I’m not that bothered

I’m not angry, I’m not depressed, I don’t feel betrayed, and I am not all that bothered – A lot of people are angry tonight on social media, but I’m not. A lot of bloggers have rushed out posts about surrender, Alex Salmond Alba Party Leader has accused the government he once led of “flying the white flag” for spending money earmarked for an independence referendum on other things. There was never going to be a referendum, not because of the Colonial  Supreme Courts decision, not because Tereza May and Boris Johnson said “now is not the time” and Rishi Sunak has said ” people want their two governments to work together” none of that really matters at the of the day. The SNP under Nicola Sturgeon were never serious about holding a referendum in the first place. When John Swinney said today that

the Scottish Government still believed the people of Scotland must have their say on self-government in a referendum, and would make financial provisions for it when the opportunity came.

I haven’t forgotten back in October 2015 when Pete the Tory Wishart was repeating his masters orders that there would be no referendum until there had been sustained 60% public support for a yes vote, a figure that will never be reached without an actual referendum and a campaign actually taking place. It was reported at the time (i.e. Sturgeon)

Senior SNP sources are said to have told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Pienaar’s Politics that they have also set a “test” of polls showing at least 60% support for independence for more than a year.

So there is no point in getting angry, or depressed, or desperate, or even bothered by Swinney using the so called referendum money for help for those in desperate energy poverty, even that will make little difference given we are all in energy poverty now. Alex Salmond and a spokesman for our colonisers have said

The Scottish Government’s decision to concede that there will now not be an independence referendum is even more bizarre considering that only yesterday the SNP led a debate at Westminster calling for one.”

A UK Government source said: “It’s welcome the Scottish Government have finally dropped the pretence of holding a referendum on leaving the UK.

Today is just another Scottish Groundhog Day, only colder than normal. I will read the blogs tonight, the comments on social media, I might even bring myself to have empathy for those so invested in the cause that they will be feeling a profound disappointment tonight. However, I just can’t bring myself to feel all that much anymore. My level of expectation in the SNP is non-existent, my hope for independence in my lifetime eroded a long time ago, oh the fight is still there, the drive even to a degree but there is also the understanding that the current version of the SNP will never deliver it.

I have pretty much accepted that independence is now a longer term project in so many ways unless the bodies start piling up in the streets nothing much will change any time soon. Don’t give up folks, just don’t look to the SNP, or any of the political parties really, independence will only come when we are angry enough in large enough numbers to take our independence back no matter what, until we get to that point, until enough of the carrot eaters wake up, until we can find people not seduced by English colonial money, nothing much is ever gonna change.

Traditional Calendar 15th December 2022 Here is today’s traditional calendar (thanks Kari for the calendar) which cheers me up no end. Having an old school advent calendar this year has been brilliant, not only has it taken me back to my youth, but it has also allowed me to look forward to opening the little door each morning. There is a lot to not like this year, shit it has been one of the worst years ever, but you know what. Don’t let the pricks drag you down, the SNP, Sturgeon, scumbag Tories or the other yoons, they are not worth it, none of them. They are toilet stains, our day will come and we will stand tall, their day will come and they will have to live with themselves, I would rather be me and live with dignity and self – respect than be any of them knowing that I was bought and sold and for what, to be no better than the vermin they are.

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15 Responses to I’m not that bothered

  1. lorncal says:

    Yes, grumpy, absolutely agree. There never was going to be a referendum; the referendum that never was going to be was not going straight to independence, but was a referendum to ask for a referendum; and it could not have been won, anyway, if it had ever been a referendum for a referendum.

    • Lorncal

      I just don’t get why people can’t see it, but it is what it is. Scotland will only get back its independence when it takes it like the other colonies did, that is the only time it will happen. The SNP won’t deliver it because they are not willing to fight for it no matter what it takes, even Scots won’t until they are willing to get down and dirty. This cost of living crisis could be the tipping point in some ways, however the crap governance of the SNP/Greens certainly doesn’t help.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. benmadigan says:

    This song came to mind – waving the white flag, giving in to materialism, fur coats and dinner parties, houses, furniture, abuses etc.How hard it is to stay calm while others betray us
    Hope the music and images speak well enough even though readers might not understand Italian

  3. As you say Bruce, Ground hog day again

    • Bob

      We are back to the long game I suppose and the politicians won’t get our independence back only the people will like you have always said. The SNP are just not relevant any more for me, they have had their chance and like Scottish Labour have been bought and sold by Westminster, Scotland needs to get like the colonies of old, take back what is ours not rely on it being given.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. larawanda2004 says:

    Good morning Bruce. Yes all you have stated regarding the treacherous SNP is so true. They don’t even bother to give our carrots now. It’s a case of that’s it tough. The sheep are as treacherous as the party leader they worship. They have held us back refusing to admit what she her is a traitor and unionist. Will support our only chance of freedom Alex and Alba? I doubt it. They are consumed with hate ad id is she who must be obeyed. To think back to 2014 how united we were. So full of hope and love for our country. What now? Nasty backstabbing and acting as though we are the enemy. Like you I doubt I will be to see my country free. Then I watch and listen to AS. My heart bursts with pride and love for this amazing man. If anyone can get us our freedom it’s him. Saor Alba.

    • Lara

      The establishment did a number on AS, helped by the SNP, or certainly many within the party. Like everyone he is as flawed as the rest of us but is also Scotland’s greatest modern day politician and I think if people would get their heads out of their ass and listen to him he might just be part of the spark that can get us moving forward again, it still needs to come from the people though. I would keep the parties away from the yes movement now, they are a hindrance, we only get independence when we are willing to take it back, it will never be given.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. nallyanders says:

    Like yourself Bruce, I had no expectation that there was going to be a meaningful referendum next year. So not shocked, surprised or even disappointed.
    If I am pissed off however, it’s the facile excuse.
    There is no ring fenced Indy fighting fund to use as contribution to the current ‘crisis’.
    The £600k is long gone and last I heard was still under Police investigation.
    If other funds were set aside for a campaign, why hasn’t it started?
    They really do think we button up the back.

    • Nally

      Agree 100%. If we want independence we are going to have to take it back, it will never be given to us and none of the politicians will achieve it because they are not willing to do what it takes like the former colonies did in the past. Scotland is just not angry enough yet, maybe this cost of living crisis as it gets worse will help get some minds changed, but that is just a maybe given what too many Scots appear to be willing to take day after day, which also never ceases to amaze me to be honest.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. John Curley says:

    English colonial money the worst being its probably our own money given to these parasites/vermin.

    • John

      Isn’t that the English way. They won’t ever give up until they have robbed Scotland blind like they did India, if we want our independence then we have to fight for it and we are not angry enough yet, I am not sure what it will take but we are not there yet that is for sure.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. Brian says:

    “I would rather be me and live with dignity and self – respect ”
    Good man…

    • Brian

      I don’t really trust any of them now to be honest, the politicians as long as they are playing by British rules will never win. It is down to us now, we need to get angry enough to take Scotland back, we are just not there yet in enough numbers but who knows maybe we will be in my lifetime but I won’t hold out much hope. I will also not give up or bow down to any of those people on any side, they are stains now.

      Thanks for commenting.

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