Setting the scene

Setting the scene – This is only a wee small story but it is interesting in so many ways. First thing first is the NuSNP are so good at throwing their own under the bus, well the ones whose face doesn’t fit.

An MP who broke Covid rules in the early stages of the pandemic is facing a 30-day suspension from the House of Commons, raising the prospect of a byelection in her Glasgow seat.

Now this will make the liar Boris Johnson’s case a lot more interesting won’t it? Margaret Ferrier in my opinion made a mistake, she served 270 hours of community service after being found guilty. Charles Windsor, yeah him about to be crowned a King, not mine but he traveled to Scotland after being tested positive for Covid-19 but that was ok. Johnson held parties at Downing Street with his wife dancing away to ABBA with wine and cheese, do you think he will get a 30 day suspension, nah I don’t think so either.

We all broke the rules in one way or another during lock down, I don’t know anyone who didn’t, the hypocrisy around Margaret Ferrier is everything that is wrong in our media, in our politics, and in our society. Now I am not surprised the SNP threw her under the bus, and I am not surprised that Humza Useless has said that he disagrees with his own SNP MP who voted against the 30 days suspension, Humza would have voted for it. The man is a clown.

The other interesting thing is that Humza, assuming there may be a by election if Ferrier resigns or is recalled, is already setting the NuSNP up to lose the seat to British Labour. Useless said: “We’ll take nothing for granted, we won’t be complacent. We’ve got strong support in Rutherglen and right across that region. “But it will take hard work. Mmm me thinks he is not so confident and that will be the excuse if that scenario comes about, well we never thought we would win anyway.

Useless has appointed a useless cabinet, is useless himself, leads a useless party, so the only thing different from Sturgeon will be that useless loses elections but it will be interesting to see how Johnson is treated, and how many carrots it will take when useless starts to lose seats.


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5 Responses to Setting the scene

  1. panda paws says:

    Yeah they’ll lose any by-election if recall is triggered. Margaret sits as an independent and has done for ages but it will be painted as a SNP loss. But as in the case of Nicola withdrawing support for Neale Hanvey and being happy to lose to Labour (he didn’t), he’ll be happy to lose this one. Problem is losing becomes a habit…

    • PP

      I heard today that the SNP is actively going to try and get signatures for a recall vote, that is shocking if it is true and just shows how shitty and British the NuSNP are now. I despise them as much as I despise the unionists now I really do. They are bought and sold in every way now are as British as the Tories as far as I am concerned, they will be happy to be the biggest party just and who wouldn’t put it past them to do a deal with a unionist party now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. duncanio says:

    No surprise – Yousaf is a cap doffer and forelock tugger.

    He genuflects before the organs of the British state whilst they pull his plonker.

    • Duncanio

      He is British all the way, the NuSNP are just the new unionists who grow big carrots, their betrayal is even worse than Labour in every way really. I don’t know if they have been got it, bought and sold, not really but they are cowards and they won’t do what needs to be done. They won’t take the hard path, they won’t risk their cushy jobs and even cushier salary will they, they like the big smoke, the pomp, the feeling that they matter. What is it with Scots being bought and sold, and the few like Salmond, Hurst, Murray, Sheridan who won’t be bought are brought down. The British way and the NuSNP are complicit in every way.

      Thanks for commenting.

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