Odds and Ends Monday 6th February 2023 – The Presidential Press Conference

Not sure what to make of this at all to be honest – First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is holding another press conference today where journalists can ask any questions they like about the Scottish Government etc. I remember getting sick of the Covid-19 briefings after a while although in fairness I did find them useful at the start and I did hear people say they found them helpful and reassuring. This feels a little different, a little presidential in some ways. Today she did say that she fully intends to challenge the UK Government over GRR, that one is a mistake I suspect. There was chat about strikes, council funds, and defending the settlement to local councils. She was also asked about the loan to the SNP from her (husband), and said it was his business (yeah ok) sure every wife would say that regarding a £106,000 loan to a political party lol.

I actually agree with this – The Scottish Government has a consultation on alcohol advertising. The First Minister was asked today about a letter signed by more than 100 major brewers and distillers which warned Scotland’s world-famous drinks industry could be damaged by the plans. The Scottish Government has launched a public consultation asking for views on ways alcohol advertising could be scaled back or even banned in public spaces completely. It could see shops being prevented from displaying alcoholic drinks on shelves or in store windows.

Scotland has serious alcohol and drug addiction issues. The cost to individuals, families, and the SNHS is huge. We are just not a grown-up part of the colonial UK when it comes to this issue, the minimum pricing legislation was the right idea but not thought out properly. Allowing the sellers to keep the additional profit was wrong, they should have been forced to hand over the extra money raised and put into re-hab to help those with addiction. I am all for a curb on alcohol advertising, especially in sports and places where kids and young people frequent. I don’t want a nanny state but we have to do something.

I won’t hold my breath – some members are urging her to go further and call an early Scottish election in October this year and make that a single-issue poll. An amendment has now been drafted that calls on Ms. Sturgeon to force a Scottish vote. (Scottish Express)

There are three methods this could be achieved. Ms. Sturgeon could resign as First Minister while parliament can also be dissolved if two-thirds of MSPs back such a move. A third option is to amend the Scotland Act 2016 to allow an election with a simple majority of MSPs. It’s just not going to happen is it, when has Nicola Sturgeon ever changed her mind when she doesn’t have to, and when has the party leadership listened to elected members or members for that matter. I suspect we go into the 2024 UK colonial election with the deeply flawed and bound-to-lose strategy we have now.

However, nationalists on social media seem pessimistic about the plan’s success. One said: “Even if the amendment passed, conference votes aren’t binding are they? And it WILL be ignored. Just like Freeport, currency and public energy company votes. The SNP no longer care what their members want.:”

Totally agree but sadly it will fall on deaf ears – A letter to the Herald worth re-posting here.

SURELY it is to be welcomed that Neale Hanvey of the Alba party has significantly raised the standard of debate, and the tone of that debate, at Westminster, during the introduction of his Self Determination Bill, as reported by you (“Alba MP tables Indyref2 Bill in the Commons to allow vote every seven years”, The Herald February 2).

I watched the television broadcast of him doing it and am pleased to note there was none of the usual mud-slinging and political point-scoring that we often get. Instead, there was a calm and well-reasoned argument in favour of Scotland, as a nation, being granted the right to self-determination.

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3 Responses to Odds and Ends Monday 6th February 2023 – The Presidential Press Conference

  1. 100%Yes says:

    Item (1) She’s trying to win public support and keep her job. She also wasting public money and damage the case of Independence and her own party, but as we all know she’s only in it for herself.

    Item (2) I agree.

    Item (3) People who are still in the SNP have got to be thinking now that Sturgeon is wrong for Scotland and the goal of Independence, but like you said Sturgeon isn’t going to bring forward a Holyrood election, who knows that might just be the spark that triggers a challenge to her leadership, finger crossed.

    Item (4) I pretty sure the Alba party and Mr Hanvey knows its going to fail, the benefits is 1 it looks like the Alba Party is doing more for Indy than the SNP which is true. 2 it shows that the Union of equals doesn’t exist. 3 Scotland doesn’t have a say unless its approved by London.
    For Sturgeon to take this GRR to court when the opinion polls have hammered the SNP and Independence, just shows that Nicola Sturgeon isn’t bothered about anything our than 0.5% of the population. If I was the Tories, I would be hammering this home to the electorate.

    At what point is it going to take for the SNP members to realize that Sturgeon only delivers failures and based on her track record is it worth risking her being in charge of Indyref2.

    • 100%YES

      I do think Nicola Sturgeon knows that time is running out now. Barrhead Boy has Ash Regan as the next leader possibly, I really don’t know a lot about her but if or when Sturgeon does go I do hope that the members appoint someone who will clear that leadership out big time and get them back on track. There won’t be any Holyrood election until 26 if they can drag it out but the pressure is building and I do hope that continues. You are correct about Alba, I want them to make the breakthrough but I also totally get that it is going to take time, not just because they are still new but because they still face a lot of hostility, that will ease once Nicola Sturgeon and her cabal are gone. I will remain a member of Alba, although not active, and keep voting for them as I do think they have an important role to play.

      Thanks for commenting.

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