Odds and Ends Sunday 18th December 2022

The Spectator – SNP Purge their best at Westminster They are at it again in the Spectator, it’s that fool Steerspike again (no wonder he doesn’t use his own name). Allegedly the SNP have gotten rid of their best talent and here is the mental part when he writes,

Still, one nat has managed to impress on both sides of the House: Stewart McDonald, the party’s longtime spokesman for defence.

McDonald held this post for more than five years in the Commons and joined the Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) too in March 2020. In the latter role, he won plaudits for his tough talk on China and foreign disinformation, earning a reputation as one of the more insightful inquisitors on the panel. He has also been a staunch advocate of Ukraine’s cause, having been awarded the country’s highest state honour back in 2019.

McDonald, give me a break. Talk about a bought and sold British war monger. That is his real worry isn’t it, a unionist has been lost to the SNP front bench and the British War Committee.

There is some truth to this to be fair – There is a slightly interesting article in the Herald today by Michael Settle. A lot of it is shite but when he says

Few doubt the ‘de facto’ referendum strategy is high risk.

Even if the pro-independence parties secured a 50%-plus-one result in 2024, the UK Government wouldn’t accept it as a mandate to break up Britain. Neither Rishi Sunak nor Keir Starmer would countenance being the prime minister, who oversaw the death of the 315-year-old Union.

Sunak, Starmer and their pro-Unionist chums are confident the law, and the politics, remain in their favour; that for too many Scots the leap to independence is simply too risky. Fear remains the key.

British law, Project Fear, and the ineptitude of the SNP is definitely the key to saving the union and to continue the continued theft of our resources and Scotland’s colonial status. It’s not about being afraid to be the PM that saw Scotland leave, it’s about oil, it’s about gas, it’s about water, it’s about location, it’s about land, and it’s about England’s place at the end of the top table to collect the crumbs from the big countries, the important countries. Yes, plus too many scared and cowardly carrot eaters.

You just can’t make up this shit can you – THE SNP’s new deputy Westminster leader has said her party must do more to explain why they want Scotland to be independent.

Bloody hell, it’s been 10 years since the start of the last campaign for independence and we are further away than we have ever been.

The MPs, she said, have three key goals; holding the UK Government to account, representing their constituents and explaining to Scots why independence would be positive for the country.

“They know we support independence rather than why. We need to do more to explain it’s not just some random hobby, it’s for a purpose,” she said.

What planet is Black living on, really. Scots know about independence, one of the main problems is the SNP being crap at Government since Alex Salmond stood down, carrot eating, inaction, and sore joints from marching up and down hills. Black is just another part of the problem.

A Panelbase survey for the Sunday Times, of 1004 Scots, found 52% support for independence among decided voters. The 6th poll now in a row putting yes ahead, now I don’t put a lot of stock in polls but I don’t doubt it will be a waste of time because of Sturgeon and the SNP.

Over a million people slip into poverty and homelessness – It’s what the Tories do, it’s what they have always done. They exploit and impoverish the poor, what better than to keep the poor and the working class cold and hungry so they don’t vote, they don’t participate, they don’t engage. Every waking moment is about survival, about the next meal, or the fear of losing your job, your home.

Lord Bird said “THE threat of homelessness for many families is worse than it has ever been, Historically, we do not have a situation like this. I think you’d have to go back to the Highland clearances, or even the enclosures, that drove thousands and thousands of people into the cities. 

Will it be enough to get people onto the streets, maybe, it is certainly needed. This Government will slash and burn before the next election, they will steal and destroy as much as they can because they know they can. There is no political opposition, if we didn’t have the trade unions right now it wouldn’t even be reported, I can’t remember such a shitty time, I actually do think this is worse than growing up in the 80’s. What is the same is the joy that Tory scumbags get from it, and how fucking useless Labour are.

My traditional calendar today was pretty rubbish, it just said one week to go, lame I know. So anyway here is an old illustration for the season that I liked, kinda reminded me of the type of cards etc we got in the late 70’s. Maybe it is the getting older that is making me consider the past seasons more at this time of year, maybe just the innocence of youth when the day to day struggle and drama just weren’t there and Christmas was a wonderful time. I remember the selection of nuts, the Christmas food hamper, the apple and orange in a sock. Swapping the chocolate from your selection box that you didn’t like with the your brothers and being the youngest not noticing that you had to give your big brother 2 bars for 1 lol.

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