Re-set and Common Ground

Now that the poison that is the Murrells is being lanced from front-line politics, the SNP, and the independence movement – is it now time for a reset. I freely admit this blog is grumpy, it has been for the last few years, if not longer, but is this time we are in now a chance for a new start?

Sturgeon, her (husband), and her clique have done a lot of damage to the independence cause, to the view of the government of Scotland, and to Holyrood. It will take time to recover, but right now is an opportunity. We do in the main have second-class politicians in Holyrood in all parties, it hasn’t been as poor as it is right now that is for sure. But for the sake of Scotland, our parliament, and our democracy it is time for the second-class politicians to put aside, where they can, their differences and find common ground.

The constitutional debate will not end until there is a referendum on Scottish independence to either become a country again or to remain a colony. The unionists will do everything they can to not hold one as long as 45% of the population support independence even though there is every chance they would actually win any referendum right now, in fact, if I was a colonized unionist I would fight to hold a referendum before the end of the year, they will never have a better chance to put the whole thing to bed for the next 30 years than right now.

But as we know that is not going to happen, that a referendum is not going to happen in the next five years at least so the politicians have to find common ground, they have to come together where they can and sort out the mess that is Scotland. On education, health, the economy, the environment, local government reform, local taxation, and land reform, there needs to be a reset on where we are, and where we want to go, how we pay for it. Will they? Don’t hold your breath but it does need to happen.

If the next leader of the SNP has any sense they will also reach out to ISP and to Alba, and the wider independence movement. Differences, egos, and agendas have to be put aside now. The members of the SNP need to cast aside the devolutionists, the dividers like Wishart, Smith, McDonald, and Black, they need to be gone. They have shown that they are not the way ahead, they are divisions that are holding Scotland back.

Can there be a reset? Yes. Will there be a reset? I hope so because right now we are in my opinion in a mess across the board and it needs to be sorted out as best as we can within our colonial status.


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9 Responses to Re-set and Common Ground

  1. lorncal says:

    The fundamental problem is, Grumpy, that the arrivistes, the woke/’trans’ faction cannot reconcile with anyone. Yes, we can lay a lot of the blame for the mess we are in at the door of the Sturgeonites, but these infiltrators hi-jacked a strong party that was ripe for the picking.

    I’m afraid the evidence from every other country in the West would suggest that this is much more than a Scottish phenomenon, or even a UK one. It is the backers of this cultural Marxist movement (far left) backed financially and used by corporate American billionaires for access to all future AI (artificial intelligence, technology, big Pharma, big medicine, etc.) projects (arguably, the far right; certainly, the right) that we are up against, not the cannon fodder and foot soldiers rewarded with their sexual dreams.

    Unless we manage to crowbar them out, the same thing will happen all over again. We need to look further than our own backdoor to understand the collusion between all of our leading politicians and this corporate lobby, and to free ourselves of its limpet-like influence. What we need is a strong leader who will unite the SNP and the dissidents who have left the SNP, and that will not be possible while the woke/’trans’ lobby remains secure in Holyrood.

    • lorncal

      It is a start with the Murrells being gone, it will be interesting to see what the wokies do as they are no longer protected as much as they were. I really hope the party can clean up it’s act with the members taking back some control, if they don’t, let it die as far as I am concerned. We do need to figure out a way to at the very least have some sort of common ground. No one is harsher than myself on all sides some of the time but Scotland is in a bit of a mess right now, mainly caused by Sturgeon and her clique, I think people see that now in some ways so fingers crossed it is a step in the right direction. I agree with you about large companies, they are the new colonisers and control much of our lives now, they certainly own many of the politicians. How we change that without politicians with balls is beyond me, we are sadly all controlled.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • GM says:

      I agree apart from 1 thing. I see it as a play on the labour/tory thing. The illusion of choice. The billionaires clubs split the political support of established power into 2 and attach the whole equalities agenda/queer theory etc to one side of it and then present us with the sum total of our political choice

    • GM says:

      Having said that I don’t know what a marxist is! So I might ageee with all of it!

  2. panda paws says:

    “If the next leader of the SNP has any sense they will also reach out to ISP and to Alba, and the wider independence movement.”

    Aye if they had any sense. One doesn’t have any sense and won’t reach out, one does have sense and won’t reach out and one ain’t going to win though she should and would reach out.

    But yes I don’t want a referendum any time soon though I’d like independence yesterday. It would be lost so let’s concentrate on clearing out the grifters from the SNP, delivering good government, set up an independence convention and start pursuing other ways of achieving indy e.g. via general election.

    • PP

      I hope the members do get some of the control back and can start a clear out, the poison of the Murrells is at least partly gone and that should hopefully start to open the floodgates, I suspect more will come out because it usually does, someone scorned etc. I agree with you, we can’t win any referendum in the next few years that is for sure, it just shows the fear the unionists have in their arguments as there is no better time than now for them to make their move but they won’t so we have time just now. This is the only chance the movement will have to find common ground, we may not get another and Scotland really does deserve better than we have had in the last 8 years of financial disasters, failure, and the damage the Sturgeons have done to our democracy.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. says:

    In my opinion, everything is lost in the alternative universe . The world has gone bonkers . There’s no way back . It seems to me the younger generation are embracing the woke , trans , and weirdos of the world . Probably or maybe but possibly because they’ve been taught to accept difference , which is great . The only problem is that they’re controlling the narrative and not in a good way . Folk are scared to have an opinion in fear of being attacked so they just shut up . In other words the Lunatics are running the asylum . Will in change ? I doubt it . Will Scotland be Independent soon, l doubt that too . The SNP are lost .

    • Pauline

      I agree but maybe every generation has to go through this process of believing that what they believe is the norm and that us oldies don’t know shit. Most of the wokies will wake up when the reality of life bites them on the ass, the ones who don’t will teach in our universities and then get jobs in our political parties. People are afraid sadly to speak up but that is down to the media and the politicians for me who are embracing these ideas without question, in the future my kids generation may well embrace things that we will never agree with, but that is ok it will be their world but to do it without question is dangerous and stupid. I just say what I think politely, I don’t do the whole he/him nonsense on my work emails and if I were ever challenged I would ask them if they are disregarding my religious beliefs as a Christian which is protected under human rights. We can all make a stand and do so without being confrontational but I agree, Roger Waters was right, the lunatics are in hall of our parliament.

      Thanks for commenting.

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