It’s worth a shot but only if you keep the pressure on

It’s worth a shot but only if you keep the pressure on – Keith Brown, Deputy Leader of the SNP, has posed 60 questions to the yoons. Some are worth hammering home, at Westminster, at every opportunity, until they get answered but the key to the whole idea is can the SNP keep the pressure on? That is the real issue here for me. Some of the questions are decent, I have highlighted a few below:

3. Why does the UK have the lowest cumulative GDP per person of any north-west European country for the 21st century?

4. Why does the UK have the highest poverty rate in north-west Europe for all of the 21st century?

6. Why does the UK have the worst income inequality of any country in north-west Europe for all of the 21st century?

12. What will the UK’s national debt be by the end of this Parliament?

15. How many more children will be living in poverty in Scotland by 2025 as a result of Westminster policies?

30. How can Scotland grow the working population when an anti-immigration Westminster Government retains powers of immigration to Scotland?

Most of the questions are pretty pointless really but what this does do is put a little pressure on the yoons, but only if they are asked in Westminster really, maybe at PMQs and followed up with written questions until answers are provided and those are then published and highlighted and you go again, and again, and again. You make the yoons of all the yoon parties lives hell, you take up time, as much as you can. When answers are not forthcoming you hassle the Speaker Hoyle to intervene even though he is possibly the worst there has been in the last 50 years.

This has already wound up some the yoons,

A Scottish Labour spokesperson said: “While everyone else in the country spent some time over the last few days catching up with loved ones, Keith Brown appears to have spent the time coming up with this bizarre list. His friends and family have our sympathies”

Christine Jardine, the MP for Edinburgh West, said: “We are not ‘controlled’ by Westminster, but part of it, and perhaps if the SNP remembered that they might actually fulfil that promise to be a louder voice for Scotland, rather than just a whining one for the SNP.

Keith Brown goes on to say,

The reality is there is no case for continued Westminster control in Scotland, yet Labour, the LibDems and the Tories continue to campaign to force policies on Scotland that we did not vote for”.

The SNP strategy since Sturgeon took over the leadership of the party has been tragic at best. She has surrounded herself with never have beens and non-entities which has cost the independence debate serious harm and set backs. Keith Brown has come up with a gimmick, and it could have some impact, but only if it is hammered home in the right environment every day until the answers are forthcoming, anything less than that will just embolden the yoons even more than they are already because of Sturgeon and the zero strategy.

If the SNP want to have any hope of regaining trust from people like myself then stop f about and get serious. Ask the difficult questions, disrupt the English Parliament in every way you can and at every opportunity. Get rid of the stupid shadow spokesman positions at Westminster and focus on indy and little else, get out of the committees unless they allow you to hammer home indy and Scottish interests. Stop playing the career politician, stop being comfy slipper Wishart’s and do what you were elected to do as a party.

Why am I not hopeful?

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5 Responses to It’s worth a shot but only if you keep the pressure on

  1. johniduffy says:

    Getting out of the committees would mean a reduction in salaries, so I guess that won’t be happening anytime soon

    • John

      That is a fair point but I am not hopeful either way, it is just a baby carrot I suppose but it is on the right tracks if the SNP could sustain something like that to get under the unionists skin. The problem being the SNP have no strategy, have pretty much been bought and sold in most cases, and useless in other cases.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Black Rab says:

    The SNP are either agency of the Brit elite or they are total incompetents. Take your pick, either way, it doesn’t matter, they are done. In my world of democracy and justice they would be impeached.

    There are many glaringly obvious questions that could be put to the Scottish people everyday, why waste time asking Westminster anything……… you expect any honest answers. Any political party that see’s Scotland ending the political and economic trap that we are in as absolutely necessary to Scotland being able to develop a society that we can be free of fear, injustice, discomfort and penury. The SNP have never promoted a healthier Scotland, they don’t promote any new initiatives or project GDP as a renewed state. People want to know if taking ownership of our natural resources and taxes would make us a financially richer country. A country that shares as we grow. Tell them, tell them everyday. I’m sure that the Scottish Globalist Party (Snp) will have us continue as a victim of global capital interest………which is their interest.

    • BR

      I don’t think the unionists would answer either way but if it was kept going long enough it would take a toll on them, at the very least it would annoy them and disrupt proceedings. The issue is though that the SNP won’t do that will they, they are in too many cases a part of the British state, and incompetent as you say. I also agree with you about the message that Scots should also be seeing and there is room for both approaches, you could have the MPs doing the questioning and making life as difficult as they can in the English Parliament while MSPs actually start to govern well, especially around health, and show that we can do better in many areas while being honest about the challenges we will face as we can’t promote a utopia like 2014 as that was just a lie in the main although I understand why they took the approach they did.

      Thanks for commenting.

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