Deluded is being nice –

Happy New Year, it can’t be any worse than the last one, or can it? Don’t mean to spoil your day by being gloomy but when I read some of the crap that comes out of the mouths of the parasites that masquerade as politicians in our colony it just beggars belief, denial is being nice to them given they seem to live in an alternative world to the rest of us most of the time.

Current, and probably temporary, unelected Prime Minister Rishi Sunak believes that the King’s coronation on May 6, which he predicted would bring the country together, he said the UK would “come together with pride in everything that makes this country great”.   Is this man serious, all this nonsense will do is show the world how badly unequal the UK is, while reminding the rest of us that we should not dare get off our knees. How I hope the unions, if they are still fighting for less of a wage cut than in previous years, strike on that bloody day. A Coronation is just sick in my opinion, what makes it worse is that no doubt a million people or more will flock to watch this pish and cheer their little heads off without understanding what it all means.

The working mans leader, you know (Sir) Keir Starmer of the former workers party Labour said “For hope to flourish, Britain needs to change. The way working people are struggling this winter, the way our public services are on the brink, demands nothing less. Says the man with no policies, and appears to be just hoping that the scumbag Tories continue to commit suicide so that slightly less Tory Labour might actually win in 24 if that is when the General Election is, I still don’t believe Labour will win, they will find a way to lose to the Tories, they have most of my life.

Insignificant Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davie, I know your asking who, has said “Although things are tough for millions, I sense change is possible — so I look to the new year with hope and optimism.”  Tell that to those who are queuing up at food banks, waiting for days in a and e, are sitting freezing in their home while politicians claim full heating costs for their second homes while eating and drinking in the tax payer subsidised bars in the English Parliament.

Nicola Sturgeon has said “As we look ahead now to 2023, I can promise you that the Scottish Government will keep doing everything we can for those who need it most right now – while also looking to the longer term with optimism and resolve”. Yeah I am so optimistic as we remain a colony, as we are cold and hungry.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said families this year had experienced “considerable anxiety” but added “our communities – as always – have come together and done their best to tackle these hardships head-on”. “I am determined that next year can be a better one for all of those struggling – a year filled with empathy, unity and hope,” What is Sarwar going to do, nothing, just another Tory in the Labour Party who will see Scotland continue to decline within it’s colonial status.

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross reflected on the pandemic, saying “people across Scotland will be able to ring in the New Year with their friends and family in the traditional loud and lively fashion”. “As festivities take place across the country, I’d like to express my thanks to all the key workers who are not celebrating but are instead working to keep the country safe this Hogmanay,”  you can’t make it up can when it comes to Tories, they just live in an alternative universe. Won’t even speak to the unions fighting for a smaller pay cut this year but would prefer strikes to pave the way for NHS privatisation.

No wonder the UK is f and colonial Scotland well and truly f when this is what we have to put up with as far as our so called politicians are concerned. Former First Minister and ALBA Party Leader Alex Salmond has released a New Year’s message that urges Scots to act to claim independence in 2023. Sadly that is further away now than it was in 2014 but folks if I do have hope it is in the yes community, that is the only place that hope springs, it certainly can’t be found anywhere else so my new year message is continue to read and share new media, promote the Prism, keep fighting for independence because the only we get it is by doing it ourselves.

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11 Responses to Deluded is being nice –

  1. GM says:

    All the best

  2. wullie says:

    Tell that to those who are queuing up at food banks, waiting for days in a and e, are sitting freezing in their home while politicians claim full heating costs for their second homes while eating and drinking in the tax payer subsidised bars in the English Parliament.

    Indeed Grumpy
    Where I live the area has been flooded with refugees from a war zone in Europe.No problem about housing, No problem about heating no problem about eating, they even get free money, the local schools have been overwhelmed by their children who then require huge levels of assistance.

    Why do the indigenous population have to suffer food banks soup kitchens live in the dark cold hungry and fearful of what the future has for them.
    Politicians in all parties and at all levels in Scotland will never face the reality of what their policies do to the people.

    The era of the politician has to end a history of abject failure and self enrichment

    • Wullie

      I agree and I think we can do both but given that Truss wasted what was it 60 billion something has to give so that would be the colonized of Scotland and the slaves of England and Wales. To be honest though this has to be by far the worst set of politicians we have ever had to endure in all of the parties, I certainly can’t think of any to be honest, these clowns make Trump and Farage look like geniuses they are so shit.

      Thanks for commenting, happy new year.

  3. ambouche says:

    Let’s hope it is a positive new year from the citizens of Scotland.
    Happy new year

  4. duncanio says:

    “while also looking to the longer term with optimism and resolve”

    That is a summing up of the Empty Coat in chief’s Independence strategy. No plan and No expectation. Just cross your fingers and hope.

  5. capnandy2 says:

    Happy New Year to Yourself and Family. I do hope it’s better than 2022, but to be honest I’m not confident. However, if you don’t have hope, you’re stuffed.
    Take Care.

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