Odds and Ends Monday 20th February 2023 – Thank the Lord for small miracles.

Thank God for small miracles – I suspect that his advisors have informed Angus Robertson how disliked he is across the yes community and within the SNP. Can anyone think of anything this so-called politician has achieved, constitution secretary for years and what have we gotten from this grifter, nothing. Allegedly it’s because he has a young family, I suspect it I more about being useless and disliked.

Stop trying to re-write history then – There is no place for abuse on social media, there is a place for honesty, sarcasm, for cheeky. Where I have little sympathy is for the likes of Christine Jardine, one of the very worst Lib Dem MPs I have ever met, and in my opinion a nasty piece of work herself. Jardine goes on to say “we should recognise and applaud her contribution” of course she would. Sturgeon was brilliant for the union but unionists re-writing history really is taking the piss isn’t it.

A letter in the National – IF Alex Salmond was to live up to expectations of the inspirational character who confirmed my belief that Scotland should determine its own future, he would now finally find a way to set aside his differences with Nicola Sturgeon and propose that she take a leading role in the new independence campaign of the wider Yes movement once the best route forward has been determined.

While there is still much debate around de facto referendums and possible alternatives, whatever route emanates as the preferred option from the SNP special conference (hopefully fully considering views across the wider Yes movement), these two very able and charismatic individuals working co-operatively towards their shared primary goal would soon deliver the sustained and clear majority support that will form the foundation of returning Scotland to independence.

Such a formidable alliance is what most of those attempting to sustain the dysfunctional “Union” fear as they know that when the various strands of the Yes movement are enthusiastically brought together, the Scottish public will no longer be “divided” but united in the knowledge Scotland has the talent and the resources to confidently determine its own destiny.

With Jeremy Corbyn and left-wing politics effectively ostracised from the Labour Party, most socialists know independence is now the only realistic route to socialist governance in Scotland and, rather than rely on Tony Blair devotees at Westminster and Holyrood, genuine Scottish socialists will democratically support self-determination to remain true to their core principles as espoused by Labour’s founder, Keir Hardie. (Stan Grodynski)

Bloody hell what more can the man have done to try to reach out, both as an individual and party leader of Alba. I know that I wouldn’t have reached out, I didn’t agree with the 1 SNP 2 Alba strategy but if anyone should be reaching out, or even begging for forgiveness, it is Nicola Sturgeon and many in the SNP for what they tried, and still try, to do to that man, an innocent man.

I would milk every last drop – I don’t know much about Ash Regan but what I have heard so far is a little common sense. Now before the Scottish Green gender warriors jump all over me oil is bad, we know that. However, we can use it to our advantage if we have the balls, we could have an oil fund or an environment fund. Use the proceeds from oil to fund a green revolution in Scotland, fund an energy company save some for a rainy day, and sell it at a fortune to make Scotland a better place. Regan said  “I will not support an accelerated net-zero path which sees us turn off the North Sea taps, throw 10s of 1000s of oil workers out of jobs, hollow out NE & H&I communities whilst still using and importing hydrocarbons.

She is not wrong is she, why cut off your hand to spite your face. The environment debate needs honesty and less passion, but it also needs to be taken back by us and used for us and not the profits of the greedy, won’t happen though will it. Scotland will be milked dry as it always has been.

Interesting article from Kevin McKenna – in the Herald and worth a skiffy. Iain Martin, the influential political commentator and founder of the political website Reaction commented “Her resignation marks the end of the gradualist route to independence. This is a big constitutional moment. As a Scottish unionist living in London, I’ve long felt that Sturgeon gets an easy ride from English broadcasters. 

As I have commented before Nicola Sturgeon was brilliant for the union, she strengthened it in so many ways and Iain goes on to say “There’s a palpable feeling too among London’s political elites that’s becoming evident outside the bubble: that for the first time in the Salmond/Sturgeon era the spectre of independence, and with it the break-up of the Union, is beginning to recede” if that is how many feel in England then Sturgeon’s work is done.

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15 Responses to Odds and Ends Monday 20th February 2023 – Thank the Lord for small miracles.

  1. Cubby says:

    Another great blog Bruce.
    Sturgeon first knifed Salmond in the bag in 2017. She then did it again in the criminal trial in 2020 and then after Salmond held out the olive branch knifed him in the back once more before the 2021 Holyrood election and that letter writer wants Salmond to set aside his differences. For f***s sake talk about getting the wrong end of the stick. It’s people like Stan who have helped put us where we are today. Sturgeon should NEVER be allowed anywhere the independence movement ever again. She didn’t turn up to marches but went to pride marches. She should just clear off, read her books and hope the police do not come knocking on her door.

    The end of the dradualists – let’s hope do. Get rid of all of Sturgeon’s gang – and thats a lot but it needs done. Yousaf is another gradualist which is code for do F**k all about independence.

    • Cubby

      Thanks, I don’t hold out much hope for the SNP at all. I suspect and fear they will appoint that clown Humza Yousaf, a man who is out of his depth just being an MSP let alone lead. Everything he has touched has been a disaster, and Scotland really can’t afford any more disasters. Alex Salmond is a better man than me that is for sure. I didn’t agree with his strategy for the last couple of elections for Alba and didn’t go with his advice. The SNP won’t change until there is a major clear out of the grifters, gender warriors, and the useless. That will take a lot of time.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. duncanio says:

    I have noted since Craig Murray mentioned he was going to publish Stewart MacDonald’s hacked emails that he has access to:

    Sturgeon’s resigned
    MacDonald has said zip
    His Russophobic twin Smith is silent
    Robertson is not running

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist.

    Just saying, that’s all.

    • Duncanio

      I don’t expect to see the emails personally but I hope we do. I also don’t think we ever get the truth about the Salmond trial either. Too many may have too much to lose, including the unionists who certainly looked like they colluded with those who tried to bring AS down, I live in hope that a foreign paper some days covers it all and we get the truth. Time will tell I guess.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. GM says:

    Excellent read today Bruce. Cheers.

    • GM

      Thanks, I only cover the things that catch my eye and I have time to read. Today was a half day basically so had some time to read the news, or the stories I could access for free as I will not pay for those rags that is for sure.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • GM says:

        Do you think the clique have a plan on the go with regard to the succession? Humza doesnae seem to be much of candidate if they are looking for someone to keep them out of trouble.

        • GM

          They may well do, all the main parties are it now. They only represent themselves and their masters, that is no longer the members or the voters. Yousaf is really being pushed by a lot of members, and the media, he is the thicker Sturgeon drone so therefor the unions choice and no threat to them. Forbes they are unsure of and Regan they will want to stop.

          Thanks for commenting.

          • GM says:

            Aye, I see it that way I think. The snash Forbes is getting for her religion is a disgrace by the way. Bang out of order. Ignorance, coercion, hypocrisy and chauvinism.

            • GM

              It is, I also cannot stand that she is being held to a differing standard due to the cowardice of the media and those trying to shoe horn in the least dangerous person to the union, and a Sturgeon political drone who won’t hurt her so called legacy. I don’t agree with much of what Kate Forbes does but she is obviously being set up to fail by vested interest, our system is so broken.

              Thanks for commenting.

  4. GM says:

    Very few of her detractors are fit tae lace her bits man. if you get the job Kate, Wield that axe and wield it quick.

    • GM

      If she does win and it was me I would be having a clear out of that party. I would bring back the national council and real democracy in the party. I would get rid of as many of the Sturgeon ministers as possible as most are useless and Murrell would be gone as soon as his contract ended. The SNP needs a major clear out.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • GM says:

        That’s the only place I would say that her candidature falls down. A clear out is screamingly necessary and I doubt from what I have heard from her that she is ready to do that.

        I give her the benefit of the doubt on the freeports, etc for the simple reason that the environment she worked in as Finance minister.it has been expertly described in many of R McAlpine’s articles that she would not have had a say in it. There was only one decision maker in that government.

        I hope Ash Regan gets the gig and Kate Forbes isn’t too bruised by the shite she has had to deal with.

        • GM

          I don’t expect KF to rock the boat too much if she does win where as I think AR might have the strength to do that. I really don’t know all that much about either of them and I agree with you Sturgeon has ruled the roost and made every major decision, hence the mess Scotland is in right now.

          Thanks for getting back to me and sharing your opinion.

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