No Clue and being taken for a Dick

None of them have a clue do they, we are so screwed. Now I consider myself pretty much up to date with politics in Scotland, not as up to date as some, but not as bad as others. That it takes Douglas Ross to inform me that the first Holyrood debate of 2023 is to be independence says all I need to know about the SNP Government, it’s only today that anyone from the SNP has spoken about this debate that I can see. Angus Robertson has said that Tuesday’s debate at Holyrood will see MSPs asked to reaffirm the belief “that the people of Scotland have the right to determine the form of government best suited to our needs” How many more times do we have to go through this nonsense, do the SNP live on carrots, they really have no clue. We bloody know already that it is up to Scottish voters to decide our constitutional future, the SNP need to get on with it, enough talking.

Douglas Ross made me laugh out loud though when he revealed Scottish Tories are planning their own special conference for the following month – saying he would use this event to set out a “vision that will deliver an end to the nationalism that has divided Scotland since 2007” – the year the SNP came to power at Holyrood. Another deluded fool, he doesn’t eat carrots though, he eats bullshit fed by his colonial masters in the big smoke London.

The other deluded fool Keir Starmer said recently that he recognises that Scots do not want the “status quo”, but stressed that change will be best delivered as part of the UK under his leadership. No clue, no ideas, no policies, no brain.

We really are in trouble when this is the best we have as far as elected politicians go. It is so easy to lose hope in all of it isn’t it, independence, Scotland, the UK. We are going around in circles, even Wings is going around in circles, we are being played with and taken for mugs. Some days I just  feel like I am losing all hope and being taken for a dick.

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11 Responses to No Clue and being taken for a Dick

  1. Black Rab says:

    The planet is in the shape it is in because governments all over the globe can take us all for total dicks. Scotland is at least on a path to a constitutional shake-up that will stun the world. All countries need a massive constitutional shake-up if we are to survive on this planet with a good standard of ‘life’ for one and for all. Sturgeon, Ross, Starmer and Sunak are fucking laughably detrimental to the health of the four nations on these islands. All of those people are fucking dick fucking wads. They consider themselves successful. Our task………we get rid of them. Develop a new constitution that legally stops sociopaths helping themselves to the fruits of our collective labours.

    • BR

      I really hope we are on the way to constitutional change I really do, Scotland, the world, and people badly need it. The so-called educated wealthy, the politicians have and are screwing us all over. It really doesn’t have to be like this, it doesn’t all have to be about money, about power. We have got to stop electing these pricks, members of parties need to either have control or leave those parties and join one where you do have control. We are in trouble and we have the most useless set of pricks in power than we have ever had.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. You are 100% correct Bruce. There is none of them has a fucking clue. They are a circus.

    • Bob

      They are so thick and beholden that it is frightening. The UK is in a race to the bottom, Scotland is being dragged down with it, workers and the poor are being made to starve and yet too many are still not willing to open their eyes, and their minds. It is so frightening the level of apathy and fear that is out there, I know I only blog and march but it is something I suppose, even more, did that we might see some change.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. duncanio says:

    “How many more times do we have to go through this nonsense, do the SNP live on carrots, they really have no clue. We bloody know already that it is up to Scottish voters to decide our constitutional future, the SNP need to get on with it, enough talking.”

    That is absolutely correct Grumps.

    However, pusillanimous platitudes, simpleton sloganeering and repetitive rhetoric is all the SNP and supposed Independence supporting columnists in The National have got.

    For many (most?) Independence is just an industry out of which they make a rather comfortable living, thank you very much.

    There is no plan.

    • Duncanio

      Gradualism is the plan, it has been from the start the SNP just won’t admit it for fear of being found out. They would be happy to take the scraps over the next 50 years if it keeps them in the style they are now accustomed to and that it might add up to a power in time. Problem being we don’t have the time anymore, we are being asset stripped, governed badly in our own colonial parliament and our English masters one. We are in a race to the bottom and we are all being dragged down, we are seeing our rights disappear before our eyes and too many are happy to sit and watch, especially the SNP. You just can’t make it up anymore can you.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. capnandy2 says:

    Good Morning Bruce.
    With regard to Keir Starmer. Check out the recent cartoon at the Wings website. An absolute cracker and bang on.
    Take Care.

    • Capnandy2

      I saw that thanks, Owen Jones has a really good take on his latest lie about the NHS. Starmer is more disgusting than even the worst Tories, he lied on everything to get the leadership of the Labour Party, how anyone stays a member of that party is beyond me. Just a Tory Party now but then most of them are.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Stuart MacKay says:

    To a certain extent you’re right that Wings is going round in circles. The gender thing is an easy outrage generator but it’s a subject that Campbell has invested a lot in and given that the bill just passed it’s still probably worth banging on about it – if only to try and miitigate the long-term consequences of losing a sizeable percentage of independence voters, i.e. women. Campbell is just getting back into the fray, so I’d given a little time for him to let it all out. If we’re still seeing the same content six months from now then I think alarm bells should start to ring.

    • Stuart

      I’m not having a go at any of the bloggers it is just where we are at right now, it feels like we are ticking over to an extent and that is ok to keep us going and writing. The waiting on the SNP to a degree is the problem I think but we are stuck with them for now sadly but it is what it is I guess. The sooner we get the opportunity to give them a kicking at the voting booth the better, I know we won’t be able to replace them but we badly need some new voices in the parliament as it is all so poor now and filled with MSPs taking a wage under false pretenses.

      Thanks for commenting.

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