There are carrot growers, carrot eaters, and carrot danglers.

I totally welcome Neil Hanvey’s motion in our colonial master’s parliament – I appreciate that this story is two days old and I am not just getting around to it I have kinda been following some of the views and blogs on the Bill being put forward. I was impressed with how Neil has approached this even though we all know that it will lose in the English Parliament, the UK is broke without Scotland’s taxes and resources, they will cling on to the last colony for all they are worth.

A lot of people have been singing the praises of SNP MPs Joanna Cherry KC MP, Douglas Chapman MP and Angus Brendan MacNeil MP, in supporting the bill in Parliament. I just don’t have the same enthusiasm at all. There are carrot growers, the likes of Sturgeon and Robertson, carrot eaters like most of the members of the SNP, and there are carrot danglers and for myself that is the likes of Joanna, Douglas, and Brendan. I am not questioning their belief in independence, but I get so tired of the grand statements they they often make. I accept that they are lone voices in the SNP, that is the problem. If independence is the be all and end of elected members then the fact that they remain in the SNP, playing by SNP rules, and not really challenging the status quo makes them carrot danglers for me.

I admire Kenny MacAskill and Neil Hanvey for joining the Alba Party, for putting their heads on the block knowing that they will probably lose their seats at the next General Election, I hope they don’t of course as both actually do stand up for Scotland in the English Parliament, unlike far too many in the SNP who only stand up for their pensions.  So, while I applaud Neil and agree with much of what he says, forgive me for not getting over excited about any support from 3 SNP MPs, the rest will probably abstain or vote against the Bill anyway if it does not run out of time given the second reading isn’t until the end of March. I suppose at the very least it will yet again show the carrot eaters what their party actually stands for, as well as, confirm yet again our colonial status.

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9 Responses to There are carrot growers, carrot eaters, and carrot danglers.

  1. Black Rab says:

    The stakes are so high that we can’t afford to trust people like Cherry and Macneil. The SNP under Sturgeon stinks to high heaven, and has been stinking up Scotland for some time now that it’s making many, many people sick. You cannot trust anyone who tolerates working in those those conditions. There are no nationalists in the SNP. There are still bloggers who believe that some SNP politicians have some political integrity. They might, but I think stupid to warrant them any credibility based on a very low percentage of it.

    Macneil, Cherry, Robertson, Huzma whatever his second name is (never returned my calls or visits to his office) and Blah Blah etc are all rotten to their core, as are the rest of them.
    All of them olympic class curtsy and head bowing colonial shite hawks.

    • BR

      I don’t doubt that they want independence I just think that if it was your priority then staying the SNP wouldn’t be the way to do it anymore, at the very least if they must stay then challenge the leadership, fight for the members. They make statements that are welcome but need to be backed up by actions. I find, sadly, that I am switching off more and more everyday to the extent that I do wonder half the time if it even worth blogging an opinion but then that just lets the carrot eaters and unionists win.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. kurikat says:

    I agree as far as O’Neil. Cherry & Chapman go, O’Neil being the worst dangler, as every time the SNP is under attack O’Neil comes out with a wee dig at them, then settles back down in his vey comfy leather seat in WM.. I have never understood why Cherry stuck around with the abuse she got and the fact she was removed and a wanna be actress or whatever that person is, got her job, just another slap in the face that was saying LOOK who is replacing you.. I DO Believe Cherry is an Independentista & Chapman.

    But they need to be a bit braver than they are. WHY not bring about a challenge to Sturgeons leadership, do what they can to bring her down.. NOT that it would help that much if she were to go, it will be another coronation of A Roberston stepping in.. I thought we were supposed to get the people we voted for, I don’t see him ever being popular enough to become FM hence there will be a coronation..

    I get sick & tired of hearing that WM are to blame for everything, yes they are, but they are only doing what they do because the Scottish Government allow them to, & then we have the Voters who keep munching those carrots, hanging on to HER every lie..

    It is us, we the people of Scotland that is wrong, why can’t they see what is happening to their lives, to their kids futures, to this country. There isn’t another country in them told that would tolerate what this country has under Englands Rule..I despair I truly do.. I no longer trust politicians at all.. I know Alex was the best we have ever had, I wish we could have him back again, but Alex made mistakes too, his biggest of course trusting Sturgeon, Swinney, Robertson for starters.. We are a lost cause…

    • Kurikat

      Across the board, we are bereft of leadership in virtually all of the parties. Alex Salmond was the best we have had in my lifetime but through no fault of his own his impact is now limited pretty much so going forward Alba needs to think about who leads. Robertson probably will succeed Sturgeon unless the members grow a pair or the likes of Cherry do and actually stand against her but I have pretty much-given up on the SNP, the rest are just useless, corrupt, or both while Alba/ISP will need a lot of time to make the breakthrough. I tend to agree with you that right now we are pretty much a lost cause.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. panda paws says:

    I’m pleased that Kenny and Neale moved to Alba and that they are stalwart in defending Scotland’s interests. I also believe though I hate to say it, they will lose their seats in next GE. That said, the SNP NEC has taken over candidate selection and neither of them would have been selected had they stayed. Sturgeon already threw Neale under a bus by withdrawing all support in his constituency though a number of SNP activists just ignored that injunction.

    I think you’re being too harsh on McNeil, Chapman and Cherry. I think the days of Sturgeon are nearing the end. It’s better that genuine indy supporters remain in the party to stop a Robertson coronation. An SNP with Cherry as leader and Ash Regan as FM would be a different kettle of fish to the current one. Maybe I’m grasping at straws, but at least it’s not carrots 🙂

    • PP

      I agree that Kenny / Neil may well lose their seats, I really hope not but I have very little faith in many Scottish voters as far as political literacy goes. I can’t agree with you on Brendan, Joanna, and Douglas. Just carrot danglers for me now, they talk the talk but never really challenge the leadership of the SNP and that leaves me thinking that I am being played by them overall to be honest. I would never vote SNP again, and I am done being marched up the hill and down again and again, they can see what the rest of us see and unless they do something about it then I will give them as little credit as I give the rest of the carrot eaters. I would like to be proved wrong but I don’t see it happening.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. I totally agree where Angus and Cherry are concerned. When I watched Neale’s speech and saw Angus in the background my immediate thought was Why are you supporting this bill? is it just to keep the pretence up that you want Indy? As for Cherry she doesn’t impress me at all. I don’t know why some bloggers think she is great. As far as I’m concerned she is the same as the rest of the SNP. Just in it for herself. Time will tell but I think I’m right on this one. They were both voted in to get us Indy. If they really wanted it, they would join Alba and fight for Indy. They would then be doing what was asked of them, They would not be betraying the party, The party betrayed them. They both know SNP has no intentions of holding a referendum. Its more of the same from SNP M.P.s

    • Lara

      I don’t know why they remain in the SNP hence my lack of faith in any of them anymore. If they really felt the way they say then at the very least they would be at least challenging the SNP leadership on the state of that party. I think Kenny / Neil are the only 2 indy MPs we have but will probably lose their seats at the next GE and let’s face it we will still be a colony then anyway. We can only live in hope that voters wake up and see all the betrayals at some point that have been on Sturgeon’s watch.

      Thanks for commenting.

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