The UK is broken in every way

Commonweal has an article that is so spot on today – Social Housing for me is just becoming as bad as the private sector as far as ripping off renters. Social housing for me should be about providing good quality homes at a fair rent to people who would never be able to afford to buy their own home or don’t want to. It is similar to council housing and often people can get mixed up in the distinctions like charitable status, zero accountability.

Scottish social tenants are supposed to access the lowest costs in the rental sector. So why is it that in 2023 they may be made even worse off than some private tenants in secure employment?

I rent my house from Home Group (formally Home in Scotland). My rent has increased more than my salary every year since 2010. It used to be that tenants would be able to vote on the yearly rise, now it is just imposed. This year I have been informed my rent will increase by 7%, the so-called consultation is a sham, Home Group consultations always have been. These so-called social landlords are not accountable to the tenants, they are often so-called charities, but what they are is empire building of the worst kind.

This is just another scandal in Scotland, all social housing should be handed over to local councils, at least there would be a degree of accountability for tenants via local elections. The SNP/Greens talk the talk but rarely walk the walk when it comes to real progressive social policy. I will forever support independence but for myself, the SNP/Greens are just part of the establishment now in the main, they are not progressive in any way, there is no progressive in the UK now only the establishment looking after the establishment, it is heartbreaking what we are allowing our country to become. The sooner the SNP are gone the better as far as I am concerned.

Conservative Party Corruption is not new in any shape or form but you have to wonder where people have been if they are only seeing it now, have their heads been stuck up their arse. According to the poll, 65% of voters now agree with the statement that Rishi Sunak’s party is ‘institutionally corrupt’, with just 18% disagreeing. Omnisis found that 72% also agreed with the statement that senior members of the Conservative party are “more interested in personal gain than serving the public” .

This Tory Colonial Government is the most corrupt in my lifetime. They put things like the expenses crisis to shame. English voters electing Boris Johnson was the lowest of the low and just allowed the impression of theft from the tax payer to be clear for all to see that in the future historians will write about, how could so many voters in England have been taken for the mugs they are. These people are lower than shit, English voters who imposed them on Scotland and voted them into power are as thick as, and the cowards in Scotland who can’t see our colonial nightmare before them are equally as thick as. Colonial UK is a nightmare in every way and I hate the UK more than I ever have.

The world has gone fecking mad when you find yourself agreeing with and hoping that right wing Alan Cochrane is right – Sturgeon has gone too far with all of this gender campaign and I really hope both members of the SNP and voters are now seeing through her failed leadership, and failed government. I blogged a few days ago that we just cannot afford more Sturgeon, the damage she is doing to the cause of independence will see us trapped in our colonial shit hole for generations to come. She might even manage to turn people against devolution at this rate.

Cochrane writes “this week has proved her egocentric view of Scottish politics – that her way is the only way on everything – is at last foundering on the rocks of voter disapproval”. I think and hope he is spot on, breaks my heart to agree with this clown but I so hope he is.

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5 Responses to The UK is broken in every way

  1. benmadigan says:

    FM Sturgeon’s U-turn on committing a rapist to a woman’s prison showed her Gender policy for the illogical stupidity it is.
    Either once “he” proclaims “he” is a “she” the individual goes to a female prison, whatever the crime “s/he” has been convicted of.
    Or once “he” proclaims “he” is a “she” that’s NOT accepted as true and the individual goes to a male prison.
    How to uphold the GRR, yet send a rapist who self-proclaimed as “she” to a male prison?
    Choices! Choices!

    • Ben

      I think as soon as she said that the rapist was going to a male prison she lost the argument, GRR is over and she blew it because of her own ego. As soon as the public turned last week she caved in, that is what she does. She can’t stand not being liked or worship from the sheeple, that alone should tell everyone who bows down at the alter what they need to know, she is weak and needs go so we can get back to independence.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Alastair says:

    GRA is destration politics designed to alienate the electorate especially women piss them off and 50 % of the population are turned against independence.
    The is the Supreme leader’s directive from the colonial masters is to destroy the SNP as a vehicle for independence. She has almost succeeded in this ,when she finally achieves her mission she will disappear into the sunset with her big fat reward for our betrayal form a grateful establishment.
    The narrsisist has no guilt no shame or conscience.
    Dissolve the Union.

    • Alastair

      As soon as she announced the rapist was going to a male prison she lost the argument, GRR is over. She might try to go to Court etc but it’s over. She has been shown to be weak due to her ego, her need to be liked. She bent to public outrage and people can all see her for what she is, even the sheeple can see her for what she is now, it’s over. It’s all catching up now, the poor governance, the gender obsession, the zero strategy for indy, all coming home to roost. I really do think she will go soon and we can maybe get back on track if the members of the SNP grow a pair.

      Thanks for commenting.

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