Political Disasters

Political Disasters – We are surrounded by them at every level in both Scotland and the colonial UK. In Scotland from GRR, the Hate Crime, and Public Order Bill, and Named Persons, to no land reform, no reform of private and social housing, Police Scotland to the SNHS to Ferries, disasters in every way.

We have a First Minister who has not just been found to be a poor First Minister, but a poor leader of the SNP, a First Minister with an unhealthy obsession with gender to the extent that this week she called those who disagree with her basically of being transphobes, all on live tv. At the same time, she has done nothing to bring independence for Scotland even a millimeter closer, if anything she has taken us further away than we have ever been. A political disaster in every way.

Our colonial masters are just as bad, unelected and liars, or both. We are surrounded by people in our political establishment that should be nowhere near our decision-making, I wouldn’t trust these people to go to the shops to get me milk, they should be nowhere near running our colony from afar, and in Sturgeon’s case up close.

If there was ever a time for a model of participatory democracy it is now, there is no way we can trust the crap politicians we have to make any decision on our behalf. It really is time for us to be more involved in the decisions that are being made. I won’t pretend that this process is in any way easy to manage, or to bring about, but look at GRR. If anything needed a citizens’ assembly it was this, Police Scotland, who asked us if we wanted that to happen. The Hate Crime Bill that will become law if Sturgeon has her way is shocking law. The list in Scotland, and the UK is such a long one now that if we don’t do something then the UK will be nothing more than the equivalent of a third-world country where Scotland will be a wasteland robbed of all of its resources to the benefit of the thieves who we have allowed to grab control.


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5 Responses to Political Disasters

  1. Joe McSoap says:

    I hate to say it, but a good part of it is that we get the politicians we deserve. The parliamentary systems can produce good government, the problem is that we have let the activists run away with the ball, and now we’re left with a choice between equally useless duffers https://wp.me/seucBI-duffers
    Overblown rhetoric about “our colonial masters” doesn’t help either

    • Joe

      I just can’t see a new Indy party starting up. Alba is the best funded out of the two, the other being ISP, they are probably the last hope. We do get the politicians we deserve especially when the levels of political illiteracy and ignorance are still high in Scotland and even higher in England. We don’t even live in a proper democracy but people they do because they get a vote, too many don’t bother to use it and that just means we get shit governments pretty much every time In my opinion and getting worse year on year. Where we go from here I don’t know if people don’t wake up and soon.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Joe McSoap says:

        Indy is toast while a large section of the public sees it (correctly) as rent-a-mob obsessed with Queer Theory/ No Nukes/ Net Zero / Recognise Palestine. Alba just follows different student union politics, we absolutely need a new pro-Indy party for grown-ups which clearly disassociates itself from the current activists and their trendy causes.

        • Joe

          Sadly it won’t happen, common sense honest politics have never existed in my life time in Scotland or the UK. I am a member of Alba and they have their extremes also but they are at least trying to get the indy message across unlike the others. Must admit I am totally against nukes, that was my first serious political view at around 14 and has never changed and won’t ever change. Net zero will never happen but we need serious investment in renewables and Sturgeon giving ours away doesn’t help.

          Thanks for commenting.

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