A Grumpy Survey – The Results

112 respondents took part in my latest survey so thank you all very much for taking the time during the holidays. The survey is not scientific in any way, it is not weighted, and it is not up to the excellent James Kelly standard of questions or analysis but it is a bit of fun and I do tend to find the results interesting.

Q1 Do you think there will be a General Election in 2023? 82.1% (92) went for No there won’t be a General Election in 2023 and 17.9% (20) went for Yes. Personally – I went for no as I just can’t see the Tories risking it right now for a few reasons. Milking the taxpayer for all we are worth, they haven’t finished robbing us enough, and they will want to leave as big a mess for a potential Labour Government as possible to try and make them a one-term Government.

Q2 – Do you think Rushi Sunak will get through 2023 as Prime Minister?  66.1% (74) went for Yes Rushi Sunak will get through 2023 as Prime Minister with 33.9% (38) going for No he won’t make it. Personally – I went for Yes he will get through the year, just, but only if he can be seen to be hard on refugees fleeing British-caused hardship, bring in anti-union legislation, and sell off some stuff on the fly that his right-wing voters either don’t care about or are too thick to notice.

Q3 – If there is a General Election in 2023, who will you vote for?  83.9% (94) went for the Alba Party, 8% (9) the SNP, 3.6% (4) won’t vote, 1.8% (2) the Scottish Green Party, 0.9% (1) went for ISP, Scottish Liberal Democrats, and Scottish Labour Party. Personally – If there is a General Election this year then I will stick with the Alba Party. I appreciate that won’t be the advice from James Kelly and I accept he is far more strategically aware than myself on this one but I will never vote SNP again in the future for independence because I just don’t believe they are willing to do what it takes to win it. I really believe the SNP would settle for slightly more colonial devolution but I must admit the high number for Alba does surprise me on this one.

Q4 If there were a Holyrood Election for the Scottish Parliament in 2023, who would you vote for?  89.1% (98) would vote for the Alba Party in a Holyrood election if one is held in 2023. 6.4% (7) SNP, 1.8% (2) went for both Scottish Labour and ISP Parties, 0.9% (1) Scottish Liberal Democrats. Personally – I will vote Alba Party as the SNP are just not getting my vote ever again plus I think it is time for a change I really do. The SNP are incompetent in most cases now and have been in power too long, and are out of ideas pretty much. I just hope the carrot eaters are starting to wake up now to that fact. Surprised and glad that Alba is getting as many positives I really am as I do believe the party, along with ISP, is our last real hope politically.

Q5 Do you think that Nicola Sturgeon will resign as First Minister of Scotland in 2023? 81.3% (91) don’t believe that Nicola Sturgeon will resign as First Minister in 2023 with 18.8% (21) believing she will resign. Personally – I went for yes. I think she will go this year but late in the year, I just don’t think the carrots will be strong enough and I suspect she will have a cushy role all set up somewhere but you never know with her ego and sense of importance, as well as, her desperation for attention and control.

Q6 Do you think the cost of living crisis will get? 49.1% (55) respondents went with the cost of living crisis getting a lot worse, 40.2% (45) worse, 7.1% (8) staying the same, 2.7% (3) that things will improve, and 0.9% (1) things will improve a lot. Personally – I went with things will get a lot worse. The reason for that is the scumbag Tory Government being useless and doing as little as they can to help, I also think that we are going to really get hit by a recession for the same reason and none of the politicians have any idea how to even begin to sort out our problems and our colonial status drags us down with the rest.

Q7 Do you agree with the Scottish Parliament passing the Gender Reform Act? 94.6% (105) respondents do not agree with the passing of GRA with 5.4% (6) agreeing with the passing of GRA at Holyrood. Personally – I went with against but purely on the basis that it does not take into account the concerns of women and girls, their voices have not been heard in this debate and the pro-GRA voices in the Scottish Parliament have acted shamefully in ignoring those voices. Transgender men and women need to be supported and treated with compassion, however, the issue is complicated and I am not convinced that GRA protects any side of this debate, in fact, it makes it less safe in my opinion.

Q8 Do you believe the UK should re-apply to join the European Union? 66.1% (72) respondents believe the UK should re-apply to join the EU with 33.9% (37) believing the UK should not. Personally – I went with yes even though I voted leave in the referendum for a lot of different reasons. While I still have serious reservations about the EU and would prefer an EFTA-type agreement even I can see that the UK has handled this as badly as anyone could have to the extent we are a basket case and a laughing stock the world over now with things only going to get worse. I also think that Labour are cowards for refusing to even remotely have an honest opinion on this issue for fear of upsetting the racists in England for fear of not being able to get their vote.

Q9 Should Scotland be an independent Country? 95.5% (107) respondents believe Scotland should be an independent country with 4.5% (5) saying no Scotland shouldn’t become an independent country. Personally – Of course, I went for yes and have believed Scotland should be independent since I was about 14 years old. It is all about democracy for me and always has been. I am 54 years old and have never lived in a democracy in the UK, that is a disgrace and should be a badge of shame on all of us.

Q10 Did you watch the King’s Speech on Christmas Day? 96.4% (106) did not watch the King’s speech on Christmas Day with 3.6% (4) indicating they did watch it. Personally – I have never seen a Queen’s speech when the last unelected head of state was alive so there was no way I was going to spoil my proud record on that front. I am surprised 4 respondents did watch it, if there is one thing that sums up everything that is wrong with the UK it is the Windsor family and the fact that we are force-fed this shit on a daily basis.

Q11 What did you have to eat on Christmas Day? 41.9% (44) had turkey to eat on Christmas Day, 11.4% (12) had chicken, 6.7% (7) steak pie, 4.8% (5) ham, 3.8% (4) fish, 3.8% (4) beef, 3.8% (4) lamb, 2.9% (3) steak. Others included sausages, tangine, and various vegetarian options. Personally – I had a lovely mushroom pie that I made with my daughter who is a vegan. While I am not a vegan I am now pretty much 95% vegetarian in what I eat and I must admit I feel far better for it.

Q12 Are you for 2023? 38.4% (43) respondents went for pessimistic, 18.8% (21) worried, 17.9% (20) indifferent, 14.3% (16) hopeful, 6.3% (7) scared, 3.6% (3) not bothered, and 0.9% (1) excited. Personally – I went for pessimistic as I don’t we will see much change this year at all due to the state of our politics in our colonial status within the UK and the SNP-run Government in Scotland. I will just be glad to still have a job and be able to pay my bills without going into debt. I do hope things get better though because if I am finding things a challenge I dread to think about how tough it is for many out there and in my job I know how tough it is for many young people and it is heartbreaking it really is. I always hoped that the hunger, poverty, and fear I experienced in the 80s would never return but when you have repeated Tory bastards in Government the misery follows pretty much right away.

I hope you have found some interest in the results and again thanks for taking part.

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11 Responses to A Grumpy Survey – The Results

  1. Brian says:

    Happy New Year Bruce…
    Interesting poll. Massive support for ALBA. Not weighted poll I know, but an indication at least that people are moving away from the SNP.
    Certainly the party that my family will be voting for.

    • Brian

      Happy New Year. Certainly not weighted at all but I have heard a few people say they will either vote Alba next time or will seriously consider that as a vote, it would be good. Alba might never be the largest party but a foothold of even 3 or 4 elected reps will ensure the party continues to grow which is really important, not vital in the short term, but important in the medium term. I have voted Alba since the party formed and I am also a founding member although not active as I want to be able to blog what I want without risking embarrassing the party or giving the carrot eaters an excuse to rubbish the party. The results are interesting for what it is.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. duncanio says:

    As you admit. Grumps, that this is a biased sample in that it surveys only a small stratus, of the population perhaps some of the results are not that surprising.

    If you have asked any of these questions previously it might be useful to see how they have CHANGED from one poll to the next.

    Just a suggestion …

    • Duncanio

      Some I have asked and indy is around the same but the Alba one higher up now. I do think that Alba are becoming more of an option for people now to consider, that is a good thing as we need indy alternatives.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. benmadigan says:

    The high Alba votes may be due to a bias in your readers – they are probably more inclined to be disillusioned with the current SNP.
    Let’s hope it reflects a natonwide trend and that Alba stand enough candidates in whichever election (Scottish vs General) comes first

    • Ben

      I think Alba is becoming a more serious option for some voters, it might not mean seats but hopefully it will allow support the party to grow in the medium term and the potential of getting a foothold with a couple of elected reps which in the medium term I believe is important but not so much the short term as the party is still very new overall.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Angry Weegie says:

    As others have said, the support for Alba is the main interesting feature. We can write off the number as reader bias, but it must represent a hint of things to come. Surely more voters are starting to find that a diet consisting almost entirely of carrots is not conducive to independence.

    • Angry Weegie

      I think there is some movement for Alba, at the very least in the minds of some voters. I am not so worried about getting some Alba candidates elected in the short term as the party is still very new and finding its feet but in the medium term will require some success but so far I think they have done really well. Moving forward a tie in with ISP might be wise at some point, Alex Salmond won’t go on forever and Collete Walker is very impressive.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. I’m one of the 4 who said that they watched the King’s Speech. I always watch the King’s/Queen’s Speech as it’s one of the best opportunities to have a damn good shout at the telly. Call me weird, but I quite like shouting at the telly.

    • Kiltedsplendour

      I couldn’t risk it now with my high blood pressure so well done to you. In my house when I was growing we always ate at 3pm and my Dad would always want the tv off for that hour even if we were allowed it on he would never have allowed us to watch that. He wasn’t even that big an anti-royalist he just hated the inequality of it all but in the main, he just didn’t care about the Windsors at all.

      Thanks for commenting.

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