Odds and Ends Sunday 19th February 2023 – The man behind a decade of Failure

Humza Yousaf – The Sturgeon ally with a decade of experience as minister – Decades of failure more like. I cannot for the life of me, other than maybe Robertson, think of a worse human being to lead both the SNP and potentially Scotland. He has never had a real job in his life, has worked for the SNP pretty much since he left university, failed at international development, was a disaster at transport, total clown when the justice minister and the SNHS has never been in a worse state since he took it over. Thankfully I am not the only one, and not the only one who remembers his white rant in Holyrood in 2020. The simple fact is this man is not smart enough to be an MSP, let alone the First Minister of Scotland, and let’s hope for all of our sakes that this delusion of grandeur petters out very quickly, we really cannot afford any more abject failure and Humza Yousaf is the definition of failure.

We just cannot afford any more failure and this guy is a total failure in every way. The SNP, and Scotland, needs competence more than anything right now. We need to get back to honest management in so many ways, with competent governance which is something we have been lacking since Alex Salmond resigned as First Minister.

Another liar and delusionist not fit to Govern – So Starmer the liar has decided to visit the dirty unwashed. He said: “Let’s say we know that Scotland needs change. We know our economy needs to work better for working people, that our public services need to be fixed, that climate change needs bold action, and that our political system needs a total overhaul, with communities finally in the driving seat. “But if you place your faith in Labour, this is the change we offer to you, to Scotland and Britain.”  Anyone voting for this clown in Scotland seriously needs to have a long hard think to themselves. Just go and listen to some of the Owen Jones shows about this clown and you will see very quickly this is another failed excuse for a politician, trust, Starmer, Scottish Labour, are these people mad. Starmer, Yousaf, Sunak, bloody hell can it get any worse.

More delusional pish – I have been trying to not swear as much in the blog as I try not to be rude full stop. I also pretty much gave up on Wee Ginger Dug when he started raising money for a house through crowd funding but bloody hell when I saw this I just thought more delusional pish from one of the king carrot eaters.  Kavanagh writes

The haters have finally got what they wanted, but even for those who dislike her there can be no doubt that Nicola Sturgeon has been a towering figure in Scottish politics, and even after more than eight years as First Minister she still enjoys approval ratings that her opponents can only dream of, leaving Anas Sarwar, Douglas Ross and Alex Salmond trailing a long long way behind her. 

Bloody hell, Sturgeon is barely ahead of Ross and Sarwar in the competence stakes but ahead of Alex Salmond, really, can I have some of what Kavanagh is drinking, or smoking, please. I really cannot stand this re-writing of history, from Lesley Riddoch (whom I like), to yoons and now Kavanagh in this love fest for the worst Minister we have had, who failed at virtually everything and who left Scotland in a far worse place than she found it. No wonder indy is in such a mess when opinion like Pauls just is not an honest assessment of what has gone on the last 8 years.

I’m not a fan but at least he is willing to speak the truth – I am no fan of Alex Bell, former Alex Salmond adviser, but at least he is willing to write a bit of honesty about Nicola Sturgeon when he writes –

The further we get from Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation statement, the more it looks like surrender and the death of the SNP, version one. She left despairing at divisive, personal politics, apparently unaware how she had contributed to the decline in constructive debate.

Her triumphs were all failures. She challenged Alex Salmond’s conduct, but he was found not guilty. She interrogated Salmond’s economic promises, but didn’t dare adopt the gloomy findings of the growth commission.

He works for the BBC and writes for the Telegraph, and the Dundee Courier, so a pinch of salt is always needed but I found that there was a bit of honesty in what he wrote today. The carrot eaters and the members of the SNP need a bit of that, as well as, some introspection before they elect their new leader, get it wrong and we all pay a very very heavy price indeed.

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7 Responses to Odds and Ends Sunday 19th February 2023 – The man behind a decade of Failure

  1. GM says:

    I note Bell failed to even mention Ash Regan.

    • GM

      I don’t know anything about her to be honest but good to see some are ruling themselves out but I must admit not inspired by any to be honest so far. I wonder whomever wins if they will call an election at Holyrood, the SNP demanded the Tories do it so it will not be a good look if they don’t now.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • GM says:

        I see McAlpine reckons the Sturgeon Murrell team will be running the election. That rings true given their form, Murrell controlling the NEC and still in place.

        • GM

          I haven’t read Robin’s article, I will try later but Sturgeon should just go, her hanging around is very Tory and all Westminster, just go and take the (husband) with you. However wins really doesn’t need Nicola Sturgeon on the back benches and still, around the party, all that means is it will a drone that may win the leadership race. I don’t have a horse in that race but from what I have seen so far Reagan would be the best, Humza the worst, and Forbes is just not ready or strong enough to take on the carrot eaters. Just my opinion.

          Thanks for commenting.

      • benmadigan says:

        Grousebeater has a post about Ash Regan which includes her mission statement and brief biographical notes


        • Ben

          I saw that she certainly seems the most indy-friendly for sure but I suspect she will just miss out. Humza Yousaf will win I think and we go from bad to worse with bad in the background still pulling the strings.

          Thanks for commenting.

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