We’ve been colonised what is their excuse –

We’ve been colonised what is their excuse – At least we have the excuse of being a colonised people what excuse do the English have for putting up with this rubbish on a daily basis with more to come and a coronation to boot. I don’t watch all that much tv other than catch up on some shows that I like but I do listen to the radio and today was one of those days where you are glad you are not eating porridge as it would have been all over the walls with more of this Windsor crap everywhere and even more alarming the amount of English folk phoning in and commenting, as they did when Elizabeth Windsor passed as if this was their family.

The UK is a joke, it is bad enough that we don’t live in a democracy, we appear to be always at war with someone because of the delusion too many of our politicians have of what they think is the UK’s influence as a global power lol, and we have to put up with the whole undemocratic bullshit that is the Windsor family. What is even more frightening is that it would appear the majority in England don’t even understand what this family is about and the power they have over all of us. We are colonised which is bad enough, but the English, they have never gotten past their servitude to this garbage.

The really sad thing is that it is all designed to keep the focus of what is really going on in the UK hidden, and in particular in England, where children according to teachers are eating elastic bands in some cases they are so hungry, where the scumbag Tories are about to bring in anti-strike legislation designed to make it illegal to remove your labour when in dispute with your employers, taking what it left of your industrial power and giving it all to bosses, as well as, threatening trade unions with basically bankruptcy by making them eligible to pay losses to companies if a strike goes ahead,. They are forcing workers to cross picket lines which their family, friends, and colleagues might be on.

The Tories are the scum of the earth and I cannot believe that so many in England are falling for all of this crap, there were even people phoning LBC this morning talking about this story, the unions, then saying they will still vote Tory. What the hell don’t they get, oh my God I am losing the will. These bastards have declared war on the working class and the working class are too stupid to see what it is that is being done to them, that they are being played for the stupid ignorant servants they appear to be as far as the Tories are concerned. It is bad enough that too many in Scotland remain colonised and suffering from Jockholme syndrome, but people in England are just acting like bloody servants to be played with. What will it take to get people off their arse in the 4 colonised nations, England hasn’t colonised Scotland, depraved Royalty, the political class, and the wealthy have. We are so messed up it is frightening beyond belief.

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  1. Black Rab says:

    A better world is always possible as you know only too well Grumpy. Intelligence does that to you. Don’t let that grind you down Grumpy. You will have to live with your intelligence and your socialism, maybe for want of a new improved meaning of what that means. The problem is that way too many people are only too willing to eat out of date shite filled shitey crunchy wi carrot sandwiches that are served up to them daily. They fucking love it.

    People are only too happy to suck up the shite as long as they can pay their bills………..how ambitious of them. They too, think themselves successful because they have a German car on tick. Your children are earning pitiful wages in retail and won’t get a German car unless it’s 1/72 scale.

    • BR

      Thank you for the encouragement, I won’t give up even on the days I feel like I want to. 54 now so I might as well be the miserable old git until the end, I have added that I am pretty much no longer all that diplomatic now at work or in my personal life either. Nothing to lose, just say it as it is, people don’t like it they can go do one. I also do try to keep learning though, read a lot, listen a bit, and watch tv not so much. Visiting my Mum this morning and she was watching the Sunak interview if you could call it that. He rarely answered a question, was allowed to get away with it, and lied a lot, again allowed to get away with it. Who votes for these pricks is beyond me and if we keep settling for political shit and robbers then it gets worse and we get poorer until we are back in the new dark age. It really is heartbreaking how thick and stupid voters are to put up with this shit.

      Thanks for commenting.

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