Odds and Ends Monday 30th January 2023

Playing a part in History or just sick servitude – Seemingl hundreds of people are coming forward to claim a role in the coronation of King Charles after a Coronation Claims committee, set up by the government, opened applications up to those who believe they have a hereditary or historic right to carry out ceremonial roles during the event in May. (Sky News)

This is the kind of thing that makes me not just roll my eyes, think oh ffs save me, and just think who applies for this shit and how desperate and brainwashed must they be. Seemingly this will involve, maybe, being able to give Charles ‘no inheritance tax’ Windsor a glove or a towel during the undemocratic enforced head-of-state ceremony. Previously claims in 1953 were to carry a towel for the Queen, give her a glove, and hold her arm. There was also a request for the right to hold a canopy over King George VI at his coronation in 1937. The servitude stinks to high heaven for me, it is just another example of people being encouraged to stay on their knees and for this crap colonial country to remember its place. It’s sick.

If the delusion is breaking then I am all for it – If this is a reality shot across the bows of the nutters, in all parties, in the English Parliament that the UK is not a military power anymore then fine with me. Too many who sit in that shit hole, including the SNP, love a good war. Appear to like nothing more than to sit in the comfort of their own homes, or the taxpayer-funded bars in the English Parliament, celebrating the deaths of innocent people in wars that are about money and resources 90% of the time and have nothing to do with actually doing something decent.

The sad reality though is that the nut jobs who sit in the nut house will probably fall for the crap that says Rishi Sunak risks failing in his role as “wartime prime minister” unless he takes urgent action given the growing security threat posed by Vladimir Putin, it has been warned, with calls for a significant hike in spending. (Sky News) These people can always find the money for death, or even deliberately not find the money for death when it comes to investment in the NHS. Still, either way, this colonial union can always find money to kill people, usually innocent people.

What grates on me are other statements like this “History will look back at the choices they make in the coming weeks as fundamental to whether this government genuinely believes that its primary duty is the defence of the realm or whether that is just a slogan to be given lip service.” The primary duty should be to ensure that people have enough to eat, that they can heat their homes, that there is a health service worth the name, and that we provide excellent public services and opportunities for the young people who come after us. That is the so-called defence of the realm for me, not killing people and making the defence industry even wealthier than it already is so that these pricks can play their silly games and the poorest continue to suffer the most.

Sad but true, or so it seems – I know it is the Telegraph, a right-wing unionist rag at best and only really good for emergency toilet paper but are they so wrong when they write

How then did their country become known as the wokest in the world? A place where a rapist was sent to a female jail after identifying as a woman; where it will be possible, if the government has its way, for people to change gender without a medical diagnosis; where social engineering has seen middle-class students seemingly outlawed by the top universities; and where the capital city regards meat as an evil to be eradicated from all public sector menus.

I accept that Scotland is not that so much different in some social attitudes to the rest of the UK, I would argue the main difference is that Scotland, or some of us in Scotland, have rejected the individualism that has been forced on us since 79 and Thatcher. The article goes on to say

‘Scotland is in many ways a ‘conservative’ – with a small c – society,’ wrote the Scottish journalist Neal Ascherson in the Observer just a year ago. 

‘The SNP’s faith that the Scots are naturally social-democratic is questioned by widespread values that are often repressive rather than liberal.’

I would agree with the above, Sturgeon has badly interpreted her own values and beliefs with the values and beliefs of many in Scotland right now, she has been wrong on many fronts for a long time and it is coming home to roost now. The sad thing on top of that is that Sturgeon and her government are right of centre rather than the left of centre they pretend to be, they just play the game with policies such as the Scottish Child Payment to keep the poor folk happy. GRR is about her popularity and legacy more than the well-being of transgender people for me. However, look at the Growth Commission, the Hate Crime Bill, the prosecutions of the independence activists they don’t like, and the Salmond trial. It’s a long list of tartan Tory policies and actions which for me are the true SNP leadership agenda.

Either way, her time is running out.

They are all a part of the stink in the Tory Party and Westminster – The papers down south might all be trying to sell us Sunak, and trying to imply that he is somehow innocent in the corrupt disgusting mess that is our colonial union. He might be trying to be the tough PM in sacking Zahawi but it is just all bullshit. Not that long ago, last year, Sunaks wife was using non-dom status to potentially avoid up to £20m in UK tax and pays just £30,000 a year to keep the status as reported in the Guardian. The sex pests, dodgy PPE contracts, parties, Brexit, the lies from hospitals to wallpaper in downing street to the billions lost by the invisible Truss Sunak was sitting around the table most of that time.

This clown is as complicit as Johnson in every way and don’t let the so-called media imply any difference, Sunak stinks as much as the rest of them.


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9 Responses to Odds and Ends Monday 30th January 2023

  1. 100%Yes says:

    If your living in Scotland it feels worse. Nicola Story could be written into a fairy tale in Scottish history, but instead she become our worst nightmare. At the start she was presented as a President with all the glamour of full stadiums and bands playing as she walks on to stage and the vision was Independence, to being a woman who’s allowed it all to go to her head. She turned Westminster from being the enemy to being our saviour when it comes to women rights.

    Her achievement as a politician is zero, she all but destroyed the Yes movement, she and her party tried to destroy Alex Salmond, its time for her to go but go she will not.

    When Sturgeon took over as FM it look as if she would achieve more than Mr Salmond had ever done, the trouble was Mr Salmond is a true Scot and a decent human being and Sturgeon couldn’t help her nature and the only thing she could do was to discredit the former FM in order to make herself look as if she had achieved more when in fact she hasn’t achieved a single thing and she reversing on all the good things Mr Salmond has done.
    It looks as if the MSM want her gone and for me this would be good for the SNP, Scotland and the Independence movement, but she would rather destroy everything than walk away with what credibility she once had.

    Even Ruth Davidson knew when to walk away and with regards to both Ruth and Nicola its Nicola History won’t be kind to and there is no one else to blame than Nicola Sturgeon.

    • 100%YES

      Agree with everything you have said. Sturgeon when she took over I think had all of our goodwill, we all wanted her to succeed. We never expected independence in 2 days but we expected her to build on the achievements of the Alex Salmond Government and the success in many ways of the referendum, within 5 months I had resigned from the SNP due to her power grad of the party, the ending of the NEC, etc. It was clear then that it was a takeover by Sturgeon and the likes of Robertson and Hosie. The members were being pushed out slowly but surely and were seen as cash in the bank, leaflets deliverers and nothing more. Since then she has become the worst FM that Scotland has had and the bar is low when you consider McConnell. She has set back independence by years for myself, she has deliberately done nothing to come up with an updated idea of what Scotland could be and done nothing to show the world that we are preparing for that day with clear plans for all the various things we will require. She is a failure in every way for me, I don’t like saying it but it is a sad fact.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. 100%Yes says:

    Bruce, it doesn’t matter what we think or what Sturgeon does, she said it all at the last SNP conference “I’ll be first Minster for a long time to come” she will destroy everything just to hold on to money and the power.
    She has made such a mess of this GRR and after all the press coverage on it, I feel sure she’ll set out to protect her own position and agree to alter the gender Bill, she will not allow it to be taken to court it will be a disaster for her and the SG and the SNP. Now she feels at risk of losing her JOB and her paypacket and has zero chance of ever being offered a job at the UN. Sturgeon is only in this game for Sturgeon and now Sturgeon is at risk she’ll do whatever it takes to protect Sturgeon.

    • 100%YES

      I think she looks tired and on the way out, she is becoming a liability and will be forced out soon enough. I don’t see her standing at the next Holyrood elections and will be out before then. I think they will try to drag things out but people are sick of her now and the SNP. I really do think the pressure is building and shows now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Alastair says:

    I think if she does not go soon she should be impeached. Or another way is a petition of no confidence in her. Either way we need rid of this useless Unionists lackey and her sham independence party.

    • Alastair

      I’m not sure we have impeachment in Scotland but I think Sturgeon looks tired and under pressure now. GRR is her undoing and I think she knows it now. She will try to leave with some dignity intact but I really do think we are seeing the end of her reign now I really do.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Alastair says:

        Hope your are right Bruce , I personally will celebrate for a week when she goes. Lets hope she takes her rotten cabal and her husband with her.
        Dissolve the Union.

        • Alastair

          I can’t see how she can maintain her position much longer I really don’t. The pressure is building, the mistakes are mounting. She been First Minister for too long and I think she knows that no matter what she says, all political careers end in failure as they say and most of them stay around too long and just don’t know it. Sturgeon has now been around too long. I have advocated in the past that there should be maximum term for First Ministers and I stick by that, 3 terms at best for all of them. The reason our politics are so crap is that we have allowed it to become a profession and not a vocation, there has to be a way to keep things fresh especially when too many voters are lazy to bother to actually look at what they are voting for in the long term.

          Thanks for commenting.

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