It won’t mean much but better than nothing

It won’t mean much but better than nothing –  On Wednesday (the SNP) seek to take over the House of Commons Order Paper on January 10 next year and present the SNP’s new Scotland Act 1998 (Amendment) Bill.

This new bill aims to amend Schedule 5 of the Scotland Act 1998, which details what Holyrood can and cannot legislate on, which includes “the Union of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England” and “the parliament of the United Kingdom”. (The Herald)

This is apparently the first step in breaking the undemocratic denial of democracy to Scotland by our English colonizing Government and the decision of the Supreme Court to confirm that while we are not a colony we really are, despite what Owen Jones believes.

Westminster SNP leader Stephen Flynn MP said: “We will use our Opposition Day to put forward the Scotland Act 1998 (Amendment) Bill and seek to take control of Parliament’s order paper to unlock Westminster’s denial of democracy.

“The mechanism, which will seek to amend the Scotland Act 1998, will allow the Scottish Parliament to legislate for a referendum and reject any attempts by Westminster to impose a roadblock on Scotland’s democratic journey to independence.

“The people of Scotland have already voted for a referendum and now is the time for one.

“That is a democratic reality that politicians at Westminster must wake up to.”

Our colonizers have responded predictably by saying that –

UK Government spokesperson said: “People in Scotland want both their governments to be concentrating on the issues that matter most to them – like growing our economy, getting people the help they need with their energy bills, and supporting our NHS.

“As the Prime Minister has been clear, we will continue to work constructively with the Scottish Government to tackle our shared challenges.”

Basically what will happen is, the SNP will hold their debate. Iain Murray Labour MP will represent both Labour and the Tories by being there for the whole debate, British Scottish-based Tory MPs will turn up off and on to remind Scotland how shite it is, how stupid it is, how it relies on the goodwill of England so not to starve and freeze to death, the occasional English Tory will pop up to remind us of our colonial status and when it goes to a vote the Tories in the Labour, Liberal, and UKip Tory Parties will all fall out of the bar and vote against and we will be where we started. But at least we might not have to listen to Ian Blahford which might make watching some of the debate worthwhile.

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7 Responses to It won’t mean much but better than nothing

  1. wullie says:

    politicians are the problem, we need to get rid of them, they are a curse on humanity.

    • Wullie

      Certainly this bunch are the worst I have ever seen in my lifetime in all of the parties except a couple of exceptions here and there. The members of the parties are at fault though, they have allowed their power as members to be so diluted now that they can’t don’t even shape policy, let along make real change. I am a member of Alba, while not active, but at least the members have a real say overall and hopefully that remains, if I even suspect they go the way of the SNP then I’m out.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. 100%Yes says:

    If the Tories said we’ll give you a referendum, it would send the whole of the SNP Westminster MPs in to a panic.

    • 100%YES

      I think you’re correct, but it wouldn’t the wider yes movement, and that is what scares them, not the SNP. They know they have bought and sold the SNP, they just can’t risk taking it to the people while the polls are so tight and this government and opposition so shit. They will fight tooth and nail to deny democracy as colonisers do, when they eventually have to give in, not anytime soon, but when they do it will be so dirty the last one will have a been nothing but I still don’t see it happening any time soon.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. larawanda2004 says:

    Yes another of SNPs carrots .as much use as no use. It will keep all the sheep happy. They will be jumping for joy. We’ll show that Alba mob who’s boss. The Referendum is still on. Aye Right.

    • Lara

      There won’t be a referendum anytime soon. Not because of any fear of the SNP, the English Government have them bought and sold, they won’t risk taking any vote to the yes movement while the polls are so close because they know they can lose, no matter how dirty it gets. The English don’t fight when the odds are even, we know that they only fight when they know they can win by whatever means possible and the SNP just are not the defence, the wider yes movement is and that really is what scares them. This debate is just more carrots to the brainwashed but it might contain some enjoyable moments of carrots and platitudes from the SNP and frothing rabid unionists reminding us how shite we are, and might even make a few more people angry enough to care.

      Thanks for commenting.

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