Admitting your failure when you don’t mean to

The colossal of the independence movement Angus Robertson – while appearing before the colonial Scottish Affairs Committee in the home of our masters, Westminster, and having a rant that the UK undermines Scotland, well duh with an added duh also unknowingly, I hope, admitted SNP failure on a grand scale. In fact, I had to read his comment twice to make sure I had not in fact made it up in my head. Oor Angus was having a wee rant that the Governor General of Scotland took precedence over the colony Scotland when the Scottish Government, in November, had organized a joint St Andrew’s Day event with the Foreign Office in the residence of the British ambassador in Paris, only to discover the Scotland Office had insisted on having its “much smaller” event at the residence on the same day. What did he expect when your masters always come first.

Angus was also a bit pissed off that “The Scottish Government had to cancel its joint event to accommodate the Secretary of State for Scotland, Alister Jack, which Robertson said risked “reputational damage”, I know you can’t make it up. Apparently Angus was also a bit pissed off that “This says to me there is an emerging pattern of active undermining of Scottish interests overseas in pursuit of a rather transparent and narrow-minded political agenda.” Where has Robertson been the last 30 years, or since 1707, it is the job of our colonial masters to do us down, keep independence off the table, make it clear our colonial regionism within the UK (England), what it is not though is for a Scottish Constitutional Minister to admit that

the party and Scottish Government elected to pursue independence in fact never puts independence on any agenda internationally, colonised in every way and cowards. If there was ever any proof that the British SNP are not serious about independence then here Angus blurts it out when he didn’t even know he did, he is also not very self-aware when he says

Robertson added: “In trying to constrain the Scottish Government’s international activities, this UK Government is actively undermining the interests of Scotland’s people, its community and businesses. “

Angus, the SNP and our colonial masters are both playing the same game, both making sure that independence is but a distant dream.

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3 Responses to Admitting your failure when you don’t mean to

  1. Alastair says:

    Another colonial devolutionist is Angus Robertson. I Think he should go to, along with his pals the Murrells and take the rest of Sturgeons cabal with him. We need Patriots not those how turn up for their money and do nothing for it. Let’s not forget who gerrymandered the SNP rules to subvert the internal democracy of the party. If it was not for this band of traitors we would be free in 2915.

    • Alastair

      I have never liked him at all, he has always been a careerist who just goes where he thinks he will win a seat. That is such a huge problem now in our politics, far too many career politicians with few skills and nothing to offer. You only have to look at the state of colonial Scotland and the UK to see that. We need people who are competent in Government and actually serious about independence but his comment didn’t surprise me, the fact he admitted it did. The SNP really is pretty much over now.

      Thanks for commenting.

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