We really are buttoned up the back if we fall for this crap. This is going to cost billions and stop at Manchester, of course our part of the bill will be billions and for what, to get to London 45 mins faster in 2027 or some Shit. 

Chris Grayling MP has said 

“I am delighted that my announcements today will unlock the full benefits of HS2 to Scotland and the north of England.”

Didn’t the news just say this absolute waste of money connects London to the North of Britain, Manchester is not the North. This is just another project that makes me sick of this bloody country. 

He’s Right You Know, but which part?

So the Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond MP, has been caught making a wee cheeky statement which shows the true Tory in him.

When discussing the public sector pay rise freeze at 1% Philip Hammond is alleged to have said ” public sector workers are over paid when you take into account pensions ” while refusing to lift the 1% pay cap.

Now in fairness to poor Philip he is correct, but only when you apply it to MPs. MPs at Westminster, public sector workers after all, receive £76,011 per year, and recently had a 1.4% pay rise. In 2015 MPs got a 10% pay rise against the 1% being imposed on the real public sector workers across the country. In fact Philip Hammond gets £134,565 being a Cabinet Minister, add in the very generous pension that is better than most, if not all, of both the private and public sectors.

Philip Hammond also gets a free Central London flat and the use of a country house in Buckinghamshire, this according to the Independent gives him a yearly package of around £400,000 making him one of the highest paid public sector workers in the UK. However, Philip is really coming out of his shell these days, last week he apparently told the Cabinet that driving a train has become such a doddle that it is no longer beyond a woman’s capabilities, what’s next a female Dr Who ffs. Philip Hammond is also a millionaire and has a habit of transferring property to his wife according to the Mirror, this habit of his saves him around £200 pounds a month. The property he transferred is now worth £600,000 and happened just months after the tax payer stopped picking up his mortgage costs.

Philip Hammond voted for the cut to the top rate of income tax and the changes to business rates, of course Philip will benefit as well as the Sun reported, Philip Hammond owns a controlling interest in Wrexham-based Castlemead, whose head office rates bill will drop by £12,361 over the next five years. Public Sector workers are NOT overpaid, only some of them are, like Philip Hammond, and it looks like Philip Hammond is going to be ok, that is such a relief. I was so concerned about how he was coping, especially with the rise in inflation that is driving so many of the working poor to the local food bank.

The Conservative Party are for the rich, simple as that. The Resolution Foundation found that the tax changes that came in in April 2017 mean the richest will reap 80% of the rewards from the tax and benefit changes that start to come into effect, while the poorest will become worse off. Bit of a no brainer. I despise people like Philip Hammond and I despise the Conservative Party, what can’t people see, what don’t people understand. The longer this disgusting party have any control over Scotland the poorer we will be, the worse off we will be, and the hungrier we will get.

Obnoxious Clown

Is there anyone more obnoxious right now than Tory MSP Professor Adam Tompkins. He is definitely up there with General Davidson and Murdo Fraser, he is also good at talking Scotland down. He was at it again this week with the tweet below:

Of course Tomkins will say this was a tweet about the SNP but we all know what he means and James Dornan is spot on. These bloody Tories and their pals in blue Labour will talk Scotland down at every opportunity, even when they are both wrong and can do damage to the economy

Scotland employs around 18% of all those in the UK that work in the Space Industry, bringing in almost £180 million pounds per year to the economy, and creating 7000 additional high end Jobs in hundreds of companies in recent times. Glasgow made more satellites than any other city in the EU in the last year, but hey its ok for clowns like Tompkins to make fun about it just to get an SNP hit on social media.

These scumbags have no shame, I would hate to have to be taught by the likes of Tomkins.  He is supposedly an expert on the constitution,  you have to wonder, given how much he appears to like talking Scotland down,  how much truth actually gets into a lecture.

I am so sick of these bloody Tories, getting paid to put the boot into what is obviously not their country, their country is England masquerading as the UK. They don’t give a shit about Scotland.


The Daily Mail has went into a yoon fest right wing madness meltdown today.

So much for partners of equals, so much for the UK family of nations. If you don’t agree with the right in England you are ganging up on the poor English and the democratic will of England and according to their followers you are TRAITORS .

Can you imagine for one minute if anyone from the SNP or Greens said that, if a single member of YES Scotland said that. We would have Kezia Dugdale, General Davidson and Willie Rennie up in arms , Jackie Baillie would have a red faced meltdown, Adam Tompkins would tell us how unconstitutional we are, Alex Cole-Hamilton would do what Willie Rennie tells him and Murdo Fraser would somehow manage to mention Glasgow Rangers and the Orange Order in his defence of all things right wing England.

In the week when so called Cybernats were again the headlines from the likes of Hjul in The Dundee Courier we see the Mail headline has unleashed the dogs.

It goes on

And on

All you Europhiles it’s the gallows for you as soon as our human rights are removed one second past Brexit time. What has England become! I know Scotland and Wales have them as well ,  we certainly have the bloody Orange Order parading their hate through our streets , but England certainly seems to have a large vocal wing of let’s all hate Europe.

I really do think a large part of the UK has gone mad and still too many Scots don’t see it and continue to put their trust in yoonionist politicians, I just don’t understand it at all. We are really going to need Indy2 if we are to have any hope of saving ourselves , people need to come to their senses very very soon.


Something Different: A Guilty Pleasure

Last night I was feeling a little peckish so had a guilty pleasure, the crisp sandwich.

Now some people might find this minging but it is far from it. The choice of bread and crisp is very important when making a crisp sandwich, I tend to go for Warburton’s White Bread and Golden Wonder ready salted crisps, bacon can work and even salt and vinegar but never prawn or beef flavours, they just don’t work at all for me. I know someone who puts cucumber on theirs, but that is going too far and I have heard of someone putting grated cheese on theirs and tomato sauce.

There is a guy in Yorkshire who has even opened a crisp sandwich shop!

Obviously the man is a legend and he does all crisps. Now I would visit his shop if I lived in Yorkshire but I don’t, I live in Dundee and have never even had a deep fried Mars bar that Dundee was famous for a wee while ago. However, when having a week look at his shop he does a hula hoop sandwich, that just can’t work. Surely it has to be ordinary, state of the art, traditional crisps, none of this wotsits or quavers nonsense.

I may not have another crisp sandwich anytime soon but I will definitely have it with a beer the next time.

Bluster Boris

The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnston has been sabre rattling for the Daily Mail and Tory Right in relation to what the UK will have to pay the EU as a result of Brexit.

Boris Johnson, foreign secretary, thinks Brussels’ negotiating position is “absurd”. Boris Johnson also suggested European leaders can “go whistle” if they expect Britain to pay a divorce bill for withdrawing from the European Union, he went on to say the sums demanded by Brussels as a price for a deal were “extortionate” and signalled that the UK would refuse to pay. Boris I think is full of it and in for a rude awakening.

The Financial Times have said the UK leaving bill is likely to be in the region of €55bn to €75bn, reflecting Britain’s share of the EU’s property and cash assets, some elements of Britain’s budget rebate negotiated by Mrs Thatcher in 1984 and the UK’s share of spending in the current budget period running to 2020. No matter what anyone says in the Tory Party, or Government, the UK will face a bill for leaving and it will be in the billions either way and probably the high billions at that.

I think if I was Boris Johnson (and thank God I’m not) , and the rest of us for that matter, I would be more concerned about his comments regarding No Plan B Munguin’s New Republic and the fact that the Banks that we saved with our money and that the Tories so cozy up to, in fact kiss the bankers arses, are now leaving. So much for loyalty and faith in Britain.

I wonder if anyone will get them to pay us poor plebs back all the bail out money before they leave for Dublin, Frankfurt, Paris, Hong Kong etc. How many Tory MPs are on their boards? That would make for an interesting answer given previous scandals such as Tory links to the Libor fixing as reported in The Independent in 2012.

The more the Brexit negotiations go arse over tit, the more people like May, Johnson, Davis and Hammond talk about a good deal the more I am convinced there will be an awful deal. Their so called friends are running now and this Government might just fall as a result, not a bad thing in my mind at all.



Not for me, armed American Law Enforcement in Scotland

I noticed some news online today that I must admit surprised me.

I appreciate that this practice takes place in Dublin , and six other countries if reports are correct, but the thought of armed American Immigration Officers at a Scottish Airport is not something the Scottish Government should allow, if they have any control over it.

There are enough guns on the streets and in our airports without adding any more, especially American ones. UK Immigration Officials are not armed and don’t seem to have had any problems, it’s bad enough that armed Police Officers has become a common sight on our streets now while there is zero evidence that it is a deterrent at all. American law Enforcement, if the reports we see are true, appear to have a shoot first policy and the last time I saw anything 48% of the UK were against Police Officers being routinely armed and 47% for, so a bit mixed but this was from 2004.

Do we really want, or need this so the queue goes down a little faster!

There are those who believe that armed Police are required, in the event of an armed robbery regular Police Officers  stay concealed like the public do, of course keeping the public safe while they also protect themselves, while they wait for armed back up to arrive at the scene but Police are armed in Germany, France, and in Turkey and that did not stop terrorist incidents at Airports. Given the recent history of shootings, rightly or wrongly, by Law Enforcement Officers in the USA do you or I really want them at our airports, I know I don’t in any shape or form.