Something Different: The best football players I have personally seen play –

The best football players I have personally seen play – I was chatting to a friend about football today and the players we had seen play and it got me thinking about it, I am a bit older than my friend. So here is my list, 4 4 2 with the alternative best players in brackets. These players are maybe not the most technical, maybe not all Scots, but the best I think I have seen play mostly at Dens Park the home of the mighty Dees.

Goalkeeper –  I would go for Jim Leighton overall when he played at Aberdeen, a very consistent goalie. Always seemed assured and confident and pulled off saves that you never thought he had a right to. He played for DFC also and I thought he did ok at Dens. Back up I would go for (Andy Goram) another excellent goalie who sadly passed this year. My favorite goalkeeper for the record is Bobby Geddes who played for the Dees.

Right back – Danny McGrain when he played at Celtic was normally head and shoulder above the rest in his position. He was very pacy, a good passer of the ball, and read the game very well. I think he was the first attacking fullback that I was ever really aware of to be honest. My backup would probably be (Maurice Malpas) sadly of Dundee Utd.

Centre Half – Davie Narey of Dundee Utd is the best centre half I saw play. Very skillful player overall and very consistent closely followed by my favourite player of all time Jim Duffy when he played for the mighty Dees. How Jim Duffy never got a cap for Scotland just shows how bias the selection was when he played. Duffy was brilliant. Back up I would probably go for (Terry Butcher) of Rangers.

Leftback – I went for Arthur Albiston, more famous for his time at Manchester United but he played for Dundee FC for a bit and I always thought he was a classy player. The back up was a tough one as well but I went for (Matt Lockwood) who also played for Dundee and while he only had a couple of seasons at Dens Park he was very impressive overall.

Midfield – I went for Paul McStay when at Celtic, the best midfielder I have personally seen play at Dens, just class and ahead of his time really. John Collins when at Hibs, another class act. Chic Charnley when he played for Dundee FC, he should have risen to the very top of football , and Georgie Nemsadze when at Dundee FC and the best midfielder I saw play for the Dees. Back ups would be (John Brown, Ian Redford, Cammy Fraser).

Strikers – I went for Tommy Coyne when at Dundee FC, what a player and could he score a goal. He had everything, he was fast, read the game well, positioning good. I also eventually went for Ally McCoist even though he played for St. Johnstone he was some player as well with an amazing record overall, he was more than just a goal scorer but not as good as Tommy Coyne in my opinion. Back ups would be (Paul Sturrock and Mo Johnson).

So, that is my choices. Not everyone will agree at all and it would probably change in a months time.

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10 Responses to Something Different: The best football players I have personally seen play –

  1. Dave says:

    Jim Duffy was indeed brilliant, but at that time we had the Miller-McLeish partnership and could also have permed any 2 from Hansen, Narey and Hegarty. Jim played as an overage player for the U21’s at the time. He was just unlucky to be born at the wrong time as he would’ve walked into the team in any era since.

    Best 11 I’ve seen… well, just take that brilliant Brazilian side of 1982 and that’s pretty much it although I’d take out the goalie and Number 9 who weren’t that great and replace them with Italy’s Buffon and Bobby Charlton. (Saw Bobby Charlton play in a testimonial match at Bayview while he was manager at Preston North End so I still reckon it counts! Saw Gordon Banks in a challenge match v Stoke at Bayview as well now that I think about it. Coin toss between him and Buffon.)

    • Dave

      I never thought McLeish was that great to be honest and it was only because of Miller that he got in the team. I only went for players I actually saw myself and I didn’t go to Scotland games so never saw Hansen, Gillespie, Nicoll in their Liverpool pomp. Never thought much of Hegarty, a bit over rated but I am a Dee lol. You certainly saw some greats, my brother went to Spain in 82 and thought that was the best WC closely followed by France in 98 which he also went to. Always though that Scotland underachieved.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Cubby says:

    I thought you would have had the Argentine Cannigia in your team somewhere. And what about the Italian Ravanelli.

    • Cubby

      Both weren’t there long enough to be honest, both good players and both good to watch but just not the best I saw play at Dens. McStay for me is the best midfielder in my lifetime, Collins was so good as well. My favourite midfielder for Dundee was probably Wes Saunders but nothing near the best I saw play for Dundee that would be Nemzadse followed by Fraser maybe.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Alan Morrison says:

    I agree with Maurice Malpas but he was a left back. As an Aberdeen fan I always hoped we’d sign him to have a back four with him, Miller, Mcleish and Stewart McKimmie. Would have been one of the best defences ever seen.

    • Alan

      He played on the right a few times with Utd and I saw him there, and at centre half as well in a derby, very good player overall. McKimmie was yet another Aberdeen steal from Dundee FC, what did we get a pkt of smarties and a used match day programme or something plus Ian Angus.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Alan Morrison says:

        We (Aberdeen) ‘stole’ Gordon Strachan and Bobby Connor from you guys too didn’t we? Bobby Connor was a good player, under rated and often overlooked.

  4. bushgeoff says:

    Bruce, I watched the Dundee team that won the league over 60 years ago – stand outs for me were Alex Hamilton at right back – an attacking full back before his time, Ian Ure at Centre Half, Gordon Smith on the right wing, and Alan Gilzean of course at No10. The rest of the team weren’t bad either !

    • bushgeoff

      My Dad used to tell me about that team and was at Muirton when they won the league. He was a big fan of Bobby Cox, and he also liked Pat Liney and Craig Brown, said they were very good players and Brown was unlucky not to play more. Those times will never come back due to the nature of football now sadly. I would like to see bigger leagues, but how anyone ever challenges Celtic and Rangers is beyond me. Football will die a slow death if it doesn’t change in the next few years. I have a season ticket this year as the Dees are in the Championship but if they get promoted to the Premier League then I won’t bother as I can’s stand Sunday 12 noon kick offs for the Derbies and Friday night games, not for me at all.

      Thanks for commenting.

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