Odds and Ends Sunday 5th February 2023 – The Symbiote Returns

The right-wing symbiote returns – No apology, no embarrassment, no shame. The Tory stain who broke the UK economy is back. Despite having made us all poorer for years to come it is being reported that

“Despite the brevity of her tenure at 49 days and the inevitable controversy it will cause, friends say they expect her to draw on the public duty cost allowance (PDCA) — an annual fund of up to £115,000 to cover her office and any other administrative costs arising from her “special position in public life”.

These people will milk us until they have killed all of the poor folk off and milked the last colony dry. Tomorrow she will begin a PR blitz, she has written an opinion piece of 3,000 words in The Sunday Telegraph, arguing that her economic philosophy was right, on Monday she will make similar arguments in a pre-recorded interview with a national broadcaster, and next month she will travel to Japan to make her first public appearance overseas since leaving office.

These leeches are a cancer on all of us, it is beyond me what we put up with in this shithole of a colonial UK, how this Tory can brazenly just return, without any sort of apology or contrition for what she has done, without any of the shame the rest of us would have felt had it been us tells you everything you need to know about the scum that is elected by voters in this country.

It seems I might have upset some unionists – A question was asked on social media after the rugby yesterday by a unionist English supporter if Scotland was in fact a country. A of unionist BritScots, and YESScots were all indignant when I replied that nope Scotland is in fact a colony. Now I couldn’t give all that much of a crap about Scotland beating England at Rugby, Football, or even Bowls to be honest. As I have noted before I have never waved a Saltire, don’t sing Flower of Scotland, am not a Burns fan, and don’t celebrate St. Andrew’s night.

The simple reality is we are governed by politicians elected by voters in the nation of our colonial masters, who have by far the largest amount of colonial MPs that no matter what we want, how we vote, if we sit in their parliament or not, can do whatever they want, when they want, as much as they want. Our colonial status has seen roughly 500,000 members of our colonial master’s nation move to live in Scotland, about 7.5% of the population, thus effecting every major vote, especially the referendum in 2014, which decides our future and what we might want. Yeah we are a colony and I don’t care who I upset saying it and until we decide to become a country again I won’t stop saying it.

If this isn’t a resigning matter for Sturgeon then nothing ever will be will it – With our local authorities on their knees and job loses and cuts to services on the way this issue alone should be enough to see Sturgeon gone. To be robbed by the unionists in the 1970s with Oil and Gas was/is bad enough as it is still going on, but to know what you know and to make an even worse mistake than even that and to do it yourself is unforgivable.

SCOTLAND is expected to lose £60bn including billions from the public purse through the surrender of nearly two-thirds of the potential supply chain bonanza and the ‘underselling’ of leasing rights for the offshore wind revolution, the Herald on Scotland can reveal.

Just another scandal to fall at the feet of the incompetence that is everything Sturgeon touches, as I have said before, we really really cannot afford any more of Sturgeon wither we get independence or not. How many Billions has this woman cost Scotland now from court cases to ferries to renewables. Read the article and tell me that Sturgeon should remain First Minister , has Scotland had a worst First Minister than Sturgeon?

I just don’t care all that much – As I noted earlier I just don’t really follow national sport anymore because I just don’t view Scotland as a country in its present state. We are full of 90 or 80-minute patriots. But this whole auld enemy rubbish needs to stop, it holds us back, as does comparing public services to English public services. I despise how some English voters vote as they impose Tories on Scotland, but I don’t want English people to have shit public services any more than I do us in Scotland but I also don’t go in for this auld enemy and Flower of Scotland crap either, those days are passed now is the only part of that song that matters right now. We need to look at ourselves, our cowardice in 2014, our ignorance now, and those whom we have elected and who are making the Tories look competent, that is where we should be looking. I’ll celebrate a Scottish national team winning when we have the balls to actually be a country again.

It’s not an anti-Sturgeon day but – Even Sturgeon super fan Ruth Wishart is having a go now and can see the damage that the Sturgeon agenda has done to the cause of independence for Scotland. However, as I had noted before GRR and women’s rights are the tip of the iceberg. Her incompetence since 2014 has to be seen to be believed, everything she has touched has turned to shit in my opinion, she has not only set back independence but Scotland from rights to services, from hope to fear, from being on the edge of independence to being more of a colony than we have ever been. Alex Salmond will be remembered as the SNP leader of decent governance and nearly winning independence, and Sturgeon will be remembered as a total failure and the Tory Governments best asset ever.

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11 Responses to Odds and Ends Sunday 5th February 2023 – The Symbiote Returns

  1. wullie says:

    Alex Salmond might be remembered as the person who brought Sturgeon to the position she holds today. He was then brutaly subjected to all sorts of hoorors and not one of the snp high heid yins supported him and probably hoped he would be thrown to the dogs. How was it possible that Alex did not see through these people.

    • Wullie

      It all happened after he was gone didn’t it, maybe he was too trusting, maybe he was difficult to work for but either way they never took him on when he was in power. Tells you all you need to know about the metal of those people but power corrupts and I guess we can see that with the SNP now but the problem being the leadership of the SNP have been found not up to the task in any way. He is an innocent man, a jury of his peers said so, but they succeeded because his career is pretty much over now in some ways, maybe not in others as he guides Alba. It’s a sad state of affairs really that the SNP came to this state and dragged Scotland down with them. It is tragic in so many ways.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. panda paws says:

    Yeah the £60 BILLION isn’t just a resigning matter it is a malfeasance in public office matter imho. Frankly she and whoever else was involved in this Dutch Auction should be facing charges. She’s neo-liberal to the core now pandering to the Charlotte St Partner types. £60 billion is nearly two years of the Scottish block grant. It’s criminal. I don’t care what brings her and her cronies down but something has to!

    Iceland jailed their politicians after the banking scandal. No daft are they!

    • PP

      Goes beyond an honest mistake doesn’t it. It really is a new level of incompetence for me, people have had to resign from the Scottish Parliament for a lot less. Sturgeon must really think she is untouchable, the longer she stays though the more damage she will do to independence. I really think she should go, I have felt that way for a long time now and not just because of the recent events but because she is not any good. She has done little to improve Scotland, she has done nothing for independence, all she had achieved is to divide the country and be humiliated by the unionists at every turn when they have called her bluff. No policy, no strategic skill, nothing. I think voters will turn a lot quicker than they did with Labour.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Cubby says:

    YES YES YES Bruce – you couldn’t be more right.

    Sturgeon is a nightmare but there is probably worse to come from the SNP when she eventually departs. When even Ruth Wishart is having doubts about Sturgeon you know the end is coming for Sturgeon.

    • Cubby

      It is just a matter of time now I agree, I just can’t see Sturgeon surviving much longer to be honest, especially if the media keep the pressure on and more voters take notice of her record which let’s be fair has been poor for a long time now across the board. I don’t know if it will improve the SNP, or the governance of Scotland, probably not but her time is up now. She has been around too long and her legacy is failure no matter what the faithful might hope. I chat to SNP voters, and while they will stick with the SNP for now even they want Sturgeon to go now, they have had enough of the circus and poor governance.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. 100%Yes says:

    Lets say the UKG said OK we’ll grant a section 30 order and the SG should hold that Ref in Oct 2023. All through the campaigning you would hear how the UKG protected woman’s rights and if Scotland become Independent Sturgeon and the SNP would enforce this bill back on the Scottish population. It doesn’t take a genius to realize the UKG is on a winner here opposing this GRR Bill. We really need to rid ourselves of Nicola Sturgeon as quickly as possible, I’m afraid she won’t go even if an opinion poll stated support for the SNP and Independence was on 5% and 95% for the Union.

    To save Scotland and the SNP, the SNP needs to get rid of Sturgeon and needs a new leader to kill this bill without the UKG involvement and any new leader would have to state it wasn’t in the interest of women. Or mark my word in the up and coming Westminster election forget about winning a plebiscite election it just isn’t going to happen unless the two items mentioned above are done.

    The Indy movement can recover from this if its done quickly and right, Sturgeon is a arrogant woman who has no place in politics never mind being the Unionist voice in Scotland. She wants Scotland to fail and I’m a afraid she’ll get her wish if she hasn’t already.

    • 100%YES

      I have said for the last 3 years, if I were the unionists I would have called the SNPs bluff, it is a risk but a small one due to the lack of work on independence by the SNP. Project Fear will work one more time I think if they have to fight a referendum or election in the next couple of years. Sturgeon has been a failure for a long time now in my opinion. Her governance has been very poor, the worst from any First Minister since devolution. The SNP have now been in power too long, they look tired and out of ideas. Nicola Sturgeon looks tired, and hasn’t had any good ideas while slowly but surely damaging the independence cause no end sadly.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Black Rab says:

    I believe the ransacking of Scotland’s wealth is increasing as it cannot be too long before we close the door on the global capitalist marauders who have their fangs in Sturgeons neck and sucking up Scottish resources through her. I know that you don’t think you will see independence in your life time Grumpy but things always are tough when you go through change. It’s getting near time that voting no against your country becomes harder to justify. We either existentially destroy ourselves and become an economic, social and cultural theme park full of unionist and despairing Independenista nut jobs or we free ourselves from our colonial masters and begin to rebuild the Scottish nation state to what it should have become many years ago. We either live and build our nation as it should and could be, or we vaporise ourselves. It’s us, or them. Do or die.

    Sturgeon must be gotten rid of. Any referendum or plebiscite agreed upon by her will suit the establishment. The franchise mustn’t include english new comers as we will be overwhelmed by them. The Brit establishment will see to that.

    I didn’t get the question by the english unionist supporter asking if Scotland was in fact a country?
    No, you fuck wit, you just got beaten by The famous Wraith Rovers. What did it say on your match ticket ya wombat!?
    Maybe a 29 to 23 mandate wasn’t decisive enough and now is not the time to discuss another as we have a cluster fuck of shite to deal with while we rob the country blind for ourselves and masters.

    Grumpy, what are the people from over our border going to do without having phantom Scottish sea oil, liquid gas, renewable energy, water, whiskey, salmon, fish, beef and our other exports, people and taxes……..what are they going to do when they don’t have them to sell? What will happen to their english sterling having been stripped of oil revenues and no longer a petro-currency and Sterling tanks as a currency?
    Do you think they can afford Truss and their neo-liberal agenda without our energy and renewable bounty? That will be their very own existential problem of their own making.
    I would have Alex Salmonds image on our polymer notes that we loan to them. I know that won’t happen when we have our own currency but it’s good fun.

    Until then we will continue to be The Wraith Rovers haunting and contenting ourselves, imagining we have righted a great wrong within an 80 minute game of rugby. It is ourselves that we need to send homeward to think again!

    • Black Rab

      We are the problem I agree. Scots take far too long to get angry, we take too much crap from our colonial masters and we keep asking for more. The Tories are just doing what the Tories do, I am not surprised by them, angry very much so but surprised no. I am possibly more angry at Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP for the lack of movement on independence and the utter disgrace that has been their governance since Nicola Sturgeon became First Minister. I cannot think of one single achievement Nicola Sturgeon has done that has made any real difference in Scotland. The Scottish Child Payment maybe one thing I guess, the baby box a gimmick, free bus travel while a nice luxury but in the face of the current cost of living crisis, and Scottish budget, maybe something we can no longer afford right now. However when you look at the ferries, the hate bill, named persons, grr, court cases, harassment enquiry, theft of our renewables just shows the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon look out of ideas and tired, in power too long and all the goodwill from 2014 wasted, a legacy of failure.

      Thanks for commenting.

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