Odd and Ends Sunday 22nd January 2023

Yoons, sycophants, slaves, and peasants get a 3-day pass –  King Charles’s coronation will be far from a slimmed-down event. The three-day weekend at the beginning of May will include two grand processions, a religious service, a star-studded concert held at Windsor Castle, and a day of volunteering. (Sky News) I suppose at the very least we will get a day off work, maybe, so we can get outside and avoid all of this stupid nonsense and the wall-to-wall instruction to get on your knees and worship England’s King and Scotland’s trappings of colonialism.

The posh folk, the other undemocratic Royal families from around the world, the Royals who like to execute people in their own countries, the wealthy, and some politicians, Sturgeon, will get the coronation of the King and Queen Consort at Westminster Abbey on the Saturday morning, conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Seemingly it will be “a solemn religious service, as well as an occasion for celebration and pageantry”, and involve two processions on the day.

Charles and Camilla will arrive at the Abbey in procession from Buckingham Palace, known as “the King’s procession”. After the service, a larger ceremonial procession, known as “the coronation procession”, will see them return to Buckingham Palace and join the family on the balcony.

The youngsters will get a concert filled with “global music icons and contemporary stars” who will descend on Windsor Castle for the coronation concert. Of course if you are not posh enough you will have to watch on council telly.

It will also feature “the Coronation Choir”, a diverse group of community choirs and amateur singers from across the UK, such as refugee choirs, NHS choirs, LGBTQ+ singing groups, and deaf signing choirs.

Local council taxpayers will get to pay for celebrations in other parts of the country where there will be a “lighting up the nation” moment where landmarks across the UK are lit up using projections, lasers, drone displays, and illuminations.

While on Monday poor folks will be able to trot along to the local food bank. There they can either volunteer which is being billed as “the big help out”. You just can’t make this pish up can you.

And so it begins, testing the waters – Charging for GP appointments and A&E visits is “crucial” to the survival of the NHS, Sajid Javid has declared.

The former health secretary says that without radical and controversial reform, the principles of the NHS “cannot survive much longer” as patients face lengthening waits for emergency and routine care.

This is what it is all about, this is what austerity was about. Starve local government, and national services of money and staff, refuse to give workers a below-inflation poverty pay rise, watch as waiting lists increase, services are cut, blame the workers, then sell them off to your mates on the cheap while ensuring that this reverse socialism for the wealthy has built-in profit picked up by the taxpayer. Don’t say you haven’t been warned what the Tories want to do, what Labour will allow to happen, and what the SNP will accept for a pension and a few crumbs.

When it’s a Tory Politician it is an error when it is a benefit recipient it is fraud and prison – The wealthy can do whatever they want in the shit hole that is colonial UK. Nadhim Zahawi, the former chancellor, is battling to save his political career after admitting he reached a tax settlement with HMRC following an “error” over a controversial multi-million-pound shareholding in the polling company YouGov. Mr. Zahawi, who is now the Tory party chairman, said that the tax authority had concluded that he made a “careless but not deliberate” error.

Sure it was an honest mistake, we all forget we have made millions from shares we sold on our companies and we kept our money overseas because, well, it is just what we all do isn’t it. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) prosecuted 23 times more people for benefits crimes than HMRC did for tax offenses since 2010, new research has shown.

Tax fraud cost the UK £20 billion in 2018-19, nine times more than benefit fraud (£2.2 billion), according to research from think tank TaxWatch, and the DWP employs 3.5 times more staff to enforce rules than HMRC. (Big Issue)

How this man is still in his post just sums up everything you need to understand about how shit hole Britain works and your place in it, but hey, celebrate your King’s Coronation on your knees you will be fine.

Please don’t be true –  The First Minister was asked whether she would be the person to lead Scotland to independence after New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced she had decided to stand down, saying she no longer had “enough in the tank to do [the job] justice”.

Asked Arden’s comments, Sturgeon says: “If I ever reach the point that she has clearly reached, where I think overall I just can’t give the job everything it deserves, then I hope I have the same courage she’s had in saying, ‘Okay, this is the point to go'”. She added that she hoped it would be her who led Scotland to independence, but that she cared more that the country “completes [that] journey” than whether she is still in office when it does.

We really cannot afford any more Sturgeon incompetence, Sturgeon Court cases, Sturgeon carrots, Sturgeon ferries, Sturgeon gender wars, Sturgeon lies, or Sturgeon’s ego. It really is time for Sturgeon to go, for the sake of Scotland. The unelected head of state coronation should be her last bit of servitude on behalf of Scotland, don’t let the door hit you on the arse as you go, please just go.

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7 Responses to Odd and Ends Sunday 22nd January 2023

  1. duncanio says:

    “If I ever reach the point that she has clearly reached, where I think overall I just can’t give the job everything it deserves, then I hope I have the same courage she’s had in saying, ‘Okay, this is the point to go’”.

    Sturgeon clearly hasn’t got that international civil servant job lined up yet.

    • Duncanio

      She is on the way out I think but no one knows the timing but I wish she would just go so that the SNP can just collapse and we can properly start again if the members can get back control or Alba/ISP can make some inroads but that won’t be easy. Sturgeon is a failure in everything she has touched but we can’t afford her incompetence anymore financially as a colony and as an indy movement. If she does get a cushy job somewhere it will be from the unionists or the Tories for services to the English Parliament.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. panda paws says:

    Aye she’s plenty in the tank and will be here for a while yet BUT she might not be the one to lead us to indy. See it yet those who still believe in the nuSNP or are you as blind as the SNP politicians were in Glasgow yesterday.

    • PP

      Sturgeon has failed in everything she has touched, failed lawyer, failed politician, flawed person, failed the indy movement. She has cost our colony billions and is the Tory dream, they don’t have to defend the English colonial union, they have Sturgeon doing a great job for them.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. benmadigan says:

    “Charging for GP appointments and A&E visits” – Isn’t that a lovely Brexit bonus?
    Anybody remember £350 million a week was promised to the NHS after Brexit?

    • Ben

      That has been the mantra since Thatcher, they are so close to selling off the NHS now they can taste it, they have wanted to do that since day one. It is the last thing to sell off then they will look at how councils are managed next, I would not put it past those bastards to see Amazon running a council in England soon if the Tories can stay in power and given how useless Labour is, and how right-wing the English feel they don’t have to hide anymore they can pretty much do what they want, who is going to stop them, we’re a colony and well and truly slaves and money for nothing.

      Thanks for commenting.

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