about a Section 30 agreement and any request at this time will be declined. Mundell also noted that “Scotland is leaving the EU,” ” the idea that indyref2 could stop that is “ridiculous”. “That is a fact.”  Get back in yir box you nationalist bastards!(he didn’t say that bit lol, it’s what I think he means) Ruth Davidson, deputy Governor General, said: “We reject conclusively the timetable for a referendum set out by the Scottish Government for a key reason; because it is unfair to Scottish voters.” No Ruthie, unfair is a Westminster Government with 1 Scottish MP in Scotland and elected on just 36% of the national vote being the Government that we have to suffer.

Now there will be many who have a lot of sympathy with the view that Scottish voters should have more information about Brexit before they make a decision and of course there are those who are brainwashed for all things union, they will never change and have been well conditioned to do as they are told by their masters and I don’t care if that upsets some of them.

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, has said Theresa May has “sealed the fate of the union” by denying Scots a second referendum. She added that this decision was a “democratic outrage” to deny the plebiscite. She said: “If the Prime Minister refuses to engage on the terms of a referendum before Brexit takes place, then she is effectively trying to block the people of Scotland having a choice over their future. “It is for the Scottish Parliament – not Downing Street – to determine the timing of a referendum and the decision of the Scottish Parliament must be respected,” she declared.

Kezia Dugdale, branch manager of Scottish Labour, has launched a website to deny Scottish voters democracy, as Labour like to do.

Kezia Dugdale has sought to cement her Unionist credentials as she vowed to “work tirelessly” on keeping Scotland in the UK. Kezia noted to the BBC “You have to understand that the majority of people here in Scotland don’t want independence – they told us that just two-and-a-half years ago – and they don’t want another independence referendum. That’s evidenced in all the recent opinion polls,” but Kezia what about this recent opinion poll?

she also said “Our country is divided enough. We do not want to be dragged back to the arguments of the past and that’s why the Scottish Labour party will very firmly oppose a second independence referendum here in the parliament next week. However back in April 2016 Kezia Dugdale said it was “not inconceivable” that she could support Scottish independence if there was a vote to leave the EU. Basically Kezia Dugdale has no idea what she thinks, amazing, she really has no idea at all about anything. No wonder Scottish Labour are a mess and on the way out, sooner the better.

That other totally insignificant non democrat Willie Rennie, branch manager of the  Scottish Liberal Democrats,  has said “it is not the right time, there is not public demand and there is not a proper mandate for one”. The fact that both the SNP and the Green Party both had a referendum in their election manifestos in 2016 and form a MAJORITY in Holyrood means there actually is a MANDATE to hold another referendum, what doesn’t Willie Rennie understand, what is it that he doesn’t get other than being undemocratic.

Willie Rennie recently said “If it comes before us in the Scottish parliament we’ll vote against it”. “If it comes before us at Westminster we’ll vote against it”. LOL, Willie Rennie doesn’t do politics very well, he only likes referendums when he doesn’t like the result. The Liberal Democrats, partners of the Tories in punishing the poor, partners of the Tories in Better Together, the party that doesn’t fight for PR only like democracy on their own terms, git back in yir box Scottish Nationalists. You have to feel sorry for any real liberals out there, although their aren’t many to be fair.

So there we have it, git it up yi Scotland, do as you are told and we will tell you when you can exercise your democratic right, we might have a wee referendum when we like, on our terms. Now many yoons will be partying this weekend like it was New Year and Holyrood has just been abolished.

My feelings are Theresa May and her minions in the yoonionist branch offices are taking a big risk, but where do we go now. Well I think we get the motion for a referendum passed at Holyrood and watch while the branch reps froth at the mouth as we do it, we hammer them for the next wee while, we make life as difficult as we can, we remind them and Scottish voters that we are just a colony. We piss them off in parliament like the SNP did so well at PMQs this week, they will get mad and like Question Time last night their anti-Scottish feelings will come to the fore. We talk to the EU publicly and we find sympathetic MEPs to comment on Scottish self-determination then we could just call a referendum anyway or we hold another Holyrood election with both the Green Party (if their members agree) and the SNP standing on independence in their manifesto; and if they form a majority we say a big f you to Westminster and leave anyway.

That might not be the path the SNP/Greens take, and who am I to tell them what to do, but Theresa May, Governor General Mundell, Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie can kiss my hairy arse, it is game on and if you think that we are still living in the days where we just hide ourselves away because you tell us to you can f right off.

By the way, I made a decision a while ago not to be a member of a political party, well that is a decision that is about to get revisited in light of you denying the democratic right of the Scottish Parliament to decide. You see unlike the Conservative and Yoonionist Party, the Scottish Labour Party and the Scottish Liberal Democrats I do believe in democracy and I am actually a real democrat, so that is a decision that I will have to re-visit because getting out of this Unionist nightmare called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is all I care about now.

Roll Up Roll Up, Election going for £70.000

So the Conservative and Unionist Party have been fined £70,000 for failing to declare a total of £275,813 in campaign spending.

That seems like a really cheap price to buy an election, any election. The media in this country are very quick to slag off the Russians, Chinese, numerous African Countries for the conduct in their elections, will we see the same today. The BBC only mentioned it last night for around 2 seconds, but then should we expect any better from the UK’s state Pravda machine.

The Electoral Commission have also reported Simon Day, the Party Treasurer, to the Metropolitan Police over the spending allegations. Does anyone really think that anything will become of that! I don’t. The Commission go on to state that there was a “realistic prospect” that the party gained a “financial advantage” over opponents in the 2015 general election. And accused the party of “unreasonable uncooperative conduct”, which delayed their investigation for a number of months.

The Tories bought the election targeting marginal seats. Of course the Tories accept a little wrong but deflect their fraud back onto the Commission by saying that all parties have made reporting mistakes “from time to time.” And suggested: “There needs to be a review of how the Electoral Commission’s processes and requirements could be clarified or improved”. A £275,813 mistake in any business would get you the court and get you the jail I would hope but yeah what ever is the Tory mantra.

Newspapers are quick to talk of banana republics, well we live in one where privilege and status pretty much lets you get away with anything. I really don’t believe that many, if any, Tory MPs will go to jail or even be found guilty of any wrong doing and I would be very surprised if any by-elections have to be fought, not in this country. Corruption and money rule the day and I am sick and ashamed of this shit hole of a country politically.

During the student riots a girl was jailed for 6 months for stealing a bottle of water, benefit recipients are sanctioned and denied food for being late to an appointment or not being able to climb the stairs to sign on but MPs can steal from the Tax Payer and steal an Election and that is all fine, wake up people and start getting informed. This cannot be allowed to continue, we either get out or we demand change but we are to blame in many ways for putting up with this undemocratic system of first past the post and electing drones and in the Tory Party dishonest drones.

Don’t forget the lies during the independence referendum, don’t forget Ruth Davidsons Scottish Conservatives counting postal ballots during the independence referendum, don’t forget MPs expenses and don’t forget this fraud when you go to decide where to put your vote when we next decide Scotland’s future.

The Elections in May ARE about another Referendum

There has been a small debate on Twitter about the local elections in May not being about another independence referendum. Some people feel that the elections in May should concentrate on local issues only and nothing else. I used to have a lot of sympathy about that, and in the main agreed, but then this happened.

The Prime Minster on the 26th February argued “that Scots should back the Conservatives on May 4 to demonstrate their opposition to a rerun of the 2014 vote”, we also have list Conservative MSP Miles Briggs hassling every Green Party Candidate standing in the local elections with the Tweet below.

The simple reality is that everything is now about the next Independence Referendum, pure and simple, this is because the Unionists, and the Westminster Government, have left us with little or no choice now.

While local issues are vital to all of us in our various communities, and our vote should be able to reflect local concerns, the reality is that the constitutional issue impacts on all things political whether we like it or not, and we all need to consider the implications of unionists having control over any council in Scotland, and what they will do to forward their cause.

Would you put it past them to run down local services even more to make a national point, would you trust them to not make council employees unemployed to make a national point, I wouldn’t. I appreciate that many out there would make the same claim about the SNP and think I am being nieve in the extreme but actions speak louder than words. The simple reality is the Tories have made these elections about YES and NO, they may have done this to try and wipe out the Labour and Liberal votes but whatever their ulterior motive they have turned the local elections into a national debate.

If we could trust the media to be fair and impartial I would say vote for local concerns, if we could trust the Unionist Party Leaders to focus on local issues I would say fair enough, but we can’t and they won’t. They will take pot shots at every opportunity and any sort of foothold or gain locally will be used as a stick to beat the independence movement.

Has my take on things meant that I have fallen into a Tory trap, I don’t know, but I do know that unionist control of any councils will not be a good thing for any part of Scotland due to their obsession with everything referendum, so when I go to the polls in May, I will have one eye or one and a half on the national picture and my vote will reflect that, maybe not right but it is what it is.

There are good local unionist councillors out there, no honestly there are, but my message to you is your party leaders are doing you no favours.

Feeling the Love BBC Style

Below are some of the comments appearing on the BBC News Website since Nicola Sturgeon made the announcement of wanting to hold a second Scottish Independence Referendum. Why would any of us want to vote YES in the face of all of this love.

4436. Posted by U16641066
If the Scots decide to remain loyal to the union, great.
If not, let’s give them the independence from hell with a complete embargo and only able to access outside world via air and sea (and not allowed in our territorial waters or airspace). To include strict road tourism ban.
Back to the Stone Age for Scotland – let’s face it, with Irn Bru and deep fried mars bars, it’s not much of a stretch.

4426. Posted by thehartfactor
Artur Mas just sentenced to 2 years in jail for illegal referendum on independence for Catalonia! Can we guarantee the same for Nicola Sturgeon? We can only hope and pray!

4417. Posted by Jez a chill looking for a spine to crawl up
A tinpot dictator fuelled on bigotry and hate!

4401. Posted by Owain
Horrible fanatical extremist causing more problems.

4398. Posted by ray blake
I am fast approaching my 78th year and for as long as I can remember there has been a vociferous minority north of Hadrian’s Wall who have expressed a dislike of the English and little Nicola is another in a long line of English Bashers
I have no wish to see the dissolution of the Union, however I am sick of the whingeing of the allegedly poor Scots and frankly if they want to go so be it.

4392. Posted by Random Guy
Let them have the referendum.
No currency tie in.
No golden goodbye.
No referendums later down the line to region UK.

4390. Posted by Mr Lover Lover
If Scotland wants to leave, let them leave. They can build and fund their own schools, army, prisons, hospitals and economy. Or do they expect to hang onto that? If you leave don’t expect the number 999 to still work for you, it’s your country now. Build it.

4389. Posted by blagshaw
I think I can honestly say as an Englishman in the south east that none of us give two hoots what the scots decide to do.

We’d prefer they went, of course we do but if they don’t we won’t lose any sleep.

I’m sure we’d find another source of shortbread and tramps if they did go and no longer sending billions of pounds there every year would be a boon too.
4387. Posted by andydennis

I’m English but really want Scotland to be independent. I’m sick to the eye teeth of hearing about them being the poor neighbour bullied by the nasty English. They can stop being ruled from London and can be ruled from Brussels instead. Paint your faces , cry braveheart and get on with it.

4381. Posted by baldeagle4travel
So, You Jocks want to break away do you? Go for it. You would find that you won’t be in the Eu, you won’t be in the UK, and you wont have a currency worth a light to trade off your debts. Still you did say yopu wanted INDEPENDENCE AND it will still be very dark and very cold come winter…Great idea! We have already sent for Trumps plan to build our wall to keep you lot OUT!!

4370. Posted by Dark Knight 68
If Scotland Leave – we should demand their £10 billion per annum subsidy is given straight to the UK NHS and Social care.
Not ifs no buts-Its a net figure.
Add that to a reduction in Foreign aid and cease the £11 bn net to the EU and all of a sudden even the tory’s could run the UK economy.
We are £1.6 Trillion debt +£60 bn deficit.

I still want Scotland to stay but they need to lose the SNP.

4346. Posted by Peter Charles
The Scots benefit hugely from being part of the UK and if they vote for independence they will be alone, out of the EU. UK and NATO with no global voice. The Scots benefit hugely from being part of the UK, alone they will be a little nation with no status.