Odds and Ends Tuesday 7th February 2023 – Opps and more Opps

Ooops the Tories have left us defenseless – Britain’s armed forces are no longer able to play a full role in NATO or defend the homeland after years of cutbacks, according to British defense sources. British tanks “will have gone down from 1200 to 134” in 30 years, the army has dropped from 163,200 in 1982 to 72,00 today, and the UK only has 72 operational Navy ships compared to around 180 in 1982. Last year the UK  had 555 fixed-wing aircraft in the Royal Air Force and other branches of its armed forces, the most numerous of which was the UK’s main fighter jet, the Eurofighter Typhoon, of which there were 137. The Tories are slowly but surely destroying our colonial UK, yet people still vote for them. They are trying to destroy the trade unions, have pretty much destroyed public services, including the Police, they have left the UK a laughing stock as far as the military goes, they lie, they reward their friends, they pander to the rich, they steal. If the state of the UK was not so bad it would be laughable, yet people will still vote for the most incompetent set of clueless idiots who have ever been in office, enough to make you cry.

Alex, Nicola Surgeon set back independence long before GRR – Former first minister Alex Salmond has described Scotland’s gender legislation as “self-indulgent nonsense”, arguing Nicola Sturgeon is “throwing away” years worth of steadily building support for independence. (The Scotsman)

He stressed SNP leaders “well understood” the need to win over all parts of Scottish society to achieve independence at a referendum.

“But to get to a position where you say to a majority of our people that you cannot have single-sex spaces – prized and worked and strived for – because of some daft ideology imported from elsewhere and, as we’ve seen imperfectly understood by its proponents in Scotland, borders on the totally absurd,” he told the gathering.

“And the 6 percent decline in independence vote over a month – think about that. Thirty years of gradually building, building, building, building till we get independence over 50 percent and then thrown away with some self-indulgent nonsense.

“Which even if it was right, which it isnae, would hardly be tactically the most astute maneuver when we’re meant to be taking Scotland to its next date with destiny.”

I would argue that the ongoing poor governance of Scotland overall since Nicola Sturgeon became First Minister has done more damage to the independence cause, to be honest, GRR has just woken up some people or become the final straw for others.

The carrot-eating, comfy slipper wearing, pension grabber is back with a vengeance – Pete ‘ comfy slippers ‘ Wishart has put aside his call for unity, which lasted two weeks, and came out with his favorite sport, Alba Party Hate while accusing the Alba Party of Hate. In response to Alex Salmond’s statement in Dundee comfy slippers Pete said the only thing harming support for independence was Alba and “its nonstop hate”. The latest  YouGov survey of 1,088 Scottish voters for the Sunday Times showed support for independence fell from 53% to 47% among decided voters.

However, rather than have a wee think about why that might be Pete Wishart “The one thing that is ‘harming’ Scottish independence is this party and its nonstop hate. They may be only on 0.4% and totally rejected by the Scottish people but their capacity for harm to our cause is incalculable.”

If Alba is so insignificant what is pension Pete so afraid of. Wishart wouldn’t be out of place in the Tory Party. If there is one SNP MP that I would like to see lose their seat it is this clown, 20 years in the English Parliament and he has achieved nothing, nothing at all. Even the very worst Tories in that time achieved something.

So – I don’t think our colonial UK-imposed Government should overrule the GRR Bill unless it breaks the law, I know a lot of people disagree with me but as I have said before democracy matters. Holyrood has made this mess and Holyrood should have to fix it or pay the price at the ballot box so the Governor General of Scotland, as far as I am concerned, can avoid MSPs all he likes. He just demonstrates our colonial status and again I have no problem with that at all, anything that gets even one Scottish voter to wake up to what the UK actually is and our colonial position within it is all good.

An excellent goalkeeper – It was so sad to hear that Billy Thomson had passed away. Billy only played one season at Dens Park for the Dees, 25 games, I had a season ticket that season and he was unbelievable, esp in that game at Tannadice when Dundee beat Dundee Utd in Coca Cola Cup on Pens and then beating Aberdeen in the next round.  He was signed by Jim Duffy to replace Michel Pageaud. I was skeptical at the time but that didn’t last long, not as good as my favorite goalie Bobby Geddes but not far off I can tell you. So sad that he has passed so young.


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12 Responses to Odds and Ends Tuesday 7th February 2023 – Opps and more Opps

  1. Alastair says:

    I didn’t vote for the SNP for 45 years to be allocated 2nd class citizenship or for them to help the Westminster crime syndicate impoverish me or freeze me to death , or for their distraction GRA politics the Supreme leaders warped obsession. Sturgeon needs booted out as does comfy slippers Wishart as a matter of urgency. We sent them down to Westminster to end colonialism. They have morphed into the colonial administration, doing our masters dirty work in the persecution of Patriotsm dampening down on independence to snuff out the flame. I personally will not vote SNP again sovereignty the claim of right everthing is being ignore by design and more economy milked and mismanaged deliberately. They are as criminal as the Tories.
    Dissolve the Union.

    • Alastair

      They certainly come across as the colonial governments devolved administration for Scotland at times. GRA is Sturgeon’s crusade, she won’t let it go now as she can’t. Succeed or fail she has to see it through to the end I guess. I am totally disgusted with the pittance of support that Tories have given everyone in the energy crisis while allowing the energy companies to cry with laughter at the profits made at our expense from a company that we once owned and was stolen from us, by the Tories. What has the likes of comfy slippers Wishart done, claimed their energy costs from us and nothing else, the main is a stain and an embarrassment to Scotland as far as I am concerned.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • benmadigan says:

        “Succeed or fail she has to see it through to the end”
        Sturgeon’s flagship policy,the GRR Bill, has already failed – blocked by Westminster but more importantly by its own incoherence, failed by the Scottish parliament’s refusal to think through and analyse its implications, rejected by the majority of women and ordinary, decent Scottish men
        She’s seeing her own failure through to her bitter end

        • Ben

          Totally agree, it is such a waste of public money we don’t have due to the SNP/Tories. She will lose the case and it will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. Her legacy is going to be that of failure and I would just like her to go now as we just cannot afford more Sturgeon in any shape or form any longer, she has cost us billions.

          Thanks for commenting.

  2. panda paws says:

    Lots of ponder here.

    I think GRRB does break the law – it breaches section 35 of the Scotland Act which prohibits Holyrood introducing laws that affect reserved legislation. If the SNP didn’t want to be subject to the Scotland act they should have delivered independence!

    Re defence – we spend a fortune on it but have hardly any conventional forces. If we didn’t renew Trident we could have a navy, army and RAF and save money!

    I’d love pension Pete to lose as well. Though I’d prefer him losing the SNP nomination and a real indy supporter being elected than the Tories winning the seat!

    • PP

      I agree, I think GRR does break the law and in that case, as a colony, we don’t have a leg to stand on and I have no issue with that, Nicola Sturgeon challenging it is just yet more money wasted to us Scots who can’t afford her any longer, she has wasted billions as it is. I have never agreed with nuclear weapons at all, I don’t get them or why anyone would want them knowing that they would destroy the world if they were ever used again. I would actually just have a defence force, the UK is deluded if it thinks it is a world soft power, the UK is over it’s only the nut job politicians in their delusion that think differently. Wishart is a stain, a nasty piece of work who has achieved nothing in 20 years, nothing at all. I really hope he loses, even to a Tory would not bother me to be honest, the man is full of the hate he accuses others of.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. theflyinscotsman says:

    Makes you wonder. . .
    Be interesting to see who smelly feet would blame if The Alba Party didn’t exist.
    Sick of that little scroat!

    • theflyinscotland

      I can’t stand him, I never have even when I was a member of the SNP years ago. The man has always been a stain and has achieved nothing in 20 years other than strengthening the union. He does appear to hate Alba though, and probably ISP as well. Either way, he just can’t help himself and is pretty much not worth the bother I suppose.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Black Rab says:

    Voting Tory is seen as a life style choice by the many who vote for them, believing that they too can become millionaires one day, only to die a spiritual death in a low quality, new build leather beige characterless hell somewhere. Mainly working class people who think they have ‘done well’ for themselves.

    Oooops the tories have left us defenceless………I think they abolished The Scottish Navy back in 1820!?

    • Black Rab

      I don’t get how anyone can vote Tory other than they really don’t care all that much about their fellow human beings, the Tories are all about hate. Thatcher played the working class, especially in England where they really fell for her shit but saying that when you look at how many times they have won elections it is pretty clear that voters in England are pretty much just servants, as much as Scots are colonized. It is a sad state the UK is in and colonial Scotland is just a cash cow now. Scots need to wake up and grow a pair, the English need to also start being England and what that means, their delusions are dragging us all down now and we will never recover from this Tory nightmare or the stupidity of the people who vote for them.

      Thanks for commenting.

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