Odds and Ends Thursday 23rd February 2023 – Hypocrisy to Platitudes

GM is spot on – For people like John Swinney, Deputy First Minister, to question Kate Forbes’s leadership credentials saying “If Kate wants to set out those views, with which I profoundly disagree despite being a man of deep faith, then the party membership will make their judgment about those views and whether they think those views are appropriate for someone to hold if they are the leader of the SNP and first minister.” The hypocrisy is unreal isn’t it, John Swinney doesn’t know what a woman is despite science being pretty clear on the issue, he believes that a man can become a woman simply by saying so, who is currently out of touch with Scotland, I know who I think it is.

Serving the Union well for some and good riddance for others – This is what the politicians think of Nicola Sturgeon’s time as First Minister pretty obvious to me that for many she has served the union well and for others they just don’t live in the same colony I do that is for sure. Keir Starmer (UK Labour Leader), She’s served with dedication and passion. Theresa May (Former Prime Minister) “We disagree on many issues but I’d like to thank you @NicolaSturgeon for your long, tireless service to our country”. Rishi Sunak (Prime Minister) “My thanks go to @NicolaSturgeon for her long-standing service. Nancy Pelosi (Former speaker of the House of Representatives in the US) “First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has earned respect and admiration from all over the globe for her strong, values-driven leadership”. Susan Aitken (Leader of Glasgow City Council) “Nicola Sturgeon has been an incredible leader throughout her time as First Minister and her stewardship during the pandemic allowed people to see the care, compassion and intellect she brings to public life.

There are some funny ones as well Donald Trump (Former President of the United States) “Good riddance to failed woke extremist Nicola Sturgeon of Scotland. Alex Cole-Hamilton (Scottish LibDem Leader) “It’s not the be-all and end-all, she’s not some sort of messiah. Julia Hartley-Brewer (Radio presenter and political journalist) “Any politician who tells you that a man can magically become a woman is stupid, insane or a liar. Goodbye @NicolaSturgeon and good riddance. And the same to every other politician who claims the same thing. You are a danger to women and girls. We will not tolerate it. #TerfPower.”

Alex Salmond (Alba Party Leader) “There has been no question of Nicola’s talents as a first-rate political communicator and election winner and – having been there – I feel for her personally on the day of her resignation… There are two questions for the future. One is that the movement has been left with no clear strategy for independence. The previously accepted referendum route has been closed and the de facto referendum/election proposal is now, at best, up in the air. Secondly there is no obvious successor.”

Alex Salmond is a far better man than me that is for sure.

Starmer and the Labour Joke – Honestly this man can and may well just manage to lose the next General Election in the face of the worst Tory Government in history, as Kinnock did when faced with Thatcher in the 1980s. Why, because both are absolutely useless and vacuous.

Starmer doesn’t even try to hide his wanna-be Tory credentials anymore. Honestly, he makes Ed Miliband look like a Marxist. I cannot stand (Sir) Keir Starmer, every time I hear him speak I just think loser and liar. I didn’t agree with a lot of what Jeremy Corbyn stood for but at least he was to a degree honest, Starmer is just a boring Boris Johnson for me, I just do not believe a thing that comes out of this man’s mouth, believe me, he is capable of losing the largest lead in the polls Labour have ever had. His 5 pledges mean nothing to no one, a total platitude fest that won’t be delivered.

The help you don’t need lol – I know that Wings Over Scotland has already covered this but it is so funny.

Over the course of the week, the poll proved incredibly popular. So popular, in fact, that a whopping 425,413 votes had been cast by this morning. A mere 85 times the actual readership of the National…

While there’s no doubt Humza Yousaf’s campaign has built momentum over the last few days, his performance in this poll is proving… historic. At one point, he gained around 3,000 “votes” in the space of about ten minutes – two days ago, Yousaf had 2,841 votes out of nearly 15,000. In the space of 24 hours, he picked up a stunning 13,520 votes. At 11am this morning, The National suspended voting to non-subscribers while they “investigate irregularities” (Guido Fawkes)

I don’t know if the SNP, or some of the carrot eaters, have been at it or not but this really doesn’t help Sturgeon’s choice for First Minister. From chatting to people at work, friends, and family the simple fact is no one likes him, not one person has said they do or that they will vote for him. The SNP seems determined to save the union at all costs.

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9 Responses to Odds and Ends Thursday 23rd February 2023 – Hypocrisy to Platitudes

  1. wullie says:

    Alex Salmon’s gushing approval of Sturgeon gies me the bok. He must be desperate to get back in and dump Alba.
    Scottish politicians eh.

    • Wullie

      I think there is maybe a lot going on here with AS but going back to the SNP I don’t think is one, he knows those days are gone. Alba is what in many ways gives him his place to pursue what he is still passionate about. Alba is a long-term project and AS guidance is important, I am a member and feel he would be better as president of the party and someone else the figurehead like Neil Hanvey or Tasmina Shiek but Alba has done what they set out to do and that is to keep independence on the agenda.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Black Rab says:

    Trump, Cole Hamilton and Hartley Brewer speak the truth. Sunak and May got it right with service and duty to the UK.
    If she was any good at being a politician they would have been unable to say any of those things.
    Sturgeon is nothing. She’s just another lying cheat of a window salesman self identifying as someone who cared about anything.

    • BR

      I think she is the worst First Minister we have had when I look at the state Scotland is in right now, she has presided over the worse governance in my opinion. There have been some things that have been ok but overall her record for me is very poor.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Indyscotnews says:

    Be very interesting to find out who, exactly, was manipulating the poll. Murrell Towers or Humza’s own team?

    • Peter

      I just find it all very sad that someone felt that HY is that bad he needs that kind of help, I really don’t know anyone who likes him here in Dundee. His wife is a councillor and not liked either, they get elected because too many have gone from being unthinking Scottish Labour voters to unthinking SNP voters, it is really a sad reflection on the state of our political literacy in Scotland right now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. johniduffy says:

    One can only hope that, with the supermarket shelfs remaining empty, that the availability of carrots becomes severely restricted for the next few weeks.

    • John

      If Yousaf wins I really do think it is pretty much over unless people shift party to Alba or ISP, both. They are at least serious about independence and deserve a chance but it looks like it is going to take time to make that break through.

      Thanks for commenting.

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