Two Faces of England on the same arse

Two faces of England two pretty disgusting articles – Sometimes you just read something that sadly makes the blood boil to a degree and makes you sigh to a degree because we should be used to it by now. The first one is an article written by Rod Liddle which I found to be a bit disgusting to be honest on the one hand, and again a deep sigh because this is how many on the right view us, us being Scots. Liddle is writing about finding out through one of those DNA sites that he is 87% Scottish. Liddle writes

Imagine how this feels! One moment you are comfortable with the notion of yourself as a decent, solid, industrious Englishman – and then it is revealed that you are, instead, a chippy, grasping, salad-dodging smackhead who is unable to define the term ‘woman’. It is like suddenly finding out, at the age of 62, that you were adopted and your real parents were serial killers. I suppose it explains why, during a hot summer, I totally fail to tan but instead resemble the victim of acute radiation poisoning, suffering cracked and flayed skin, bleeding gums, and hair loss. Such a shattering blow to one’s self-esteem and self-worth. The only consolation is that henceforth I shall expect everybody else in England to subsidise me through their taxes, while simultaneously demanding total independence from them. (Rod Liddle)

I’ve read some pretty shit stuff about us Scots but this has to be one of the most disgusting I have read to date. I know we should maybe not be surprised, it is Rod Liddle. Writes for the Spectator, worked for the BBC, has been accused of misogyny and racism in the past and made the disgusting comment about Harriet Harman, deputy leader of the Labour Party, when he wrote “So — Harriet Harman, then. Would you? I mean after a few beers obviously, not while you were sober.”

His article is mainly about his wife’s experience of the NHS in England over Christmas as she was ill but was there a need to start with his ignorant, and plainly insulting and disgusting comments about Scotland. He just sums up what many on the right in England think of Scotland, how many in the Tory Government probably think of Scotland and they wonder why 50% want out, how it is not more of us is beyond me. When the mask slips in England on the right, and on the left at times, we see how they really feel about us.

This is a class war and the right are up for the fight and we had better be –  The second article just sums up the right in England for me now and what we face if we don’t get moving to escape this colonial nightmare that is the UK. Ben Marlow arch right-wing City apologist writing in the Telegraph

Sunak must seize the opportunity to break the power of the unions forever, and that requires real action rather than words (Ben Marlow)

We shouldn’t be surprised by the union-bashing, and in effect, having a go at working people fighting for a fair wage. I don’t often wish hardship on people but there are times when you would just love people like Marlow to lose it all and have to go cap in hand to the services that millions of hard-working people have to go to, to suffer the same feelings of shame as they are treated less than scum for daring to not want to starve and to feed their children.

This is what these scumbags do, read the articles. It is always someone else’s fault, if you are poor then it is your fault you are poor. These people will turn the clock back to the dark ages slowly but surely, they will remove every protection you have, they will remove every service you rely on, and we had all better wake up to that fact.

I often get accused of being a socialist, not that there is anything wrong with that, but I’m actually not. There is a place for capitalism, I have no issue with people making money, even a lot of money. Socialist ideas and capitalist ideas can live side by side as long as both are regulated fairly, that tax is fair, that power is shared, and fairness and decency are at the heart of the decision-making processes. However, in colonial Scotland under the SNP and Tories in our colonial masters English Parliament, it won’t ever happen. It is not even a dream, but we have to keep going, we have to keep our defenses up and we have got to fight these people with everything we have.

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9 Responses to Two Faces of England on the same arse

  1. wullie says:

    plastic English man second class

    • Wullie

      I bang on about Tories, and even how ignorant some voters in England appear to be but have never gone that far. I just found Liddle’s comments beyond the pale and it says everything about him and we know the Spectator is just a right-wing rag full of hate.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. lorncal says:

    I could have told Rod Liddle that he has Scottish roots without any recourse to DNA. Like Kelvin MacKenzie. Many of those of Scots ancestry living in England, in particular, are at great pains to separate themselves from us because they’re embarrassed or ashamed. They are usually dead set against independence, too, because, if their forbears had to leave Scotland to find a job or whatever, those damn haggis-munchers are not going to get off scot-free to improve themselves in Scotland. It is a symptom of a tide of anti Scottish feeling that seems to be sweeping England right now, especially since the GRR stuff. Many of them want nothing to do with us now. I wouldn’t be surprised if England leaves us and all the madness behind them.

    • Lorncal

      I think the anti-Scottish feeling has always been there, I have certainly experienced it every time I been down to England although I do avoid that as I do think it is actually a shit hole of a place but it is more blatant now. Liddle is just a joke either way, as is the Spectator, but I was surprised that they allowed it to be printed and it just goes to show they don’t care and are happy to stoke the fire. It will no doubt get worse if the SNP ever get off their arse and do something useful but I am not holding my breath.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Alastair says:

    My father was in the RAF in the second world war and found anti Scottish resentment daily all the way throughout the war. He was contually called a Scottish bastard by his English officers. My son who joined the Army also experienced this racist abuse. This is the true nature of colonialism which is a master slave relationship.
    Like the Roman’s ,they our masters use an enemy to fight a enemy.Durring the first world war 26% of Scottish troops did not come back home dying in foreign lands. The statistics for the rest of the UK was 11%. Scots where only 8% of the population. You then begin to understand.
    Dissolve the Union

    • Alastair

      Every time I’ve been down South I have experienced anti Scottish sentiment directed at myself. I don’t go down much thankfully as I actually find England a bit of a shit hole to be honest and would hate to have to live there. My Dad also experienced it during WW2 in the Navy, all Scots sailors but mostly English Officers, it’s their way to keep us colonised I suppose. Liddle is just another, as it turns out, house jock and that is funny.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Jim Chalmers says:

    Not everyone agrees with these people:

    “Of all the small nations of this earth, perhaps only the Greeks surpass the Scots in their contribution to mankind.” Winston Churchill.

    ” We look to Scotland for all our ideas of
    civilisation”. Voltaire.

    God help England if she had no Scots to think for her.” George Bernard Shaw.

    “It is my Scottish roots that have enables me to keep a sincere and realistic approach to everything I do. Nicola Benedetti, virtuoso violinist

    • Jim

      All true and yet 50% are still house jocks, how does that work. It is heart breaking that the views of those people are shared by all too many so called Scots.

      Thanks for commenting.

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