Cameron, Osbourne, May, Johnson, Truss, and Sunak were all successful

While many of us are sitting cold, hungry, and afraid today – we should be thankful that our colonial government has been a huge success. The Financial Times has been showing us today just what it means when you elect scumbag Tories into Government, what it always means. Spending is down since 2010 when Cameron and Osbourne started the latest Tory war on the poor. Spending on the NHS, which obviously affects our colonial pocket money is also down compared to any other decent Government in the world, one small step closer to privatization which is the Tory wet dream as we know it.

Public sector investment is down, there is a surprise. Even Labour made some inroads when it was Blair and Brown, capital investment in health on things like hospitals, equipment etc all down under the scumbag Tories but that is the plan isn’t it.

The Tories austerity programme made deep and lasting cuts to public spending, especially investment, eroding Britain’s state capacity (FT)

Wages are down, zero hours contacts, poverty, hunger, and fear all up – Again huge success here for the Tories. The plan working, the poor getting poorer and more afraid by the day, cold, hungry, desperate. It is everything that the scumbag toilet stain Tories measure success on. Take away the limitations on how much bankers can rip us off for, while ensuring that workers in the UK are the sweat shop of Western Europe. Demonize those on strike who are only now trying to fight back against wages and conditions that are worse now than they were 18 years ago as noted, demonize the unions so the public turn against the workers, which was I suppose started by then Tory scumbag PM Margaret Thatcher. Anyone getting the picture here yet, anyone guess what happens when you elect Tories into Government.

We are less healthy – well the poor, elderly pensioners, and the children of the poor are. How do you achieve that? Well it’s easy really, you reduce health spending as I have noted, you make sure that people have to wait days in A and E for treatment, as noted you make the staff poorer than they were 18 years ago to the extent they have to leave the service, you don’t fill the posts. You take huge strides back to the Victorian Times that Tories love to wax lyrical about, you know when the dirty unwashed didn’t have the vote or social security. Obesity which is a result of poverty up, respiratory disease in children up, chicken pox back, measles back in children. The good old days.

We’re dying and dying younger –  and we won’t live as long as we did before 2008. Another Tory success, raising the pension age just wasn’t killing off enough people quickly enough, those bloody public services, underfunded, under staffed, pushed to the limits, were not killing people quickly enough for the scumbags so let’s have more austerity, speed it along a bit.

Thatcher started the idea, Major took it a step further, Cameron and Osbourne turbo charged it. Johnson, Truss, and Sunak blamed dirty foreigners, the ignorant of the the north of England fell for their shit, and they get to see the slow , silent killer of austerity come to fruition , a true Tory success story.

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9 Responses to Cameron, Osbourne, May, Johnson, Truss, and Sunak were all successful

  1. Black Rab says:

    Absolutely Grumpy, Johnson, Osborne, Truss, Sunak, Hitler, Thatcher, Stalin, Blair, Pol Pot, The Fuck Saxe-Coberg and Gotha, all successful, minted, rolling it, loaded, fat cat, flush, and all with stealing public funds and property. These people produce no works of art, music, literature or legislation that makes anyone anywhere better off. We live among the ruins of their legacies. The ‘bewildered herd’ as ever, are impressed with these thieves, and mass murderers.

    I’m watching – with a box of Lem-sips – an Amazon time travel series called 11.22.63. Based on a Stephen King novel. James Franco (the time-traveller) intends to shoot and kill Lee Harvey Oswald to change the world for the better. He teaches english and asks his pupils in contemporary USA, who would you kill if you could go back in time to change the world for the better? My problem with that is a logistical one, how would I be able to transport enough fire power and ammunition to blow away all these despicable murderous thieving bastards? I imagine I’d need a tank and a couple of trailers of machine guns and ammo!

    • Black Rab

      My daughter got me the Man in the High Castle book for Christmas as I have been building up a collection of books from classics to biographies to read over the next few years as I very rarely bother with tv all that much anymore as I get older and it gets worse. We are ill-served by all the parties now and yet too many people can’t or won’t see things for how they are. It is heart-breaking, from the servitude of the English to the colonization of Scotland, the wealthy must thank the lord every day for the ignorance and stupidity of everyone who lives in the UK.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Black Rab says:

    Philip K Dick, the man who gets the credit for bringing in dystopian sci-fi, that’s a great book. The Third Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch is my favourite out of all the PKD books that I’ve read. Netflix has a Man in the High Castle series.

    My favourite sci-fi/fantasy writer is Ray Bradbury.

    • BR

      I have kindle unlimited so read a lot of what I class pulp sci-fi in the evening. Usually I read new authors who tend to do a series of books but I have been getting a bit bored with the kindle thing and decided to get back to hard copies and more of the classics. I am on a series right now but once that is done I intend to re-read War of the Worlds for my fiction. Currently just started the new Gerry Hassan book for my non-fiction. Haven’t read any Bradbury but fully intend on re-reading Day of the Triffids and the sequal that came out a few years ago Night of the Triffids.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Alastair says:

    You have to blame the right wing press and there pals in Sky and the BBC they never tell the truth there is always a bogey man the EU, Johnny foreigner, Big Bad Mad Putin. Now the Chinese. We need to stop the propoganda machine the brainwashing and gaslighting. We are being played for fools and our tax money is being stolen in a scam to make the rich richer and us poorer.
    The real bad guys are those who run our politics in UK,Ok, the ones you never see, big corporations and the oligarchs who aren’t even British.
    UK,Ok is beyond redemption.
    Dissolve the Union.

    • Alastair

      How do you break that media hold though when Sturgeon doesn’t even call them out she funds them. Voters are also to blame because they either can’t be bothered to actually look at what they are being told, or they are too lazy and condone it. I suppose some people are just broken and for others just surviving is the goal, but that is what the Tories do isn’t it, keep people on edge all the time. Fearful for the poverty benefits they might receive, fear of losing their job and their homes, fear for their children. It is disgusting and it is not new is it, it is the total ethos of this whole shithole of a country.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Alastair says:

        I think you have summed It up well we need Sturgeon and her cabal away before we make any proper progress. We should be in the streets and maybe the reason we’re not is because we need leadership and focus and an alternative way to get the message over ,prehaps what Alba was doing beaming our narrative on to public buildings would be a good start.

        • Alastair

          We do need leadership from somewhere I totally agree, I also don’t think that people are angry enough just yet. We might move a little step closer when energy costs rise again in January by about another 40% and then April they hinting at, just in time for the huge energy profits to be announced. It will be later for the Sturgeon bubbly to burst, once there is no ref in Oct then the pressure will build but sadly there is no one coming to the fore for leadership. I think AS would be fine but the public just won’t go for him as they pretty much destroyed his reputation and I don’t see anyone else coming through sadly.

          Thanks for commenting.

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