Odds and Ends Tuesday 28th February 2023 – From a plank to a quisling.

Stewart McDonald, SNP MP, has to be the biggest plank in the SNP – McDonald has no issues with being a closet unionist and his fellow MPs proudly standing in front of signs that encourage murder via decapitation but has a real problem with an MSP standing in front of a sign that says RIP SNP after the party breaks one of its major pledges.

This guy is a total clown in every way, and like many in Labour, he should just join the Tory Party and be done with it. He has accused leadership hopeful Ash Regan of “trying to look like an opposition politician”. Glasgow South MP Stewart McDonald hit out at Regan on Twitter on Tuesday morning after she apologised on behalf of the party for its U-turn on dualling the A9 and A96. He goes on to tweet: “No issue with the leadership candidates having a go at some government policy – we should expect that during a contest – but for goodness sake, try not to look like an opposition politician. Think we all need to remember we’re in the same party.”

If anyone should be apologising it should be McDonald for being bought and sold by British Gold while supposed to in the so-called independence party, for giving up on independence, and for being a total plank.

The Washington Post gets itRead this article and while the Darian Scheme for me is mostly a myth now, and largely ignores England’s part in its failure the article is spot on when it states that

The Scottish National Party has been in power in Scotland for 15 years, and it’s hard to see exactly what has improved in that time. The Scottish NHS (currently managed by leadership candidate Humza Yousaf) is a mess. Audit Scotland notes that it is under “extreme pressure,” that more patients are being added to waiting lists than leaving them, and that little has changed with Yousaf’s recovery plan put in place 18 months ago. The once brilliant education system, the one Nicola Sturgeon said would be her legacy, is in sharp decline, slipping down the international comparison tables in math and English. The police service is in disarray: Ten years on from the launch of the centralized Police Scotland, its chief constable has warned that the pressures on it are “unsustainable” and announced his retirement.

I have made my feelings very clear on how I feel Sturgeon has done as First Minister of Scotland but even the Washington Post can see that If, over the last 14 years, Scotland had focused on actually governing, on growing the economy and the tax base, and on creating a country that could not just go it alone but go it alone well, might the Scots be wanting more of their management rather than less? 

Couldn’t agree more, if it’s not Ash Regan as leader of the SNP then it has to be another party, basically, it needs to be Alba/ISP as our last real hope.

Is it all unraveling? – And if it is what is set to come out. This could be nothing or it could be something.

The SNP’s chief executive has faced growing calls to quit due to bias fears in the contest to replace Nicola Sturgeon but he will now not be involved in the ballot to become next First Minister.

There is no question that since the Alex Salmond harassment inquiry, Murrell has been seen by many in the independence movement as a stain on the movement, and on the SNP. His evidence was patchy and very questionable, to say the least, the language he used in his texts clearly showed a man on a mission.

SNP grandee Alex Neil, who is a former health secretary, said there was a “low level of confidence” in the party headquarters about the ongoing race to be next leader. Mr Yousaf has been given significant backing by a number of Sturgeon loyalists, including Ian Blackford, Shona Robison and Shirley-Anne Somerville who are prominent voices in the party. Meanwhile, his opponents Kate Forbes and Ash Regan have hit out at the closeness of Mr Murrell to the contest, with reports saying that SNP were actively briefing against the finance secretary.

I wouldn’t trust Murrell to run a raffle so if this story is true then good on those who brought this about because I would not trust any of them as far as I could throw them and that includes Sturgeon. You also can’t help but wonder how much more is to come out.

Well one is anyway, one is maybe, and one would be my choice but we should take no lectures from this carpet baggeryou can just feel the hate though in this article where Pauline Bryan describes herself as a socialist, yeah really, she even quotes Karl Marx in the article

Marx said that every class struggle is a political struggle: “If the proletarians and capitalists are waging an economic struggle against each other today, they will be compelled to wage a political struggle tomorrow.”

Pauline Bryan sits in the House of Lords (the dead) and is known as Baroness Bryan of Partick. She represents a part of Glasgow that has had and still has,  some of the worst levels of poverty in the UK for over a century, a century where it served Labour to keep these people in poverty and dying young.

I am no fan of the SNP, but I despise Scottish Labour, they are everything I hate about politics and politicians, it’s people like Bryan that make me sick to my stomach. If there was ever an example of a quisling then Bryan is it wrapped up in ermine. There is at least a tiny bit of hope for the SNP, Scottish Labour died a long time ago, but at the end of the day, all of these people have ended up betraying the Scottish people. They are all bought and sold, they shame our colony and they shame us all.

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9 Responses to Odds and Ends Tuesday 28th February 2023 – From a plank to a quisling.

  1. Cubby says:

    Not like you Bruce to mince your words so I’ll do it for you. Murrell lied during the Parliamentary Inquiry into the actions of Sturgeon etc. The only thing you can say about him that is positive is that he didn’t lie anywhere near as much as his wife Sturgeon. Mind you most of the people who turned up to give evidence lied. But Sturgeon beat them all in terms of quantity of lies.

    • Cubby

      Oh, he lied but got away with it by the state Courts and appointees, the man is a scum bag. You just have to look at him to see that there is something of the night about him. I wouldn’t have him anywhere near anything and if he is removed from the leadership contest all the better. I just wonder if there is more to come out from the SNP, is the house of cards all set to collapse, I hope so as they are just a yellow Scottish Labour now for sure.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Alastair says:

    Yeah you can go to any city, town or village in Scotland and what you see is decline like you have never seen before ,even in the Seventies it was not as bad as it is today. What is it that people dont get , the Zombie Union is sucking the life out of us. Our colonial parictical masters are creaming our economy with deliberate intent to impoverishing a nation bringing us to heal. What we see today is the Torys new version of the patato famine.
    No tomatoes no carrots no eggs, but the Torys tell us we can all eat turnips all day. I am sick of their shit Brexit.
    We are all Scammed for Gas, Electricity and Oil , when we have these things in abundance.
    Personally I have had enough of Tory turnips and there Red Tory Pals looking after their mega rich elitist pals.
    We need the Unity candidate Ash Regan to lead us away from this coercive rotten to the core j, oke of a Union. We need our democracy it is our right their is only one candidate telling us this let hope she wins.
    Dissolve the Union.

    • Alastair

      I totally agree, what is it the carrot eaters and the colonised can’t see. We are one step away from starvation that kills, and yet you still get pricks writing in the papers about how great the union is. Makes me sick to my stomach and I despise these people for their greed, their ignorance, their lack of basic humanity. Ash Regan is the future if there is to be hope but I suspect it will be Forbes, just. I had enough of the Tories in the 80’s, now I have pretty much had enough of all of them now, they are sucking the life out of the vulnerable.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. panda paws says:

    “Think we all need to remember we’re in the same party.”

    Wise words Stewart. Perhaps you could remember them next time you are talking to or about Joanna Cherry!

    • PP

      Or the next time the members vote for a policy that people like unionist McDonald then just ignore. He is a total plank, I really cannot believe that someone as thick as he is can get elected, but then given the state of the UK and who sits in the colonial parliament maybe I shouldn’t be. The standard of politician now is as dire as it has ever been.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Black Rab says:

    Fur fuxe saxe, Sturgeon, Humzat and Forbio aren’t politicians. They are a new class of human that think they are part of the intellectual class. They are stupid morons whose facial muscles open and close and talk shite.

    We need to wake up to this new reality and stop regarding them seriously. They are not serious people. Our intellects have dropped through the floor. They, in turn, match our intellectual demise.

    • BR

      Oh we have to share the blame, or those that vote for these dicks do. I cannot remember a worse set of so called politicians in my lifetime, they are so thick as shit it truly is frightening to see it. We do also need to wake up before it’s too late but how long have we been saying that also, we are out of time though in so many ways. I have never been as cynical as I am right now and I was a teen in the 80’s, it is worse now.

      Thanks for commenting.

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