Is there anything worse than a fake Tory –

Is there anything worse than a fake Tory – Rishi Sunak annoys the crap out of me, as virtually all Tories do to be fair, but someone who annoys me, even more, is (Sir) Keir Starmer of the working man and woman’s party Labour. Every time I hear this charlatan speak the photo on the left becomes more accurate every time. This guy just oozes fake in every way, he does not come across as honest, as trustworthy, as decent, or as a man of principle. This guy will do and say anything to get to where he wants to be and I don’t even know why because he is not believable in any shape or form.

During the Labour Leadership contest, Starmer made 10 pledges to win the contest. He has broken every one of them or is on the way to since he won that contest, and he did it again this weekend. At the weekend we learned that Labour won’t abolish Universal Credit but in fact support it and will reform it, they also admitted to supporting sanctions.

This man just lies, Labour just lie, just like the Tories, just like the SNP, they are all FibDems now.

Starmer first demanded a 5% rise to the top rate of income tax and corporation tax, and when the Tories did just that he ordered Labour MPs to abstain. He pledged public ownership of public services and then said he would not re-nationalize energy companies and has just this weekend said that he is happy for private health care to replace the NHS. He said he would unite Labour and stick to Jeremy Corbyn’s policies, he then threw Corbyn out of the Labour Party and ditched every policy.

He said he believed in free movement of people from the EU, but now says it is a red line and won’t come back. The same as he supported another referendum on the EU and now doesn’t. He said there will be radical devolution but just last week said that he knows better than Scots do and there will be no change as Scots want a Labour Government but he did say Scotland was not stuck in the union lol. The only thing he hasn’t really broken to date is the trade union pledge but he needs their money so give him time.

Starmer is doing the rounds this week and I just really hope that Scottish voters don’t fall for this clown’s lies, he is worse than the Tories, at least with them they just tell you as they don’t care, Starmer just lies all the time, he makes Boris Johnson look honest.

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9 Responses to Is there anything worse than a fake Tory –

  1. Alastair says:

    When you look a Al Jazeera’s Documentary on the Labour party files you understand how the establishment take over and water down politics in UK,Ok. They ensure that you only have one choice Red Tory or Blue Tory it does not matter which way you vote it’s a rigged game .What is alarming with the Al Jazeera’s documentary you see how the few have coerced ,smeared and destroyed Corbyn which makes you draw the inevitable comparison with Salmond and the Murrell cabal in the SNP. The Documentary shows how the internal democratic process of electing Candidates for the Council and MPs for parliament and how it is controlled by the cabal and usurped for their own ends. Does this not ring a bell. Party Democracy is shut down in an attempt to make you think you are getting democracy but instead under the false vinear of democracy you are stiched up by a greedy elite how protect their wealth from the Taxman. Only their candidates are supported by the Media. Thus the elites ensure ordinary people do not get what they want. Starmer is a stougge as is Sturgeon, 8 years of sound bite, theatre, playing to the crowd when she could have ended the Union in 2015. We need real change ,I hope Alba stand candidates at the next election cause it will solve my voting dilemma.
    Dissolve the Union.

    • Alastair

      I haven’t watched the documentary, but I should find the time to do that. I did read Owen Jones’s book about Corbyn’s time as leader and while it was shambolic in so many ways what individual MPs and staff did to him was pretty much disgusting. I didn’t at any point agree with his stance on Scotland, it appeared he thought the only colony in the world that could not be independent was in fact Scotland, absolutely stupid position to take along with his other views. But it was clear in Jones book that the man was subject to the most disgusting bullying and backstabbing and after reading the account from someone who was there I was shocked and disgusted, at least the Tories stab their leaders in the front, and don’t hide in the background and Starmer by the sounds was the man doing a lot of nastiness from behind the scenes. I cannot stand Starmer in any shape or form, the man is a charlatan in every way and I would not trust him as far as I can throw him or the Labour Party, they should join with the Tories as there is little difference between them and the fact their members refuse to see this is like the carrot eaters in the SNP.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Stuart MacKay says:

    The Labour leadership were so obsessed to get into power they made a bargain with The Devil (Thatcher). Soon it will be time to pay the debt and they’ll have nothing to show for it. They should have stuck with Corbyn. It would have meant wandering for 40 years in the desert but their time would have come and the party would have survived in some form that was recognisable to Keir Hardie. Now it’s Democrats USA Lite and doomed to sit in opposition forever.

    • Stuart

      I had no time for Corbyn’s views on Scotland which did not fit with his views on other countries and colonies at all. What the Labour Party did to him though was disgusting, to say the least, the man was bullied and betrayed at every turn, and Starmer if you read Owen Jones’s book was working behind the scenes. Labour are a disgusting party filled with the same type of carrot eaters that the SNP are sadly. I don’t get that they can’t see what has happened to their party, they are just Tory in every way now, the SNP are slowly going down that road in many ways also, it makes you wonder why you bother to vote at times. I think a lot of voters in England, when push comes to shove, at the next GE will just stay Tory as there is no difference at the end of the day so for them better the devil you know and that will leave voters in Scotland with huge questions to ask themselves as I really don’t think we will see any real change here either. The SNP will win, just, but they will fail on the constitutional front. Alba/ISP will increase their vote slightly but will probably not make any breakthrough at all really sadly so we will be in exactly the same position we are now which is going around in circles with no end in sight other than continued crap governance and colonial status. It really is heartbreaking.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. SoupCruncher says:

    He’s a real Tory, but a fake socialist

    • SoupCruncher

      Totally agree, he is a charlatan in every way for myself. I really can’t stand Labour or Starmer, the Tories are liars but at least they do it to your face and don’t give a shit but Labour they are deniers and fakes all the way.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Alastair says:

    Colonialism is our curse and particularly for those who dont see or choose not to see. We have been brainwashed form birth in this coercive Union, truma bonded through deindustrialisation and enforce impoverishment but since Brexit the true nature of the Union is in full view for all to see. The media propaganda machine is our bane but despite this people are coming to an understanding that the SNP are not what they seem. The worm is beginning to turn, people are sick of Sturgeons inaction. Alba will eventually make a breakthrough.
    I had to laugh at the SNP yesterday in Westminster I dont want the SNP
    to reform a corupt UK parliament , more time wasting .I want them to get me out of this shit rotten to the core Union. All the SNP offer is theatre for the loons and another wasted mandate and opportunity. There reality check will eventually come to them like Labour before them.
    Dissolve the Union.

    • Alastair

      Totally agree. I am of an age when Scottish history was avoided at school and we got English history dressed up as British some of the time, most of the time it was just English history lol. I didn’t see PMQs as working so didn’t see the latest SNP failure thankfully. They are an embarrassment, all of them. I know many like Cherry, Whitford, and McNeil, but I don’t have much time for them either as they spout the talk but do little about it other than a tweet here and there while also playing the British game and hiding behind the why I was elected mantra like the rest of the pension grabbers. We are colonized all the way and I just don’t see how we get out of it as far too many Scots are politically ignorant and just don’t care, it is heartbreaking it really is how stupid many of our fellow Scots are.

      Thanks for commenting.

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