Enough to make you puke

The UK is sick in the head to put up with this shit – Having a wee laze this afternoon I thought I would have a wee skeck at the headlines and bloody hell it is not good for the blood pressure is it. I have never seen a Queen’s speech and have no intention of ever seeing a King’s one either but the headlines in the papers really show how utterly screwed up the media want this shit hole to be, the even sadder part is that many people still fall for all of this shit. Apparently, Charles Windsor’s speech was a real gift to underpaid, overworked, cold, and hungry health workers as he sent them a message of love and hope.





I have heard people say that it is not the fault of the Windsor’s that they are who they are, they are just born into it. When you ask them if they don’t find something wrong with that, when you inform them that this family, supported by the politicians in most parties, use this to keep them on top and the rest of us on our knees. When you explain that this family are exempted from laws that are enforced on the rest of us, that they don’t pay the same tax and they get to decide their own rate, when they can block laws like social housing, and you ask why do you think the media promote this rubbish too many look at you like you are the problem.

Allegedly 10.7 million lost souls watched that pish yesterday, what is it with people? This family don’t care, they don’t care about democracy, if they did they would end this Disney pish, they don’t care about their subjects, if they did they would challenge the scumbag Tories no matter what the law says. They care about their power, their wealth, their position, like too many in the Tory, Labour, Liberal, and SNP parties. I know I have banged on about this before, and I have no doubt I will again in future as it makes me sick to my stomach.

Other than that, I had a good day yesterday. My kids were staying at my house, and still are to New Year by the looks. My Mum and brothers were at my house, possibly the final time that my Mum and one of my brothers will manage as my Mum is in her 80’s now and my brother doesn’t keep well. Next year we will be visiting them I suspect so to have my family around me yesterday was something that I won’t ever forget. I hope you had a day to remember as well but I also know it wasn’t for many which makes this shithole of a country even more broken and sick.

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8 Responses to Enough to make you puke

  1. ngataki5 says:

    I’d like to know the viewing figures in Scotland. Bute House was probably tuned in.

    • Ngataki15

      I did try to find out but couldn’t see any figures broken down per colonial nation but I would suspect very low. I have actually never seen one of those broadcasts as our tv was always switched off when they came on as a kid and as an adult I just never bothered with all that garbage. When I saw the headlines though I just sighed as usual, this UK is so broken it is scary, I just don’t get why so many fall for all of this rubbish I really don’t. Brainwashing doesn’t even explain it.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Andrew N says:

    Whenever I get stressed out now at the madness., my first port of call, to regain some equilibrium, is to rediscover the exploits of the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal.
    My second favourite is the trouble they had trying to convince a Children’s Project in London that they weren’t cruel hoaxers but my favourite is Hungary.
    Only because, after years of distancing themselves, the Blue Blazer Brigade finally made an appearance when they realised the British Ambassador, a Scot, had gotten himself personally involved.
    These guys deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.


  3. You are totally correct as far as the abomination called the royal family is concerned Bruce have a good new year

    • Bob

      Why do certain people keep falling for this garbage? I just don’t get it at all in any way. I appreciate I grew up in a house where we just did not watch that nonsense but grown adults still watch this crap and believe it, is the brainwashing really that strong.

      Thanks for commenting and have a good holiday too.

  4. Alastair says:

    You have to laugh at the propaganda, the jolly blitz spirit the community coming to together to support those less fortunate. Isint it wonderful how food banks are getting donations from the public. In a proper country people dont go cold ,people dont go hungry governments are their to look after their people and not the rich. For me this biggest betrayal is the Scottish colonial administration’s lack of concern to do anything about it.
    They could at least try to get us out of this Rotten one way Union but they have been bought and sold .
    Dissolve the Union.

    • Alastair

      Agree 100%, the shame is actually on us for putting up with this year after year. Some people will say that Scotland doesn’t vote Tory but we might as well if we are not willing to actually take as much control as we can in the interconnected world that we live in. We have been failed by all of the politicians in various ways though and we don’t learn, we still don’t live in a democracy where every vote matters, etc. The elite must wake up every day thanking the Lord for the never-ending stupidity of everyone who lives in shithole UK.

      Thanks for commenting.

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