Meeting the boss or two likeminded failures meet?

Meeting the boss or two like-minded failures meet? So Nikola Sturgeon will meet Prime Minister Rishi Sunak today and I was wondering if she is meeting the boss or is it just two like-minded failures meeting for a chin wag. Seemingly NIKOLA Sturgeon will not raise controversial Holyrood gender reforms in her meeting with Rishi Sunak tonight, a Sturgeon spokesman (clingon) also said that that the constitution “may come up”, although it might not, oh dear. I guess they will just be chatting about who has the better private health care. Really what is the point of either of them to the future of Scotland? If Sunak doesn’t have the balls to raise GRR, which would make poor Nikola uncomfortable, and poor Nikola isn’t willing to discuss the very reason she politically exists allegedly, the constitution, which would make Sunak uncomfortable this is either a meeting with the boss for Sturgeon, and a selfie for Sunak to show us Scots he cares about the colonies, well the 3 that are left and that laughingly get called part of the United Kingdom lol, really it is colonized part of England.

Seemingly though the First Minister is however likely to raise the UK Government’s planned anti-strike legislation, the cost of living crisis, and NHS pressures. You know, all the things that she has little or no control over and will be decided by English MPs in the English Parliament that the house Jocks get allowed to sit in for a good wage and a decent pension as long as they play the game.

Allegedly they will meet in Inverness so this will allow Sunak to not have to enter Bute House and potentially have to face a boo or two from dirty jocks. Sturgeon will also be able to welcome the announcement that the Cromarty Firth and Firth of Forth will be getting the Tory Treasury-funded freeport sites, which are designed to attract businesses with tax breaks. Freeports that Richard Murphy has pointed out could

1) Freeports are bound to reduce the protection for workers. Light touch regulation always does in the end. Employers NIC is already going. Maybe it will be pensions next, and then what as desperate measures are taken to make this policy work.

2) Freeports increase the risk of criminals using the port, whether for drug or human trafficking, counterfeit goods or other illicit activity.

4) Regulation in freeports is going to be outsourced to the freeport operator. Really? Is that wise? Surely this creates the most massive conflicts of interest? Won’t they turn a blind eye to deliver their own economic success?

Still, I’m sure Sturgeon, and no doubt Ian Blahford, will be there with all the Tory zeal of the real Tories, you know the ones who embrace right-wing economics where the worker gets the big shaft. It was also noted that neither government is expected to issue a formal read-out of the talks, although the First Minister is expected to tweet after the meeting. Of course, she will, along with a selfie.


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10 Responses to Meeting the boss or two likeminded failures meet?

  1. 100%Yes says:

    I feel sure the conversation will be, I can guarantee PM that after the next Westminster election Scotland will still be a region of England. I’m doing it for King and Granny in Newcastle. So, he can go back to England and try and win the next Westminster election with the help of the NUSNP. She’ll put the flags out it makes her look as if Scotland important to her when we all know it’s not, she a true Brit.

    • 100%YES

      I am not hopeful when you read the statements being made and the fact that we know that free ports don’t work and are a race to the bottom, the fact that the SNP have bought into this says it all really. Sturgeon won’t raise anything with him at all, he knows she is no risk to the union, and she just wants to keep her position a little longer until something better comes along before she is forced out.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. GM says:

    Very concise appraisal of this meeting. Very worrying times.

    • GM

      It is all very British, isn’t it? Free ports are a race to the bottom, Sturgeon is no threat to the union and Sunak knows that, while she is just looking to stay in her position until something better comes along. It’s all very sad and demotivating for the wider yes movement.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • GM says:

        Aye, it is. You are right. Sturgeon is the branch manager up here effectively. Freeports, Scotwind, No to Land reform, Independence shelved, … In return team Murrell and its pet politicians fill their bank accounts and pension pots. It is extremely sad and damaging. I am certainly depressed about the state of things. I am still able to summon the motivation to nurse the wrath to keep it warm though. Man, I utterly despise these characters.

        I hope something breaks for the people this year and thereafter the people’s rights can be repaired. In order that we don’t give up hope we have to believe that we can recover that which is being lost under the Murrells or people might conclude that there isn’t enough left to build a country on.

        • GM

          I think WoS is correct and we are in for the slow letdown, or those who fell for Sturgeon’s crap, are in for a letdown. The rest of us never expected anything less so it won’t come as any surprise at all in any shape or form. She is coming across as the colonial manager isn’t she, all such a letdown from what she had been left when Salmond stood down.

          Thanks for commenting.

          • GM says:

            This is what the Angry Weegie wrote on the comments section of his last blog post,
            ”The SNP are no longer a political party. They’re simply a money making scheme which promises riches to all those who agree to suspend critical thinking for the duration of their term of employment. Sturgeon is just doing what she thinks will make her the most money and improve her chances of a post-SNP high profile sinecure. She has no longer the slightest interest (if she ever did) in independence, in Scotland or in the Scottish people.”

            The Weegie is spot on in his assessment in my opinion. What do you think?

            • GM

              Yes and no, I think it is about money and security for some of them. For Sturgeon I think it is more about ego and legacy, she knows that no matter what she does she will never ever be regarded anywhere near Alex Salmond as a politician, or in the eyes of many in the movement. She is a failure and I am not convinced she is 100% for independence, I was at the start as many were, but that wore off within 6 months. At best she is a gradualist but she is all for herself end of.

              Thanks for commenting.

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