What does a Colony look like?

What does a colony look like? This is what a colony looks like.

The Commons rejected the SNP’s plans to introduce a new Bill to allow Scotland to decide on independence by 265 to 42, a majority of 223.

Following up on my blog the other day the colonisers fell out of the bar to defeat the SNP motion to hold an opposition day debate and there you have it folks, what England wants Scotland gets. There was the usual pish from the colonisers with Scotland minister John Lamont telling the Commons: “There is no consensus across Scotland about another referendum and all the division and distraction that that would bring.

Shadow Scotland secretary Mr Murray branded the SNP’s record in Government “utterly deplorable”. He added: “I would say what a pleasure it is to be involved in this debate today, but that wouldn’t be entirely true. Yet again, when the SNP get precious time to use on any issue they wish they choose this one again.

The motion was always going to lose as I blogged about, what I won’t ever get my head around is the level of hate that people like Lamont and Murray have for Scotland, the lack of ambition, the idea that the best Scotland can be is chained to a right wing nightmare governed by the biggest bunch of incompetent wankers known to man and woman, they would prefer that to democracy, they are traitors and they should be ashamed of themselves but they won’t be, they don’t know what shame means.

Too little too late – The response from the SNP to the Supreme Court decision is just too little too late for me but I never did expect anything more to be fair. The event is billed as an opportunity to set out a “clear pathway” on Scotland’s constitutional future. This is something that should have been done at the very least after Brexit, what was needed was action, not Blahford platitudes but we know that Sturgeon has no strategy, she responds to the headlines, she doesn’t think beyond the morning headlines in the papers that work tooth and nail to keep Scotland the colony it is, she kisses their ass when she should be calling them out. Wishful thinking on my part.

“The SNP Special Conference to discuss and decide the way forward to secure independence following UK Supreme Court decision will take place in Edinburgh on 19 March.” (Nicole Sturgeon). The UK will have walked into yet another crisis by then and who knows if this will even go ahead, and does anyone think it will be inclusive, nah neither do I.

And here in lays the main problem as reported by arch unionist BBC Scotland Mis reporter Glen Campbell “I’m told the special conference will debate and choose between options on the way forward, none of which are likely to persuade UK supporting parties to accept an election result as a verdict on independence”.

Persuade, you can’t persuade colonisers if that is what Sturgeon thinks she can do, nope independence is well and truly dead in the water for the long term.

Traditional Calendar 17th December 2022 – Only a week to go to our consumerism festival called Christmas. I have enjoyed having an old style calendar this year and the fact that I am scaling back, not just because of the cost of living crisis but because I would rather have the memories over any gifts. I have never been all that bothered about receiving gifts, I have always treasured my daughter making me a card, and just being around my family/friends more than anything on special days. It is my birthday today and while I did receive some lovely gifts what was really special was seeing my Mum and my brothers, my kids, and going for a lovely lunch with a special friend who also gave me a really lovely card, that is what makes it special, the memories, we lose sight of that at our peril.

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15 Responses to What does a Colony look like?

  1. duncanio says:

    Sturgeon’s ‘squirrel strategy’ since 14th November 2014:

    “Let’s ask for a Gold Standard Section 30 power”
    “Let’s have a reset”
    “Let’s ask for a Gold Standard Section 30 power”
    “Let’s stop Brexit”
    “Let’s ask for a Gold Standard Section 30 power”
    “Let’s wait till the fog of Brexit clears”
    “Let’s ask for a Gold Standard Section 30 power”
    “Let’s wait till the terms of Brexit are known”
    “Let’s ask for a Gold Standard Section 30 power”
    “Let’s hold a Scottish Constitutional Convention”
    “Let’s ask for a Gold Standard Section 30 power”
    “Let’s wait till the Covid pandemic is over”
    “Let’s ask for a Gold Standard Section 30 power”
    “Let’s defer to the UK Supreme Court”
    “Let’s ask for a Gold Standard Section 30 power”
    “Let’s have a plebiscitary election”
    “Let’s ask for a Gold Standard Section 30 power”
    “Let’s hold a special conference”
    “Let’s ask for a Gold Standard Section 30 power”
    “Let’s amend the Scotland Act”.

    “See – we’re doing stuff!”

    • Duncanio

      You are spot on, been playing the unionist game for years, or maybe being played by the unionists for years. I suppose both are just the same at the end of the day really. I will never give up or keep calling it for what it is, the SNP have let us all down and we will have to do it ourselves or it just won’t happen ever.

      Thanks for commemnting.

  2. benmadigan says:

    Happy birthday – Have a lovely birthday weekend and enjoy many wonderful returns

    • Ben

      Thank you very much, it has been a really nice day with lovely company and lovely meal as well. 54 now and really just appreciate the simple things now like seeing the kids, family, and friends.


  3. 100%Yes says:

    Sturgeon said herself she going to remain FM for a long time to come, this statement isn’t from a determined leader who is going to deliver Independence for her country.

    The SNP aren’t even trying to persuade No’s to Yes, she trying to persuade Yes’s to No. When people listen to the SNP leader at their next conference, they’ll be listening to what little she has to say’s when we should all be focusing on what she hasn’t said in the very small detail contained in her speech.

    If Sturgeon said it was going to be sunny, I’d take my umbrella.

    • 100%YES

      Lord help us, she really needs to go. I have never really been impressed with her anyway but she is out of ideas as First Minister and has had none for independence since she took over. She might have the carrot eaters still enthralled but she is running out of time now. Her really poor level of governance will cost yes the leas they are enjoying right now, time is not on any of our sides really, but I also accept that we are pretty much going to have to accept it is now a very long process, that is down to Sturgeon, she has taken us backward on indy and the state of the colony.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Alastair says:

    Westminster broke the terms of Union in 2015 with the implementation of Brexit the British state needed Sturgeons acquiescence and complicity to keep Scotland and her resources in the Union. No resources No Brexit.
    Under the vichy quisling SNP administration we have been made 3rd class colonial citizens, a Northern Irish citizen can get a referendum every 7 years and decide on the reunification of Ireland . The NI vote was 54% to stay in the EU.
    Under Sturgeons NuSNP we have been lead like sheep into 3rd class citizenship voting to stay in Europe with a 62% majority Strugeon has played us for fools with her Unionists pals. Who have constantly put barriers in the way of achieving independence. We need rid of this rotten apple and replace her ASAP. Sturgeon is destroying not only the SNP from within she is eroding our Nation and our life chances to a better future. Two ways to do this is if we get a petition going for Sturgeons removal or we have an alternative party to vote for.

    • Alastair

      I gave up on the SNP years ago and now while I will try to hold them to account in any small way I can I just don’t expect anything from them other than disappointment. Scotland is a colony and I don’t care what anyone says, the only upside is that more people can see that is the truth now. Sturgeon is a disaster for Scotland and I am sure she will manage to destroy the recent upsurge in polls pretty quickly, she must be bricking it, yes could be increasing despite her best efforts. Who knows, maybe she will be found out in time.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Well said GSM, and Happy Birthday too!

    Sent from my iPad

  6. Black Rab says:

    The Sturgeonist Party are a development, or a creation of the colonial will to retain the plunder of Scottish natural resources, land resources, taxes, Scottish exports of goods and services, ‘human and military resources’ and our geopolitical positioning in The Scottish North Atlantic and The Scottish North Sea, the continuance of colonial propaganda via mainly the BBC and other media maintains the continuance of a psychological assault on Scottish mentality.

    I cannot, and have never seen Sturgeon and her pensionable lackeys as servants of the Scottish political will to dissolve the so called united kingdom. The nose pickers have been overwhelmed by the english establishment. Fuck them all to hell. Political fraudsters one and all. Not one of them can be trusted. Jail time in an Independent Scotland should await them. I wonder, after Scotland ends the union, what safe haven, gong, or privileged seat would england offer these back stabbing weasels? Nothing would be offered. Their usefulness would have evaporated. I imagine they would then attempt to reestablish themselves as Scottish political heroes and expect a neoliberal reward.

    They get away with it because they are part of the english neoliberal establishment.

    We are too civilised here in Scotland. We accept their behaviour as run of the mill……what do you expect attitude towards our political class.

    Bute House should be overwhelmed by aggressive protest every day. Sturgeon should be fearing for her safety. Instead, we have her clip clopping around in stilettos WAY too big for the likes of her. She is a perfect example of what a renewed Scottish Nation State does not want………….a treacherous fuck wit who will lead our most vulnerable, our children and our poor into penury.

    • Black Rab

      Your assessment is not far off. I don’t think any will ever see a jail. They should feel shame as they live off their colonial pensions but they probably won’t feel anything of much. Independence will only come from the people, I totally believe that now. None of the politicians in any party will deliver it, we will have to take back as the unionists will do whatever they need to, even putting troops on the streets, and for all the reasons you state. Scotland is the only thing keeping the UK afloat in my opinion, without Scotland England is nothing and probably close to being broke.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. Angry Weegie says:

    The SNP have achieved nothing for Scotland in Westminster and never will and Stephen Flynn’s initial statements don’t bode well for any change in attitude.

    His response to the plebiscite idea showed more concern for his income than for independence and his remark that you can’t think of forcing a Scottish election during a cost of living crisis (or any other crisis?) is just wrong. The Scottish Parliament have virtually no input into the cost of living and, in any case, what’s the point of going for independence when everything in the UK is going well?

    • Angry Weegie

      Yeah never expected much from Flynn and wasn’t surprised by his statements at all. The SNP will not deliver independence, none of the politicians will. Only the people can take back independence I am convinced of that now, the unionists will fight us all the way and we just don’t have politicians willing to really go for it. As long as they keep playing by British rules we lose, end of.

      Thanks for commenting.

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