Tory Success 

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or this blog knows I cannot stand Murdo Fraser, Conservative MSP, however he is the pinnacle of real Tory success.  He is what the young Tories aspire to in Scotland. 

The man makes me boak to be honest, lost every election he has fought in 20 years but still sits in our parliament,  he is just another Tory living it up at the taxpayers trough that far too many of them enjoy. He is an example of why our political system needs changed.

I know June isn’t a Holyrood election but any vote for the scumbag Tories helps keep people like Murdo Fraser dipping your pocket and laughing at your vote. 

Dundee Courier ‘ Don’t buy this RAG ‘

Today the Dundee Courier stooped to a new low:

Their editorial states that ” The new Dundee City Council administration is just a few days old but we are setting them their first challenge: be brave, bold and creative and come up with a strategy to rid the city of the damning hell of drugs”.

Anyone who lives in Dundee and has had the misfortune to read this paper knows what it is about, by talking about the new Council Administration, they mean SNP, but don’t have the guts to say what they really want to.

Thankfully decent people in Dundee have reacted on the Courier’s Facebook page:

Beth Cowan – What a cheap skate way to do down the administration. Drug taking is a life choice. Yes the authorities can put more preventative measures in place and more treatment facilities. Fighting austerity has curtailed the good work that the city can do. Shame on you D C Thomson for using this poor lads misery to score cheap points.

Dave Webster – do you know who this person is? have you thought of the impact this image appearing on the front of the paper will have on this person, as well as his friends and family? do you know anything about this person and why they turned to drugs? Of course drugs is a serious issue but using a photo of a vulnerable adult to sell your papers is nothing short of shite. You’re supposed to be a news paper, sell news and stop trying to pretend you have some moral duty to protect the city by shaming those in need.

Wendy Petrie – Shocking you don’t know the reason, you don’t even know this person, you have ridiculed him in the media and on social network, I hope this man gets the help he is needing and doesn’t fall into deep depression or worse from your lack of sympathy on him, you would rather take this picture than help a human being! Shameful…

Bryoney Cook – Anyone can see there is a drug problem in Dundee, but that’s true of any major city in the UK, if not the world. What is shaming is the Courier carrying that image – that is still a human being with thoughts, feelings and a family. Click bait headlines sensationalising something that’s long been an issue. The root cause can be any number of things, but current government policy on welfare, homelessness, mental health is so poor this is why we are where we are. Local government won’t have the resources to deal with this issue. Stop buying into this notion of this being a shock, Courier. Ulterior motive much.

From what I can see the photo is a shock approach to addiction, a cheap shot at someone in need of help and support. A cheap shot at our City. Yes Dundee, like the rest of the UK, has a drug problem. The reasons are complex and the solutions equally as complex and expensive.

I won’t pretend to be an angel, I get equally as frustrated as others when I am approached in the street, when I see people in a stupor and esp when with children, but I also remember that those with addictions are people too. They did not choose this way of life and I imagine most would prefer an alternative. Having worked in the homeless sector in the past for a number of years, and supported people with both drug and alcohol addictions, I found that some of the reasons that the circumstances of addiction came about were mental health, family breakdown, poverty, unemployment to name a few.

We will not solve the issue full stop, and we won’t even begin to understand the issue by front pages like today. I don’t buy the Courier or the Evening Telegraph, I stopped when I became more aware of their anti independence stance and their generally crap reporting during the referendum. Today they stooped to a new low and I really hope their circulation goes down as a result.

Just the Start if the filth have their way!

WoS tweeted this article today with the words “Shouldn’t be long now” .

This will discussed at the BMA Conferance in Edinburgh this month. This should send a chill up the spine of every voter in England and Wales and be a wake up call to every voter in Scotland. 

It is being reported in a Social Attitudes Poll that 33% of 2300 people polled agree with this. Not only would this end the free at the point of need principle it would obviously stop many of the poorer people in society seeking medical help from their GP. Concerns have been raised that things like cancer would then go undetected and I have a lot of sympathy for that view.

 Now I accept that there are not enough GPs and that many are under pressure. But I also feel that they are very very well paid for what they do, over £100.000 per year, don’t work 7 days a week and can retire early. The crisis in GP numbers is not down to people being ill but the fact that we don’t train enough Doctors and the NHS is underfunded compared to most EU countries. That is not the fault of the most vulnerable and poorest people in our communities, it is the fault of the politicians who value things like tax cuts for the wealthy, sweet heart tax deals for large companies and things like nuclear weapons. 

Let’s make no mistake, once this type of charging is out of the box our society changes fundamentally for the worst and the NHS will become private as time goes on. 

GPs supporting this should be ashamed, our taxes trained you, our taxes give you a wage that many can only dream of, as well as a pension that allows you to retire younger than most of us, how dare you play games with our access to health.

The Tories would love this to happen, for many it’s their wet dream, and for the rest of us a living nightmare. People better think long and hard about their vote in June. 

Once a Tory always a Tory

So wee Willie Rennie, branch manager of the Scottish i Liberal Democrats, has spoken to all local party branches and said the following 

Now I don’t think that the SNP will be all that bothered to be fair. The Scottish Liberal Democrats are not really that relevant anyway right now but it is interesting that, like Scottish Labour, Willie Rennie would rather his party prop up the Tories and all of their attacks on the poor and vulnerable than do the right thing.

UKip have turned the Tories, the Liberal Tories and the Labour Tories into what UKIP hoped to be and worse. Willie Rennie can go do one and everytime the man opens his mouth I am so much more happier I left that party, I despise Tories and the Lib Dems are just another branch of them. 

Labour Leaks an actual Reddish Manifesto

The Labour Party Manifesto has been leaked online and low and behold the Tories in the party have turned their back on what looks to be a more traditional Labour Manifesto, who would have thunk it.

Labour are promising:

The NHS will be “properly funded” with an extra £6billion-a-year raised from new taxes on the nation’s highest earners.

£8billion over the five-year Parliament will be spent on social care with the aim of creating a National Care Service “rooted in the traditions of the NHS”.

£250million-a-year fund will focus on improving children’s health.

Corporation tax will be hiked to 26% for the biggest firms to help fund Labour’s massive investment programme.

The draft manifesto also promises a new levy on companies “with high numbers of staff on very high pay” and a VAT hike for private health firms.

Income tax will be raised – by an as-yet undisclosed-amount- for anyone earning £80,000-a-year or more.

A powerful new Ministry of Labour will be created in Whitehall to empower workers and clamp down on exploitation.

The Tory Trade Union Act 2016 will be scrapped, with all workers given right to union representation, and trade unions guaranteed access workplaces.

Redundancy laws would be toughened to bring them “more into line” with parts of Europe.

The rip-off energy industry would be tackled head-on, with new publicly-owned firms set up in every region focused purely on cutting prices.

Government would take “control of the natural monopolies of the transmission and distribution grids” currently run by the National Grid.

Railways would also be brought back into public ownership as each private franchise ends. The Railways Act 1993 which privatised the network would be repealed.

The Government would also look for municipally-owned bus companies to be set up across the country.

And the Royal Mail would be re-nationalised to end the “historic mistake” of selling it off under the last Government.

There is no mention of Kezia Dugdale’s New Act of Union, oh dear it would appear that the autonomous Scottish Labour Party are not so autonomous after all, as we all know.

Now this is a pretty left of centre manifesto by anyone’s standards, and there is a lot to like about it to be honest, on first glance it is a ‘ We are all in it together manifesto ‘ so it is no wonder the Tories in the Labour Party who leaked it and are now coming out against it, are worried.

I still think the Labour Party should have had a de-selection cull of the Blairites. I have no love for Labour at all but the party will not win by being Tory light in some areas and Tory right in others. However these MPS briefing against the manifesto are still the problem.

The likely defeat in June to the Tories will probably see the end of Jeremy Corbyn’s Leadership and another attempt to get a Blairite in place for the election in 2022. Yvette Cooper being the front runner if you believe some in the media. For me this will spell the end of Labour as we know it, I just can’t see Momentum putting up with that situation should it occur?

As I said I agree with a lot of this manifesto, it will be interesting to see what Scottish Labour say about it or will they just adopt the Tory manifesto as their own. I didn’t see anything about Scotland and to be honest I didn’t expect to, we are on a journey that ends in sovereignty being returned and I think for many in the Westminster bubble they know that is the case no matter how much they try to stop it.

Betrayal or Pragmatism?

It is being reported that the Scottish Greens are planning on fielding as few as 10 candidates for the up and coming General Election on June 8th. This is to try and stem the Tory recovery, of a kind, in Scotland, and to enhance pro independence representation in Westminster, as the debate over a second referendum continues and the Tories continue to feel very confident in the continued support of Scottish Labour and Liberal Democrat voters. This was pointed out to me last night by a Lib Dem friend, who while accepting that they might gain from this policy in some areas of the country, they are however against it.

Tommy Sheppard SNP, the Edinburgh East MP, said the Scottish Greens should be “mindful of not splitting the pro-Yes vote and certainly not splitting the anti-Tory vote”.

The Scottish Greens have said “By targeting resources in key constituencies, such as Glasgow North where Patrick Harvie will be our candidate, we can build on our strong support to win Scotland’s first Green MP, offering a bold alternative to the other parties. “Greens not only reject the damaging hard Brexit, deeply conservative agenda of the current Westminster government, we fight for Scotland’s right to decide our own future and offer a positive alternative for the kind of society we can be.”

Leading YOON Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said: “This is the Green party reaffirming themselves as a pointless presence in Scottish politics. “The propping up of the SNP is embarrassing and a complete disservice to their voters. “Quite simply, they might as well not exist. “If they are so determined to become the SNP, they should disband and merge with the nationalists. “It’s utterly regrettable that a party previously committed to issues like the environment have become nothing but a support mechanism for the SNP.”

There is a wee problem though for Murdo Fraser, the hypocrite was reported in The Scotsman on 17th April, urging Union supporters to vote tactically, listing any party but the SNP as their second, third and fourth choices in the council elections. Not so different from what the Scottish Greens are doing.

I understand the reasons behind the Green move, if it is in fact the case, but I would also understand if some Green voters feel it to be a betrayal given they will be denied the opportunity to vote for their chosen party and it’s manifesto. However, the Greens have done this before, Rupa Huq, was elected with a 274 majority in Ealing Central and Action in 2015, winning backing from the rival Greens because of her vote against article 50 in parliament, her backing for electoral reform and her opposition to Heathrow expansion.

Do I agree with the move?

Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat and former Government Minister, certainly does and was secretly recorded urging Lib Dem supporters to vote Labour despite his party ruling out any kind of coalition deal. The idea being for voters to vote for candidates that can defeat the Tories.

I am not so sure if I agree or not, there would be a temptation not to vote at all if my preferred party or candidate withdrew leaving only other party candidates, even if they are pro YES candidates. It’s a difficult one it really is, the Tories will destroy this country and strip more of our freedoms away so any opportunity to deny them power has to be a good thing, but is tactical standing and voting democratic? Does it reduce the choice for the voters and thereby denying voters the opportunity to express their true feelings? I must admit that there is a part of me that is against it but there is a part of me that totally understands why many believe it should be done. And will it be successful.