2023 – the Year of Accountability

Accountability – I don’t make New Year Resolutions, and I don’t even make that many plans other than living for the next day, sometimes the next hour is enough for me to get through. Maybe that is the case for many of us, given the cost of living crisis just getting through the next minute is maybe an achievement for many people.

What I can say about 2023 though is that it does, in my opinion, need to be the year of accountability for Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. We may not have an election to show our judgment but we do have our voices, we do have social media, and we do have emails and letters that can be written to elected representatives. We have new media, which is more important than many realise and very important in getting our thoughts and feelings across. We were all, or most of us, were delighted at the return of Stuart Campbell and Wings Over Scotland after his prolonged break and we will look forward to his analytical take down of the unionists and the SNP where appropriate but what I learned in his absence was that new media is in so many ways more important because it is the voice of one wing of the yes community, the ones that will deliver the leaflets, go on the marches, challenge the status quo.

We need this year to see movement towards the goal of our right to decide our own future and the independence of Scotland if that is the choice that is made at whatever point in the future. We need to see a proper strategy from Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP from a political point of view, no more delay, no more super carrots, no more conferences masquerading as constitutional conventions that are designed to take us all for a bunch of pricks.

We need a return to good governance, forward thinking governance within our colonial settlement, we need to look to our Scandinavian neighbours and learn from them, about devolving power downwards, about proper progressive policy that improves all our lives and move away from both incompetence and the increasingly right wing neo-liberal policies of the current SNP. GRR and the bottle scheme are not progressive one is pandering to a minority and the other a waste of time in the current climate change battle.

This year more than any other has to be the tipping point. As the Tories threaten more anti-union legislation which attacks working people, as the Tories continue to under fund public services in England resulting in less colonial pocket money for Scotland we need strong government and competence more than ever. What we have is a party in Government whose Ministers and MPs are more interested in blocking voters on social media than doing what they were elected to do, it is not good enough. We cannot hold the Tories to account, we have been doing that since 1955 to no avail, our vote and our voice does not matter in the English Parliament so we look to the Scottish one and they have failed.

The wider yes community need to be clearer than they have ever been with the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon, they need to be forced to understand that if they don’t get back to good governance, and if they don’t move Scotland towards independence with a clear inclusive strategy then members need to leave that party in even greater numbers no matter the emotional ties, the wider yes community, and new media, need to sadly do more to bring the incompetence and betrayal of the SNP and Sturgeon to the fore. This year has to be the year that Sturgeon and the SNP are held accountable for their failure in any way we can.

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3 Responses to 2023 – the Year of Accountability

  1. Alastair says:

    It’s time to ditch Sturgeon she is a dead duck leader. With GRA she is bringing the Scottish government and Hollyrood into disrepute by intent. This is so her Unionists pals can shut down Holyrood and kick independence into the long grass forever. We have had enough of Sturgeons betrayal and her NuSNP sham independence party. We need change urgently, children going cold and hungry. The elderly, we all need hope but all Sturgeon has to offer is acquiescence ,capitulation ,and complicity. When she finally goes from office she will get her peice of eight as her reward from our colonial masters. Mean time we are all starving, cold and frightened to put the heating on. We need out of this corupt, rotten to the core parasitical Union, Now. I dont see the SNP trying to do anything about it or even striving for independence. If the SNP won’t get on with it ,well will get some other party who will. ALBA.
    Loyalty is earned but since 2015 the SNP have not done a jolt for Scotland people now realise that it’s all down to Sturgeons dud leadership. Her alienation of women is despicable , again this is with the motivation of turning 50% of the population (Women)against independence. She is stuffing us at every turn.

    • Alastair

      Sturgeon is on the way out it is just the timing either way but the whole lot of them need to be held to account somehow and people need to grow a pair and understand that all the parties are broken. Sturgeon has been around too long now, maybe Salmond as well, Sarwar, maybe it is time for finding new blood and new ideas. The UK, and Scotland, are broken, it’s all falling apart and it is going to get worse I suspect. The anti-union legislation if it happens will start a war of a kind, I just can’t see people being pushed much further but the politicians are out of control now, the right wing nut jobs in England and the woke warriors in Scotland who are all starting to look like perverts and the politicians who empower them, we are screwed if we don’t hold them to account and soon.

      Thanks for commenting.

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